What is House Sitting?

What are the advantages of using a house sitter?

What are the standard guidelines of a house sitting agreement?

Why do people register to housesit?

Who pays the bills during housesitting?

Will house sitting affect my homeowners insurance?

Should I require a bond or security deposit from my house sitter?

How do homeowners and house sitters  register and communicate.

Making your decision-Steps to selecting your housesitter.

Finalizing the arrangement - preparing a house sitting contract.

House Sitting Fees

House Sitters & Sitting from Housecarers

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Should I require a bond or security deposit from my house sitter?

The homeowner may at their discretion, ask for a deposit equivalent to the amount you would collect as two weeks rent. This bond may be lodged with an independent party along with your written contract.  An attorney or solicitor can help you with this procedure.

Many housesitters who have a proven level of maturity and responsibility believe that the payment of a bond is unnecessary. Each case is different and this should be addressed between each homeowner and housesitter.

We provide free Housesitting Agreements, Bond Lodgment, and Claim Forms for your convenience. Click here to view, download, and print these forms and agreements.


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