A little about excellentcare

56 - 64 years
Mar 28,2015
Home/Estate Care, Security and Professional Svc's
Single male
7 - 21 Days, 3 - 6 Weeks, 6 - 8 Weeks, 2 - 3 Months, 3 + Months

Retired, 37 successful years with the original AT&T.

Honorably discharged USAF, 1967.

Consistent successful fulltime homesitting since 2009 in California, Florida, Idaho, Maine, Maryland, NW Montana, North Carolina, Virginia and Washington.

Available Nationwide including Alaska.

Single man, children grown and on their own and so am I!

Specializing in extreme situations and conditions. Services available to care for homes, estates, farms, cabins, large or small.

Have cared for homes up to 12,000 sq. ft.

Oldest home, a very large Plantation Manor House built in 1812 with any "updates" originating pre-1920...quite original, primitive and Spartan.

Medium to long-term services.

Excellent nationwide references, impeccable reputation and background.

VERY clean, orderly, discreet and self-reliant.

Very capable & equipped to handle all situations, specifically regarding maintenance & security of your property and contents.

Many of my positions required care for cats, dogs and horses. They are most welcome!

I love animals & enjoy their presence & caring for them! I have never encountered a problem with any of the animals that I have been charged with!

I can deploy an independent, triple redundant, temporary, portable, interior and exterior security & surveillance system to protect your home, property, barns and outbuildings. Anything approaching the security perimeter within 300’ is immediately detected by either one or all three systems that report to me anywhere via email & text messages to two separate smartphones operating on two separate networks. My systems have remote reporting fire alarms, smoke detectors, temperature sensors, water sensors as well as motion detectors, glass break detectors.

I can access the systems immediately and, via live video, monitor the premises.

Experienced with fireplaces (wood & gas), woodstoves, pellet stoves, ancient fireplaces used for cooking as well as steam and water radiator heating and anything more modern! Some of the “oldtime” steam radiator heat require a special knowledge of operation.

I keep expenses; heat, cooling and day to day, at an absolute minimum.

Knowledgeable & experienced with antique furniture...American, English, French, and Flemish/Dutch.

Paintings; Van Dyck, Rubens, Gainesboro/Gainesboro school, Titian.

Porcelains; Meissen, Dresden, German and Japanese pre-war and occupational.

Carpets; Persian.

Tapestries, woodwork, etc... Italian, Greek.

Experienced with AC/DC power. Small home generators from 8kw to 20+kw. Manually operated gas or LP gas units or those with automatic transfer switches.

I have owned five homes over the years & successfully raised my three children and our household pets and fish!

A nonsmoker. I have no pets of my own.

Very flexible about what you may desire in a person to manage your home/estate, most anything is negotiable. Quite able to travel for you should that be necessary.

I provide my own transportation and resources.

It is not important for me to know why you will be away, where you will be or what you will be doing. However, it would not be what you have envisioned it to be, if you are constantly concerned about your home, property or animals.

My intention is to remove that concern so you can either deal with, or enjoy, whatever the circumstances you are about to embark on. I will be only a phone call away and of course, e-mail! Once on-site, I rarely leave the premises except to shop, attend church or an occasional outing. I make certain there is no predictability as to my comings or goings.

I provide most all I require for bed, bath, kitchen and day to day living. I am not there to deplete your resources.

Since we don’t know each other, I realize this can be quite a stretch in trust, regardless of whom you chose. My main goal is for you and yours to have a mindset free of any concern regarding your property and the care of your animals while you are away. Upon your return, once we've bid our farewells and I’m gone, I want you and yours to look around and be almost convinced that you’d never left and I was never there.

I carry a State Farm Insurance Policy to protect both of us.


Stipend, when appropriate. A minimum of travel expenses may be requested unless otherwise decided.

Additional significant employment and personal information available to serious inquiry.

Thank You for your consideration!

Arthur Pfaffko 813-505-6954 artpx01

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