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Profile: candemc
All about Candela!...

About Myself!

I am a freelancer focusing on Video Editing at the minute. I am extremely young, 22, but I already consider myself an old soul due to all the experiences I've gone through my young  More...

NA, Freelancer Female Available from Nov 15,2019

Profile: LewyAcott
Australia Adventure...

I'm about to start travelling through Australia for a year on a working holiday visa, and then plan to ride through Asia by motorbike starting in Singapore, and then work my way back to Europe. I've just finished c More...

26 - 36 years, Artist, Gardener, Maintenance Male Available from Nov 15,2019

Profile: smartcouple
Mastery in Caretaking...

Aloha Pet Lover and Home Owner:

Expect world-class care for your home/property and/or animal friends.

To date, our assignments have been delightful. Some have been a lot of work and other assignments have inclu More...

46 - 55 years, Health worker/inventor Couple Available from Nov 15,2019