house sitting is a win for homeowner and housesitter


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    House Sitting Press Release
    1121 Pittwater Rd
    Sydney NSW 2097

    Contact: Ian L. White
    612 99817688



    A powerful new online service allows travelers throughout the
    world to leave their troubles at home. Literally.
    has helped homeowners around the globe locate and screen
    potential house sitters to occupy their homes while they are away
    on vacation, temporary leave, and seasonal relocation.

    The Website allows homeowners to search an online database of
    thousands of registered house sitters, and include or exclude
    such information as age, location, and occupation. "But it
    doesn't stop there," says founder, Ian L. White.
    "Homeowners are able to screen potential house sitters through a
    variety of criterion, to find an exact match.  That match may
    include a house sitter who is contracted to take care of the
    homeowner's yard work, lawn mowing, pets, gardening, cleaning the pool, mail collection, or a combination of all, or none of the
    above." was launched in recognition of the need to
    provide a secure environment where homeowners can locate a
    reliable house sitter, and sitters can achieve their lifestyle
    objectives, which may include rent-free housing during the
    renovation of their own homes, temporary employment transfers
    overseas, pre-relocation exploration of an area, or the freedom
    to explore new areas during one's retirement years.

    According to Mr. White, "Ironically, people become tied to their
    homes by the same responsibilities that they are trying to escape
    through vacation or employment leave.  It's a discouraging
    circle.  Additionally, many people fail to consider the simple
    fact that an occupied home is a safe home. At, we have researched the standard practice of house sitting and
    created acceptable guidelines to help our members make informed decisions."

    To find a house sitter near you, or for more information about
    the benefits of house sitting, visit today.
    Registration is free for homeowners.



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