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Oct 26,21 Hillsborough North Carolina United States Dec 21,21 Short 10 Days Dogs ncbelle
Oct 25,21 Natural Bridges Santa Cruz California United States Nov 21,21 Short 9 Days Dogs, Cats WestSideSC322
Oct 25,21 Wilmington North Carolina United States Dec 3,21 Short 7 Days Dogs Ruthless63
Oct 25,21 Echo Park Los Angeles California United States Jan 1,22 Short 9 Days Dogs LAHousesitting
Oct 25,21 East Lighthouse Point Florida United States Feb 8,22 Short 8 Days Cats Chaussettes
Oct 22,21 North Lake Whatcom Bellingham Washington United States Nov 30,21 Short 7 Days Dogs, Fish, Rats, Livestock, Chickens whatnow5
Oct 22,21 Candler Asheville North Carolina United States Oct 30,21 Short 19 Days Cats redhedzrule
Oct 20,21 Space Coast Cocoa Beach Florida United States Dec 1,21 Short 13 Days Dogs sailorlady
Oct 20,21 Eastern suburb of Denver Aurora Colorado United States Dec 12,21 Short 9 Days Dogs, Cats PetandHome
Oct 19,21 Unincorporated county Livermore California United States Nov 9,21 Short 13 Days Dogs, 2 horses lacolina
Oct 19,21 Bainbridge Island Washington United States Nov 3,21 Short 11 Days Cats, none redknight
Oct 14,21 Royal Oak Maryland United States Dec 19,21 Short 17 Days Dogs, Cats Seeking1sitter
Oct 18,21 Chattanooga, TN 15 min drive Lookout Mountain Georgia United States Nov 11,21 Short 19 Days Cats judyfood
Oct 18,21 South Orange County Laguna Niguel California United States Nov 15,21 Short 11 Days Dogs califbuckeye
Oct 17,21 Lower Queen Anne Seattle Washington United States Dec 23,21 Short 7 Days Cats swdancer
Oct 17,21 Oakland California United States Nov 7,21 Short 7 Days Cats supermoth
Oct 16,21 Prospect Park South Brooklyn New York United States Oct 31,21 Short 9 Days Dogs BrooklynAether
Oct 15,21 11 Miles East of Uptown Charlotte Charlotte North Carolina United States Nov 11,21 Short 10 Days Cats Scout0
Oct 14,21 Cape Cod Marstons Mills Massachusetts United States Nov 5,21 Short 17 Days Dogs sevenunder
Oct 12,21 Waterfront Kingston Washington United States Oct 30,21 Short 8 Days Dogs ciaocaramia
Oct 12,21 North Durham Durham North Carolina United States Dec 22,21 Short 15 Days , Cats mmm150
Oct 10,21 Orange County Yorba Linda California United States Feb 5,22 Short 17 Days Dogs msg699
Oct 10,21 Kansas City Louisburg Kansas United States Nov 8,21 Short 8 Days Dogs, Cats, Chickens Anderhouse
Oct 9,21 Albuquerque Bosque Farms New Mexico United States Dec 20,21 Short 18 Days Dogs AlfaGold2004
Sep 20,21 near Jacksonport Egg Harbor Wisconsin United States Mar 28,22 Short 13 Days Dogs, Birds, Horses or Ponies, Farm Animals, 5 small goats 20lsdemaster13
Aug 30,21 Indian springs Alexandria Virginia United States Dec 19,21 Short 16 Days Dogs, Cats lizzybee
Aug 24,21 Mandarin Jacksonville Florida United States Dec 16,21 Short 7 Days Dogs, Cats, a couple who loves both dogs and cats loveouranimals
Jun 23,21 East Asheville neighborhood Asheville North Carolina United States Dec 18,21 Short 16 Days Dogs, Cats bingading