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10 Found for your Selection: England

Profile Picture for Housesitter Required for House Sit gracie26
Profile: gracie26

Pet Sitter needed for my cat...

I would like an house sitter/s to be here to keep my cat company while I am away on a course for 5 days My home is in a charming area of West London close to shops and restaurants, a large park with many facilities  More...

ealing london England From Jul 9,2015 By gracie26  Posted: Jul 2, 2015 5 days..
Profile Picture for Housesitter Required for House Sit Montzmum
Profile: Montzmum

Experienced dog loving sitter required...

We are looking for a housesitter to take care of our 9 year old labrador and maybe young bearded dragon. The dog is very friendly and loving but has colitis which means he can only eat his dog food no treats or oth More...

bristol weston-s-mare weston s mare England From Sep 26,2015 By Montzmum  Posted: Apr 15, 2015 4-6 weeks..