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5 Found for your Selection: Canada Short Medium Term

Profile: Jakethecat

Beautiful Kelowna, British Columbia!...

I need someone to take care of Jake the cat, water my plants and take care of my condo while I am away. Jake is a good cat most of the time. He likes to cuddle, he is smart and quite silly. He is  More...

downtown Kelowna British Columbia Canada From Feb 27,2024 By Jakethecat  Posted: Dec 5, 2023 To Mar 20,2024
Profile: saynotosnow

Rural Retreat...

Located Between Courtenay/Comox and Campbell River. Beautiful country home on 2.5 acres. House sit would be for approx 1 month. We need a mature person(s) to maintain a presence in our home over the win More...

Vancouver Island Black Creek British Columbia Canada From Jan 30,2024 By saynotosnow  Posted: Oct 18, 2023 To Feb 29,2024