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6 Found for your Selection: Europe Short Term

Profile: Scandisit

Lovely cats and bright airy flat....

Got a bright flat, big balconies and two friendly cats. They are truly lovely, and easy to care for. They will expect cuddles, clean litter box and wet food 2-3 times per day, but will alwa More...

Copenhagen NV Copenhagen Denmark From Oct 25,2023 By Scandisit  Posted: Sep 22, 2023 To Nov 11,2023
Profile: EleBuvy

Yogi in nice apartment in Berlin...

I am looking for someone to spend 11-12 days here with lovely cat Yogi, feed him and play with him. He lives in a small but nice apartment in East Berlin, next to scene district Fr More...

Lichtenberg Berlin Germany From Oct 12,2023 By EleBuvy  Posted: Sep 19, 2023 To Oct 23,2023
Profile: PaMeMa

Time-out on an idyllic farmstead in the middle between Bremen-Hamburg-Hannover in October 2023 while taking care of a friendly family dog...

For the first two weeks of October 2023, when I will be traveling with my adult daughters, I am looking for a dog sitter for our old St. Bernard-Hovawart-Mix Jasper to look after him at our home. Jasper is a frie More...

L√ľneburger Heide Soltau Lower Saxony Germany From Oct 1,2023 By PaMeMa  Posted: Sep 2, 2023 To Oct 15,2023