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Profile: Rynoquinn

Dog and House sitter needed...

We are going on a few shorts trips and would like our pets to be at home, where they are the happiest. They love cuddles so a kennel is just not the right place for them. We have a beautiful two a More...

Boyalnd Canungra QLD Australia From Sep 19,2022 By Rynoquinn  Posted: Aug 16, 2022 To Sep 23,2022
Profile: joonpoon

Must love cats!...

Must love cats! Three BR 2 Bath high-set house on 1/2 acre hill property that backs onto the Barron Gorge National Park; you will see diverse wildlife such as Wallabies, Emus, Bush Turkeys, Curlews & a v More...

Lake Placid Cairns QLD Australia From Nov 15,2022 By joonpoon  Posted: May 21, 2022 To Feb 22,2023