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Self Employed professionals looking to house sit - love pets and gardening, will take great care of your home and pets
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    House Sitting around the world

    House Sitting answers many concerns for absent home owners.

    Security for your residence, animal care and garden maintenance are critical concerns when you are away on vacation. The same concerns apply to absences due to business trips, job transfers or posting overseas.

    You will return. However you want to be sure that you home is in the same condition as when you left it. You can't always takes your pets with you. This especially applies if you are posted to another country. We can match you with people who provide you with the perfect solutions.

    People who can help fall into various categories. They may be renovating their own residence and need somewhere to stay. Many people are looking for a way to save for their own place. Some people are posted to a new area. They want to try out an area before they commit to purchase.

    Caring for a place is a win for both home owners and house sitters. Many retirees look for opportunities to stay in different cities to experience the countryside. They may also want to visit their family. These days families are spread out across the country and the globe. provides the environment for the win win. We provide a secure environment. Members communicate without revealing their identity. Our internal message system only identifies members by their chosen user names. Email addresses and other personal details are not disclosed. We provide personal match lists to help choose the right candidate.

    You can choose to be alerted of new housesitter members in your area. This means you don't have to keep checking the web site. The email alert will let you know when there is a match in your area.

    Another opportunity is holiday travel. Recently we had a house sitting opportunity available in Nice, South France. The owner of this three bedroom apartment was looking for someone to mind her two cats. The apartment was five minutes from the beach and train station This proved to be a perfect for a mature fifty year old student studying in London. She was a previous cat owner and wanted to experience the south of France in summer.

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