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Profile: NardMansion

Extended sit Fall 2023...

We are looking for a fellow retired couple to house/cat sit this fall.
Have a resort experience at our home whilst you enjoy a steam room and hot tub. Palm tree framed sunsets from the patio with miles of  More...

Beach, city Oxnard California United States From Oct 11,2023 By NardMansion  Posted: Jan 31, 2023 To Nov 27,2023
Profile: STAFIR

Oasis in woods but close to town...

We have one outside/inside cat: Kaya. And one dog: Max, a Westie Mix. There is a fenced in backyard (very very big). Max can be walked in woods in back of house: there is a loop. Kaya has places t More...

Orange Hillsborough North Carolina United States From Jun 16,2023 By STAFIR  Posted: Jan 27, 2023 To Jul 28,2023