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City Town Area
Map Period Available Available From Date Posted    
Detail  Taos New Mexico
United States
Arroyo Seco
North of Taos
Map  90 days to 3 months Mar 17, 2021 Mar 7, 2021 backyard and pond
Detail  Franklin Arkansas
United States
Ozark Foothills Map  6-8 weeks Mar 22, 2021 Mar 6, 2021 front porch
Detail  los angeles California
Los angeles
United States
los angeles Map  2-3 months Mar 8, 2021 Mar 6, 2021 Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles, United States
Detail  Huntersville North Carolina
United States
Map  2 weeks Jun 15, 2021 Mar 5, 2021 House
Detail  Helendale California
San Bernandino
United States
Mojave desert Map  4 months May 2, 2021 Mar 5, 2021 Kitchen
Detail  Deer Park New York
United States
Map  Until March 1, 2022 (or around then!) Nov 23, 2021 Mar 3, 2021 Master Bedroom
Detail  Pawleys Island South Carolina
United States
Myrtle Beach
Map  5 nights Apr 17, 2021 Feb 24, 2021 Beach
Detail  San Luis Obisipo California
San Luis Obispo
United States
City Map  2-5 weeks Apr 24, 2021 Feb 11, 2021  
Detail  Walsenburg Colorado
Las Animas
United States
Southern Colorado Map  7 days (or so) Jun 11, 2021 Feb 5, 2021 Miss Isabella
Detail  San Diego California
San Diego
United States
Sunset Cliffs
Point Loma/Ocean Beach
Map  4 dogs May 15, 2021 Dec 2, 2020 View from the Top Deck looking West
Detail  Deming New Mexico
United States
Desert Map  one and 1/2 weeks Apr 18, 2021 Nov 20, 2020 Colors of the Desert
Detail  Denver Colorado
United States
Sloans Lake
Map  2-3 Months Apr 1, 2021 Apr 30, 2020 The doggos