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Sep 24,23 Brier Creek Raleigh North Carolina United States Dec 20,23 Short 13 Days Dogs Buxeria
Sep 24,23 Santa cruz California United States Oct 6,23 Short 8 Days Cats, None nalaluna
Sep 24,23 rural countryside Vashon Island Washington United States Aug 23,24 Short 15 Days Dogs, Farm Animals VashonFarm
Sep 24,23 Punta Gorda Isles Punta Gorda Florida United States Dec 21,23 Short 14 Days Dogs, Cats lifeisgood100093
Sep 19,23 near beaches Fort Lauderdale Florida United States Oct 1,23 Short 10 Days Dogs, Mice NatureRiverHouse
Sep 23,23 Vancouver Island Courtenay British Columbia Canada Dec 5,23 Short 17 Days Cats IslandLife
Sep 23,23 Hill Country Wimberley Texas United States Nov 18,23 Short 8 Days Dogs BearsDance
Sep 23,23 Maravilla cozumel Quintana Roo Caribean Mexico Dec 13,23 MediumLong 67 Days Dogs scubabride2
Sep 22,23 Copenhagen NV Copenhagen Denmark Oct 25,23 Short 18 Days Cats Scandisit
Sep 21,23 Anna Bay Newcastle NSW Australia Oct 16,23 Short 13 Days Dogs blondie
Sep 21,23 Suburbs Northwest of Boston Lexington Massachusetts United States Oct 29,23 Short 13 Days Dogs SkylarkSupermutt
Sep 21,23 Suburbs Loveland Colorado United States Dec 10,23 Short 13 Days Dogs Saxicola
Sep 21,23 Mississauga Ontario Canada Oct 21,23 Short 17 Days Dogs Jordyola
Sep 21,23 West Lorne Ontario Canada Jan 21,24 Short 8 Days Cats Adam1990
Sep 20,23 East Mackay Mackay QLD Australia Oct 11,23 Short 14 Days Dogs, Fish, Livestock, chickens shorty54
Sep 16,23 Maroubra NSW Australia Dec 16,23 Short 18 Days Cats MaroubraHousesit
Sep 19,23 Willowby Langley British Columbia Canada May 18,24 Short 15 Days Dogs glen1050
Sep 19,23 Oostplein Rotterdam Zuid Holland Netherlands Dec 10,23 Short 20 Days Dogs adriaan_rotterdam
Sep 19,23 Lichtenberg Berlin Germany Oct 12,23 Short 12 Days Cats EleBuvy
Sep 14,23 South Bay Torrance California United States Jan 31,24 Short 9 Days Dogs, Cats lydianp
Sep 8,23 Nelson Park Vacaville California United States Feb 3,24 Short 15 Days Dogs, Cats SolanoHousesit
Sep 2,23 Montmorency Melbourne VIC Australia Dec 15,23 Short 16 Days Dogs, Cats Scrovegni16
Sep 16,23 Village of Oak Creek Sedona Arizona United States Oct 13,23 Short 10 Days Dogs Mary_C
Sep 13,23 La Cieneguita San Miguel de Allende Central Mexico Mexico Oct 15,23 Short 11 Days Dogs, Fish paradise
Jun 20,23 East Bay Pleasanton California United States Dec 24,23 Short 17 Days Dogs PleasantonHousesit
Sep 11,23 Chuburna de Hidalgo Merida Yucatan Mexico Oct 11,23 Short 14 Days Cats sukimex
Sep 10,23 Bruce Canberra ACT Australia Nov 14,23 Short 14 Days Dogs ScoutNNicky
Sep 10,23 Denver Metro Boulder Colorado United States Sep 23,23 Short 8 Days Cats dogcatgoatX
Sep 10,23 Sloans Lake Denver Colorado United States Oct 13,23 Short 10 Days Dogs PoppysMom17
Sep 9,23 Cadiar Spain Jan 22,24 MediumLong 89 Days Viquita
Sep 8,23 Suburb Doylestown Pennsylvania United States Mar 23,24 Short 8 Days Dogs, Turtles DoylestownSit
Sep 7,23 mudgeeraba gold coast QLD Australia Nov 6,23 Short 8 Days Dogs vlinder
Sep 4,23 Friendly Avenue Neighborhood Eugene Oregon Oregon United States Oct 5,23 Short 19 Days Cats PacificNWislands
Sep 3,23 Maroondan gin gin QLD Australia Dec 16,23 Short 18 Days Dogs, Livestock, Chicken and ducks dirtyharry008
Sep 2,23 L√ľneburger Heide Soltau Lower Saxony Germany Oct 1,23 Short 15 Days Dogs PaMeMa
Sep 2,23 SANTA FE New Mexico United States Sep 28,23 Short 7 Days Cats josieposie
Aug 28,23 rogers park chicago Illinois United States Oct 10,23 Short 8 Days Cats Sienasmom19
Aug 28,23 Foothills Yuma Arizona United States Dec 19,23 Short 9 Days Dogs, Cats tlajgridley
Aug 22,23 Central Coast Carmel Valley Village California United States Oct 6,23 Short 15 Days Dogs Tibbywan
Aug 20,23 Denver metro Boulder Colorado United States Oct 13,23 Short 18 Days Cats annqueue
Aug 13,23 Suburbs Sylvester Georgia United States Jan 5,24 MediumLong 67 Days Cats debgen08
Aug 10,23 Inner City TORONTO Ontario Canada Jan 1,24 Short 16 Days Dogs TorontoSit3
Aug 6,23 Martin Acres Boulder Colorado United States Dec 13,23 Short 18 Days Dogs BoulderHousesit
Aug 2,23 Village Hailburton Ontario Canada Jan 2,24 Short 17 Days Dogs marsi41
Jul 10,23 City Nanaimo British Columbia Canada Sep 28,23 Short 10 Days Dogs, Cats, Fish BeautifulVI
Jul 27,23 Capital Region WARBURG Alberta Canada Oct 25,23 Short 17 Days Dogs TreeFarmers
Jul 26,23 Osgood Fargo North Dakota United States Dec 4,23 MediumLong 59 Days Dogs kylmicols
Jul 17,23 Departure Bay Nanaimo British Columbia Canada Mar 27,24 Short 15 Days Cats Bonnie
Jul 17,23 Springbank Calgary, T3C 3B2 Alberta Canada Jan 10,24 MediumLong 81 Days Dogs, Cats, Ragdoll cat Projects
Jul 11,23 Richmond TAS Australia Sep 23,23 MediumLong 59 Days Cats RichmondSit
Jul 6,23 Bainbridge Island Seattle Washington United States Dec 27,23 Short 16 Days Dogs Islander1
Jun 27,23 Close to town centre Frome England Oct 5,23 Short 14 Days Cats Serenidade
Jun 19,23 Town Carrickfergus Northern Ireland Sep 27,23 Short 14 Days Dogs, Cats pawparent
Jun 6,23 Kincardine Point Clark Ontario Canada Mar 7,24 Short 17 Days Dogs, None Bennettsnana
May 13,23 Upper West Side New York United States Oct 2,23 Short 17 Days Dogs uwestsidehousesit
May 7,23 Glen Afton Huntly Waikato New Zealand Sep 23,23 Short 15 Days Dogs, Cats, Farm Animals, Dog donchristy
May 1,23 South Ostuni countryside Ostuni Italy Italy Jan 18,24 MediumLong 68 Days Dogs Exploreitaly67
Feb 19,23 HAWTHORN Melbourne VIC Australia Dec 22,23 Short 17 Days Cats, Fish Karools