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Mar 25,23 South Hills Eugene Oregon United States Apr 16,23 Medium 43 Days Dogs, Ripley 6 1/2 years and Red 15 years Moretravel
Mar 9,23 South Ostuni countryside Ostuni Italy Italy Oct 18,23 Medium 45 Days Exploreitaly67
Mar 7,23 Victoria British Columbia Canada Jul 1,23 Medium 46 Days Dogs Mistysparents
Mar 6,23 Nebraska City Julian Nebraska United States May 22,23 Medium 54 Days Cats HuskerHobo
Mar 2,23 East Mackay Mackay QLD Australia Apr 19,23 Medium 48 Days Dogs, Fish, chickens shorty54
Feb 7,23 Southern Arizona Patagonia Arizona United States May 7,23 Medium 52 Days Dogs Patagoniaphil
Feb 1,23 Rural Charlottetown Prince Edward Island Canada Apr 1,23 Medium 43 Days Dogs PEIslandSit
Jan 20,23 WOLLONGBAR NSW Australia Jun 8,23 Medium 53 Days Dogs stever
Aug 4,22 Upper love Fredriksted St. Croix United States Virgin Islands Apr 4,23 Medium 45 Days Dogs, Birds, Chickens, love birds Grove62