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10 Found for your Selection: United States California

Profile: gingertea

House/Pet Sitter needed for 7 weeks...

We are looking for a house and pet sitter for 9 weeks from June 25 to August 26. . We'd like someone to care for our two 12-year-old cats, Miso and Nori, and keep them company while we are away. Dut More...

westside Atascadero California United States From Jun 25,2019 By gingertea  Posted: Mar 19, 2019 9 weeks..
Profile: Sproney

House/pet sitter needed...

We live in a modest, but comfortable  home  in Ojai, near the bike trail and a short walk to the center of  town. . Ojai is an artsy and spiritual community. The Ojai valley is known for its c More...

Ventura/Santa Barbara Ojai California United States From May 14,2019 By Sproney  Posted: Mar 11, 2019 06-18-2019..