What is House Sitting?

What are the advantages of using a house sitter?

What are the standard guidelines of a house sitting agreement?

Why do people register to housesit?

Who pays the bills during housesitting?

Will house sitting affect my homeowners insurance?

Should I require a bond or security deposit from my house sitter?

How do homeowners and house sitters  register and communicate.

Making your decision-Steps to selecting your housesitter.

Finalizing the arrangement - preparing a house sitting contract.

House Sitting Fees

House Sitters & Sitting from Housecarers

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Housesitting Fees

The standard Housesit is Rent Free Accommodation in exchange for house sitting/ pet care. This is the spirit of our site, and our guideline.

If there are a lot of special duties required a fee may be negotiated between the house sitter and homeowner.  We recognize that some professional housesitters advertise on our site and homeowners are at liberty to hire them as well. This is more of a practice in some countries and areas. If the situation involve more special duties such as extensive property management/maintenance or animal/stock management etc. please register at CaretakerJobs.com , which is more for paid caretaking positions.

Travel expenses are normally borne by the housesitter. The homeowner can always choose a local. Many retirees and travelers are more than happy with obtaining rent free accommodation in exchange for housesitting. Many travelers and retirees have been successful and graceful for obtaining housesits in foreign countries. Please see our housesitting blog for many examples of the last 7 years.


Caring, clean, responsible sixty-years-young experienced house-sitter with great references
Featured house sitter, DependableEase Available in All in each state/province, United States