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Profile: mgodfrey50

House/Pet Sitter Required - physically fit....

We are looking for someone to live at the house and walk the dogs - 2 small Border Terriers - twice a day around a standard 2km loop (20-25 minute walk). Nice location with beach access, kayaks, mtn bikes.& More...

Piper&aposs Lagoon Nanaimo British Columbia Canada From Mar 16,2024 By mgodfrey50  Posted: Oct 30, 2023 To Mar 30,2024
Profile: msg699

Love Me...

Who wants to be in Southern California in the winter! I have one dog, a maltise mix. She just wants to be loved. I walk her twice a day and the rest of her outings are to More...

Orange County Yorba Linda California United States From Mar 20,2024 By msg699  Posted: Oct 25, 2023 To Apr 5,2024
Profile: Buxeria

Tiny toy poodle in a big house...

Lola is an adorable 3-year old toy poodle, 9 lbs only and totally hypoallergenic. We will be spending the Holidays out of the country and are looking for nice people to take care of her in our big house. We live  More...

Brier Creek Raleigh North Carolina United States From Dec 20,2023 By Buxeria  Posted: Sep 24, 2023 To Jan 1,2024