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United States Missouri

Profile: TallBrit
Older Professional Brit - None smoker/drinker...


I'm a respectable, quiet person. Most of the time I spend writing while house sitting.

A none smoker or drinker. I like peace an quiet. Love animals (especially cats - Mr. Jones was with me 23 years) More...

56 - 64 years, film director/Acting coach Male Available from Dec 21,2023

Profile: Booklady0001
Mature. Responsible. Multilingual...

While I love to travel, I am a terrible tourist. I prefer to live in a community, absorb the history and the culture, make friends, and create memories. I have few needs or possessions, and am able to run my book publishin More...

56 - 64 years, Book publisher Female Available from Oct 2,2023
Profile: FitBrit66
Responsible, Resourceful and Retired...

Nature and animal lover, fit, active, vegan, in perfect health. I have two doctors...my right leg and my left one...LOL. Chronologicaly 67 but biologically 42. No bad habits.

British, I lived in Spain and Germany More...

NA, retired massage therapist female Available from Dec 14,2023