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Profile: bradtez

House & pet sitter required in Mandurah...

Seeking a mature couple to care for our two small dogs while we are away.

Our home is in Dawesville between the estuary and the ocean.

Low maintenace Gardens and lawn with full reticulation. G More...

Mandurah Dawesville WA Australia From Dec 15,2018 By bradtez  Posted: Apr 14, 2018 4 weeks..
Profile: nickyw


Hello, We live in Dawesville (10 mins south of Mandurah central ) 

We have 2 beautiful dogs, that we love & cherish & wish to find someone to take care of them whilst we travel back to the  More...

falcon mandurah WA Australia From Dec 17,2018 By nickyw  Posted: Mar 11, 2018 2 weeks ..