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Profile: pattie109

Jan/Feb on the MS Gulf coast...

I am in a panic.  A previous sitter called and asked if we had a long sit Jan/ Feb.  I said yes 5 Jan-17 Feb and they said they wanted it.  My computer started acting up and I have lost all my files to include m More...

MS Gulf Coast Pass Christian Mississippi United States From Jan 5,2024 By pattie109  Posted: Dec 7, 2023 To Feb 17,2024
Profile: AwayUK

Six weeks pet sitting for 2 older cats...

Hoping to find a genuine cat lover to look after two x 17yr old Burmese cats Boss and Coco. They are indoor cats, with an occasional sunbake in my small secure garden. Theyre very affectionate and love to cu More...

Goulburn Gouburn NSW Australia From May 9,2024 By AwayUK  Posted: Nov 22, 2023 To Jun 22,2024