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Finalizing the arrangement - preparing a house sitting contract.

   Your contract should include the terms and conditions under which a sitter may occupy your home.  A solicitor or attorney can help you arrange this or you can use our free House sitting Agreement and customize it with your requirements.

   Click here to view/download/print the agreement and forms.

   Your contract should include specific detailed instructions for the task list you prepared for your interview.

  • Instructions for lawn and garden care and the equipment used for these purposes.
  • Instructions for houseplant care, fertilizer, watering schedule, etc.
  • Instructions for pet care, feeding times, exercise schedule, vet visits, medication dosing.
  • Instructions for pool maintenance, reading chemical levels, etc.
  • Instructions for mail collecting, handling, and forwarding.
  • Guidelines for visitors, reporting damages and emergencies.

   To minimize the risk of miscommunication, you might schedule a meeting to provide your sitter with hands-on training and demonstrations to guarantee a complete understanding of your requirements.

   Your contract should specify your utility billing arrangement.  Generally the sitter is responsible for making these payments.

   There are several options available including:

  • Take a water/gas/electricity meter reading just before you depart and upon your return.
  • The sitter pays all bills from the date of their occupation.
  • When you return, you can pay back the difference for the percentage you used.
  • OR

  • Arrange to continue paying the bills yourself by direct debit, a friend, or a family member.
  • The sitter reimburses you for their portion when you return. Your security deposit or bond can be used as reimbursement protection.
  • OR

  • For longer housesits, you can disconnect the utilities under your name.
  • The sitter reconnects the utilities in their name and is responsible for remitting payments.

   In addition to securing a written agreement, you need to arrange for a bond to be held by an independent party.  Again your attorney can help you with this procedure or you can use our free Bond Lodgment and Claim Forms.

   Click here to view/download/print the agreement and forms.