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Profile: LisaLondon

Pet sitter needed for one quiet cat...

I am looking for a house sitter for 13 days from Tuesday 18th August to Monday 31st August.  I have one cat that needs feeding and affection. We currently live in a very nice house. She has a cat f More...

Mortlake London England From Aug 18,2020 By LisaLondon  Posted: Aug 3, 2020 13 days..
Profile: Nollers

Pet sitter for my two dogs for one week....

I'm looking for a house sitter in January 2021 to take care of my two dogs and keep my home and garden tidy;

My dogs don't need walking as they are happy in the garden, one likes to chase a ball More...

France Montpon-Menesterol France From Jan 15,2021 By Nollers  Posted: Jun 17, 2020 8..