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Profile Picture for Housesitter Required for House Sit kay_dee
Profile: kay_dee

Sitter needed November 14 - 19...

 My kitties need a sitter while I'm away.

    Basil is 14 years old and very independent. If you are quiet he will greet you and remind you when it's feeding time.  More...

Arden Sacramento California United States From Nov 14,2018 By kay_dee  Posted: Oct 15, 2018 through Nov 19..
Profile Picture for Housesitter Required for House Sit amirainva
Profile: amirainva

Blocks from the H St corridor...

We have a house near the bustling H St corridor.  I am an avid traveller but my husband came with a cat.  We are looking for a responsible adult to spend time with our cat.  You will have a bedroom More...

h st Washington District of Columbia United States From Nov 21,2018 By amirainva  Posted: Aug 19, 2018 5 days..