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Dec 7,23 Casares malaga Spain Dec 19,23 Short 20 Days Dogs, Cats, Guinea Pigs, Guinea Pigs, Horses or Ponies, donkey fincapets
Dec 7,23 MS Gulf Coast Pass Christian Mississippi United States Jan 5,24 Medium 44 Days Cats pattie109
Dec 6,23 Dove Mtn. Marana Arizona United States Jan 12,24 Short 18 Days Dogs MaranaHousesit
Dec 6,23 Fort Lauderdale Florida United States Dec 14,23 Short 20 Days Dogs, Mice NatureRiverHouse
Dec 5,23 Almagro Buenos Aires Argentina Dec 24,23 Short 11 Days Cats DilmayChula
Nov 9,23 Vancouver Island Duncan British Columbia Canada Apr 11,24 Short 20 Days Dogs Strathcona
Dec 4,23 East Side Santa Cruz California United States May 19,24 Short 16 Days Dogs SeaMar
Dec 4,23 Penticton British Columbia Canada Dec 23,23 Short 8 Days Cats baxlisa
Dec 4,23 San Mateo California United States Dec 19,23 Short 11 Days Cats thebeans
Dec 1,23 Westport Oxnard California United States Jan 7,24 Short 7 Days Cats Poetlawyer
Dec 1,23 Rural in mountains Torvizcon Andalusia Spain May 24,24 Short 10 Days Dogs bevspain
Nov 30,23 Y1A 4Y3 Whitehorse Yukon Territory Canada Dec 20,23 Short 7 Days Dogs Fire_fly
Nov 27,23 Edmonds Burnaby British Columbia Canada Dec 20,23 Short 13 Days Cats twohappycats
Nov 29,23 Ellerslie Auckland New Zealand Dec 10,23 Short 19 Days Dogs Annamirl
Nov 29,23 Central orlando Orlando Florida United States May 3,24 Short 11 Days Dogs Burtonsbulldogs
Nov 29,23 Beaumont Adelaide SA Australia Dec 26,23 Short 16 Days Dogs ALOHIZ
Nov 27,23 Elizabeth Lake Cranbrook British Columbia Canada May 27,24 Short 20 Days Dogs Emma2023
Nov 27,23 South Boulder Boulder Colorado United States Dec 24,23 Short 10 Days Dogs BoulderSit
Nov 27,23 South Coast Gold Beach Oregon United States Jan 3,24 Short 7 Days Cats SouthernCoast
Nov 26,23 Metrowest Lexington Massachusetts United States Dec 31,23 Short 15 Days Dogs, Cats southsea
Nov 26,23 Sacramento California United States Dec 15,23 Short 18 Days Dogs PabloMoonbeam
Nov 26,23 Vancouver Island Parksville British Columbia Canada Dec 15,23 Medium 48 Days Dogs Rudy65
Nov 26,23 Bishops Waltham Winchester South East England Apr 13,24 Short 10 Days Cats ltraveller
Nov 22,23 Goulburn Gouburn NSW Australia May 9,24 Medium 45 Days Cats AwayUK
Oct 29,23 NW Longmont Longmont Colorado United States Dec 19,23 Short 19 Days Dogs, Cats happycamper
Nov 22,23 Phinney Ridge Seattle Washington United States Mar 15,24 Short 11 Days Cats, Two cats RARLaw
Nov 21,23 Rural off grid property Bancroft Ontario Canada Dec 21,23 Short 11 Days Dogs, Cats LMan11111
Nov 21,23 Sandia Heights albuquerque New Mexico United States Feb 3,24 Short 17 Days Dogs, Cats, Cats: mature Siamese female; orange female Travellingflower
Nov 20,23 Portland, OR VANCOUVER, USA Washington United States Jan 7,24 Medium 46 Days Cats, Two cats CatloverUSA
Nov 18,23 Guelph Campbellville Ontario Canada Apr 18,24 Short 12 Days Cats carolinebrad
Oct 16,23 Orange Hillsborough North Carolina United States Apr 16,24 Short 13 Days Dogs, Cats, Fish STAFIR
Nov 16,23 East Roscommon Rooskey Ireland Jan 14,24 Medium 49 Days Dogs, Livestock, Livestock, Hens MorkyMindy
Nov 15,23 Summerlin Las Vegas Nevada United States Dec 19,23 Short 10 Days Dogs HappyinLV23
Nov 14,23 Caselle Tortorella Campania Italy Dec 15,23 Short 20 Days Dogs, Cats PippoFridaLisa
Nov 13,23 Central Vic Goldfields Bendigo VIC Australia Dec 22,23 Short 12 Days Velcroandme
Nov 13,23 South Hill Spokane Washington United States Jan 3,24 Short 11 Days Dogs, Just one dog wishdr
Nov 11,23 In town Santa Fe New Mexico United States Dec 18,23 Short 10 Days Dogs, Fish, Livestock, Livestock, chickens chogan1980
Nov 9,23 North Portland Portland Oregon United States Dec 22,23 Short 16 Days Cats maddingcrowd
Nov 7,23 Ronda Benaojan Andalucia Spain Mar 22,24 Short 16 Days Cats Mochi_Matcha
Nov 7,23 South Bay Torrance California United States Jan 31,24 Short 9 Days Dogs, Cats lydianp
Nov 5,23 Maple Ridge British Columbia Canada Dec 23,23 Short 11 Days Dogs, Cats furukawa
Nov 5,23 Denver Colorado United States Dec 20,23 Short 8 Days Dogs, Cats DenverHousesit
Nov 3,23 Montcaret dordogne France Dec 31,23 Short 19 Days Cats lapetiteborie
Oct 30,23 Small City Eugene Oregon United States Feb 6,24 Short 10 Days Dogs monioz
Oct 30,23 Inner town Missoula Montana United States Feb 14,24 Short 7 Days Dogs 406ash
Oct 30,23 Piper&aposs Lagoon Nanaimo British Columbia Canada Mar 16,24 Short 15 Days Dogs mgodfrey50
Oct 25,23 Orange County Yorba Linda California United States Mar 20,24 Short 17 Days Dogs msg699
Oct 18,23 East King County Issaquah Washington United States Dec 27,23 Short 7 Days Dogs IssaquahHousesit
Oct 9,23 Close to town centre Frome England Dec 29,23 Medium 50 Days Cats Serenidade
Sep 24,23 Brier Creek Raleigh North Carolina United States Dec 20,23 Short 13 Days Dogs Buxeria
Sep 8,23 Nelson Park Vacaville California United States Feb 3,24 Short 15 Days Dogs, Cats SolanoHousesit
Sep 8,23 Suburb Doylestown Pennsylvania United States Mar 23,24 Short 8 Days Dogs, Turtles DoylestownSit
Sep 3,23 Maroondan gin gin QLD Australia Dec 16,23 Short 18 Days Dogs, Livestock, Chicken and ducks dirtyharry008
Aug 10,23 Inner City TORONTO Ontario Canada Jan 1,24 Short 16 Days Dogs TorontoSit3
Aug 6,23 Martin Acres Boulder Colorado United States Dec 13,23 Short 18 Days Dogs BoulderHousesit
Jul 17,23 Departure Bay Nanaimo British Columbia Canada Mar 27,24 Short 15 Days Cats BonnieXY
Jun 6,23 Kincardine Point Clark Ontario Canada Mar 7,24 Short 17 Days Dogs, None Bennettsnana
Feb 19,23 HAWTHORN Melbourne VIC Australia Dec 22,23 Short 17 Days Cats, Fish Karools