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Nov 29,23 Joffre Alberta Canada Dec 26,23 Short Dogs Dee1515
Nov 14,23 Near North Downtown Penticton British Columbia Canada Dec 17,23 Short Dogs, Cats Pentictonwithpets
Dec 10,13 langley vancouver British Columbia Canada Dec 27,13 Short Dogs pathwaylangleyXX
Nov 7,23 Rural Rockglen Saskatchewan Canada Dec 2,23 MediumLong smalltown
Nov 3,23 Gordons Beach Sooke/Victoria British Columbia Canada Dec 15,23 MediumLong Farm Animals, 5 llamas /12 chickens gb_hc_travel
Oct 29,23 Saanich Victoria British Columbia Canada May 21,24 ShortMedium Dogs Mayfirst
Oct 29,23 Highlands Victoria British Columbia Canada Nov 24,23 Long Highlandwalker
Oct 12,23 Middleton Vernon British Columbia Canada Nov 17,23 Short Dogs Chloe19
Sep 25,23 Riversdale Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada Dec 20,23 MediumLong housesitterformom
Aug 7,23 Oakridge Calgary Alberta Canada Feb 25,24 ShortMedium Dogs Chubbs1
Aug 2,23 Village Hailburton Ontario Canada Jan 2,24 Short Dogs marsi41
Sep 24,23 Sidney British Columbia Canada Nov 1,23 ShortMedium Dogs SidneyXY
Dec 18,19 North Shore Squamish British Columbia Canada Feb 23,20 ShortMedium Dogs Erimax
Sep 14,23 Ladner Delta British Columbia Canada Oct 17,23 ShortMedium Cats MaisonAubergine
Sep 21,23 Mississauga Ontario Canada Oct 21,23 Short Dogs Jordyola
Sep 2,23 small town on lake Blind Bay British Columbia Canada Sep 25,23 Short Dogs sleepist06
Sep 5,23 Ryder Lake Chilliwack British Columbia Canada Oct 22,23 ShortMedium Jaybirdq
Sep 26,17 Delta Vancouver British Columbia Canada Oct 13,17 Micro Dogs, Cats kathleen10291
Sep 2,23 Metchosin VICTORIA British Columbia Canada Nov 1,23 Long LadyPilgrim
Aug 16,23 Dalhousie Calgary Alberta Canada Sep 17,23 Long rigrat
Feb 8,19 Elizabethtown Brockville Ontario Canada Oct 17,19 Micro Cats, Livestock, Heritage turkeys and chickens KBunny
Aug 7,23 Parksville/Qualicum Parksville British Columbia Canada Nov 16,23 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats goody1
May 9,19 Brentwood Bay victoria British Columbia Canada Jun 5,19 Micro Cats globetrotter55
Jan 6,19 Kawartha Lakes Port Perry Ontario Canada Jan 14,19 Short Dogs, Cats, Horses or Ponies irishdraught
Jul 19,23 Rural Charlottetown Prince Edward Island Canada Sep 8,23 ShortMedium Dogs PEIslandSit
Jul 27,23 Capital Region WARBURG Alberta Canada Oct 25,23 Short Dogs TreeFarmers
Jul 6,23 Cape Breton Baddeck Nova Scotia Canada Aug 5,23 Short Cats CapeBreton
Jul 13,23 Comox Valley Black Creek British Columbia Canada Jul 26,23 Micro Cats ozmoon
Jul 7,23 Downtown Burlington Ontario Canada Jul 21,23 Micro Cats Mia23lake
Jan 25,23 Lower Lonsdale North Vancouver British Columbia Canada Jun 1,23 ShortMedium Dogs Beebalm
Oct 23,22 Urban Cranbrook British Columbia Canada Jan 29,23 ShortMedium Dogs Kootenaygal
Jun 1,11 Vancouver British Columbia Canada Jun 25,11 Short Dogs, Cats selvin1975
Jun 9,23 ISLAND GABRIOLA British Columbia Canada Nov 29,23 Long Dogs, Cats ISLAND
May 23,23 Oyama Lake Country British Columbia Canada Jan 14,24 ShortMedium Dogs blackcellar
Apr 30,23 Riverdale Toronto Ontario Canada Jul 13,23 Medium PrimeRiverdale
May 15,23 sunshine coast Gibsons British Columbia Canada Jul 1,23 Short Dogs, Cats vanessaXY
May 12,23 Near beach Qualicum Beach British Columbia Canada Oct 3,23 Long shag53
May 8,23 Upper Beaches Toronto Ontario Canada Jun 15,23 ShortMedium Cats batman
May 2,23 Lakeview Calgary Alberta Canada Jun 15,23 Short Cats albertagypsy
Mar 4,17 Victoria British Columbia Canada Apr 10,17 Short Dogs, Cats creasey
Apr 2,23 Langford Victoria British Columbia Canada Sep 13,23 Short Dogs, Cats Wilbred
May 27,19 Riondel Nelson British Columbia Canada Jun 15,19 Medium Dogs, Rabbits, Cats, Livestock, chickens/ducks Brandy1432
Jan 27,19 Amherstiew Kingston, Ontario Canada Jun 19,19 Micro Dogs Brandy01
Mar 13,23 Rural Oro-Medonte Ontario Canada Apr 22,23 Short Dogs, Horses or Ponies, Farm Animals Cuddles1
Feb 22,23 Blewett Nelson British Columbia Canada Mar 17,23 ShortMedium Cats AslanCat
Jul 1,16 North Vancouver Vancouver British Columbia Canada Sep 28,16 ShortMedium Dogs rlbedier
Jan 11,23 Estrie hampden scotstown Quebec Canada Apr 2,23 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats, Farm Animals, poules coqs et alpagas cotinne
May 1,22 City Victoria British Columbia Canada Jun 3,22 ShortMedium Dogs, Two lovebirds embee60
Dec 29,22 Ibex Valley Whitehorse Yukon Territory Canada Feb 15,23 Short Dogs lynxandotter
Dec 13,22 Strathcona Calgary Alberta Canada Feb 3,23 MediumLong Cats soaringraven
Nov 28,19 Westwoods Kingston Ontario Canada Feb 5,20 Short Cats CrazyGardener56
Dec 3,22 1000 Islands Gananoque Ontario Canada Mar 8,23 Short Dogs, Cats Oliver136
Nov 21,22 Montreal Quebec Canada Mar 1,23 MediumLong Dogs, Cats minuit8
Nov 28,22 Peel New Brunswick Canada Dec 23,22 Micro Dogs PeelHobbyFarm
Nov 9,22 South Frontenac Sydenham Ontario Canada Dec 23,22 Short Dogs Toby1963
Oct 27,22 Rural Foothills Black Diamond Alberta Canada Nov 14,22 Long Dogs, Cats, Horses or Ponies, Horses are fed by the neigbor, just need checking once in a while. blkdia
Nov 19,22 North Qualicum Qualicum Beach British Columbia Canada Dec 10,22 Short Cats sar4538
Nov 16,22 Eastern Suburbs Kamloops British Columbia Canada Dec 22,22 Short Cats sdw254
Aug 13,19 Okanagan Penticton British Columbia Canada Sep 11,19 Short Dogs rubysit
Sep 29,22 South Island Lake Cowichan British Columbia Canada Oct 3,22 ShortMedium Cats ForestFawn
Sep 14,22 Glen Williams Halton Hills / Georgetown Ontario Canada Jan 1,23 Long Dogs lastpursuit
Nov 1,21 North Toronto Toronto Ontario Canada Dec 22,21 Short Dogs Lwp81891
Mar 13,18 near Five Corners White Rock British Columbia Canada Mar 20,18 Short Dogs, Cats kirkwa
Jul 11,22 North York Toronto Ontario Canada Oct 7,22 Cats Olevit
Jul 7,22 Orleans Ottawa Ontario Canada Aug 5,22 Short Dogs MarionG
May 20,16 Calgary Alberta Canada Jan 1,17 Long Cats Snowbirder
Jan 24,18 Windsor Park Edmonton Alberta Canada Feb 16,18 Short Dogs CottageCountry
Mar 14,11 Vancouver British Columbia Canada Aug 24,11 ShortMedium Cats outofhere
Jul 10,19 South Surrey Surrey British Columbia Canada Jan 1,20 Micro Dogs Crescent_Pk
Jul 8,18 Gulf Islands Pender Island British Columbia Canada Dec 2,18 Medium Cats chezcarlotta
Nov 2,15 Oak Bay Victoria British Columbia Canada Dec 20,15 Micro Cats Jasper_cat
May 2,22 Esquimalt Victoria British Columbia Canada May 22,22 Short Cats Dreamer11
May 5,22 V7Z 1G2 Sechelt British Columbia Canada Jun 6,22 ShortMedium Dogs, Fish Mountainsandocean
Apr 15,22 Suburb Parksville British Columbia Canada May 10,22 Micro Dogs BeautifulPQB
Oct 25,19 Duncan British Columbia Canada Nov 27,19 Short Dogs Ebonyshome
Apr 4,22 Willow Park Calgary Alberta Canada May 2,22 ShortMedium Birds, bird iwbihp1936
Mar 30,22 Copper Bluffs Heriot Bay British Columbia Canada Jun 13,22 Short Dogs, Cats Reba_Tug_Gus
Mar 27,22 North Barrie Barrie Ontario Canada Apr 1,22 ShortMedium Cats RoxieDA
Feb 27,22 30 minutes South of Nakusp Burton British Columbia Canada Oct 20,22 Cats BurtonMan
Feb 19,22 Old City neighbourhood NANAIMO British Columbia Canada Jun 23,22 Dogs VICouple
Feb 16,22 Saanich Victoria British Columbia Canada Apr 29,22 Dogs MayfirstX
Feb 10,22 Comox Valley Saratoga Beach British Columbia Canada Feb 17,22 Cats JudyCW
Jan 4,22 Lago Lindo Edmonton Alberta Canada Feb 1,22 MediumLong Cats dustyshouse
Mar 4,12 Kitsilano Vancouver British Columbia Canada Jun 14,12 ShortMedium Kitshouse1
Jan 14,22 Saanich Victoria British Columbia Canada Apr 6,22 Medium Dogs Micanori
Feb 7,19 Mountain/Concession Hamilton Ontario Canada Feb 16,19 Short Cats Esmerose
Nov 2,13 Red Deer, Calgary Sundre Alberta Canada Jun 15,14 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats, Farm Animals abedinheaven
Nov 21,21 Sarnia Ontario Canada Apr 14,22 ShortMedium Dogs candace2821
Nov 30,21 Kluane Haines Junction Yukon Territory Canada Oct 7,23 Long JFDL22
Nov 27,21 Eaglecrest Qualicum beach British Columbia Canada Dec 31,21 Long Cats QualicumSit
Mar 10,18 Delhi Ontario Canada Aug 17,18 Short Cats Flipflopsters
Nov 10,21 Comox Courtenay British Columbia Canada Nov 21,21 Short Dogs, Cats stellerraven
Oct 8,21 Rural Prince Albert Saskatchewan Canada Dec 1,21 Long Cats Brilly
Nov 1,21 Urban Kitchener Ontario Canada Dec 18,21 ShortMedium Dogs TomCatCan
Sep 5,19 Montreal Quebec Canada Dec 15,19 Medium Cats LMM1957
Oct 9,21 North Island Comox British Columbia Canada Dec 15,21 Short Dogs, Cats ILoveLondon
Oct 13,21 Downtown Montreal Quebec Canada Nov 26,21 Medium Cats Seeker02
Sep 17,21 central etobicoke Toronto Ontario Canada Oct 3,21 Short Dogs doglover37
Sep 13,16 Surrey British Columbia Canada Dec 16,16 Short Dogs, Cats kittyqueen
Jul 30,21 Bouchie Lake Quesnel British Columbia Canada Oct 30,21 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats, Horses or Ponies Bavhcariboo
Aug 24,17 Greenview Calgary Alberta Canada Nov 16,17 Short Cats CarScar
Aug 10,15 Colwood Victoria British Columbia Canada Feb 2,16 ShortMedium Cats Mlpetura
Jan 14,16 Quilchena/Kerrisdale Vancouver British Columbia Canada Feb 28,16 Short Dogs BCHousesit
Jul 20,21 Sullivan Surrey British Columbia Canada Jan 1,22 Medium Cats seamuscom
Jul 9,21 Okanagan Penticton British Columbia Canada Aug 27,21 Micro Dogs, Cats, Farm Animals, Layer chickens T045838
Sep 22,18 North Okanagan Vernon British Columbia Canada Dec 22,18 Short Dogs HappyHolidays99
Jul 7,18 City Ottawa Ontario Canada Jul 9,18 Short Cats MrCPurr
Jul 4,21 Airport QuƩbec Quebec Canada Jul 14,21 ShortMedium Cats Dudylicious
Jun 10,21 Campbell River British Columbia Canada Nov 15,21 Long seasidehouse
Jun 3,21 Guildford Surrey British Columbia Canada Aug 4,21 Short Dogs, Cats MeditationMind
May 18,21 Rural location comox valley British Columbia Canada Aug 15,21 Long Prairie
May 16,21 Downtown east Toronto Ontario Canada Jun 6,21 Medium Dogs, Cats, Turtles, Total is 2 low-key dogs, 1 cat, 1 turtle Dogx2Dom
Apr 14,21 Rocky Ridge NW Calgary Alberta Canada May 11,21 ShortMedium Cats Almosfia
Apr 22,21 West Vancouver British Columbia Canada Jul 10,21 ShortMedium SparkleM
Oct 3,14 Kemptville Ottawa Ontario Canada Nov 1,15 Long Busyretirees
Mar 25,21 Lower Mainland New Westminster British Columbia Canada Jul 7,21 ShortMedium Cats BlueMonkey
Mar 14,21 Mink Lake Eganville Ontario Canada Mar 1,22 Micro Dogs, Cats pookie_onthelake
Mar 15,21 6 Mile Nelson British Columbia Canada Apr 1,21 Long campkoolaree
Dec 21,13 View Royal Victoria British Columbia Canada Jan 25,14 Short Dogs The_hounds
Nov 6,16 West End Vancouver British Columbia Canada Dec 2,16 Short Cats vancitycats
Feb 25,21 Acreage Edmonton Alberta Canada Dec 18,21 Short Dogs, Horses or Ponies kazoodi
Feb 8,21 Upper Kintore Perth Andover New Brunswick Canada May 3,21 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats, Hamsters, Rabbits, Birds, Farm Animals LaughingPig
Jan 19,21 Jasper National Park Jasper Alberta Canada Feb 8,21 Short rckymtnhme
Jan 20,21 Remote wilderness Atlin British Columbia Canada May 1,21 Long Rabbits, Livestock, Livestock WarmspringsRetreat
Jun 24,19 Oakville Ontario Canada Jul 4,19 Micro Dogs, 1 fresh water fish tank perrin
Feb 8,17 Crowsnest Pass Blairmore Alberta Canada Feb 19,17 ShortMedium Cats mummybird
Nov 21,20 Downtown Montreal Quebec Canada Dec 24,20 Medium Birds Correcaminos
Oct 26,20 Greektown Toronto Ontario Canada Jan 9,21 Medium Cats Thidwick1913
Oct 15,20 Toronto Ontario Canada Oct 29,20 Short Cats Equinox
Sep 23,20 15 minutes from St Georges Saint-Georges de Beauce Quebec Canada Nov 1,20 Long asdjmd
Sep 28,20 Central Alberta Sylvan Lake Alberta Canada Oct 21,20 Micro Dogs albertapuppy
Sep 22,20 Ontario Cobourg Ontario Canada Nov 1,20 Long Cats holabird
Apr 14,13 Fairfield, Gonzales victoria British Columbia Canada Sep 6,13 ShortMedium apashley
Jul 9,20 Ermineskin Edmonton Alberta Canada Jul 31,20 ShortMedium Cats MInAlberta
Jun 22,20 Heritage Prince George British Columbia Canada Jul 26,20 Short Cats acjohnst
Nov 7,16 west Coquitlam British Columbia Canada May 8,17 Micro Cats, Fish Trev90_
Mar 26,20 Sturgeon Morinville Alberta Canada Apr 25,20 Long Cats BrianandKay
Oct 2,19 South Hill Red Deer Alberta Canada Nov 4,19 Long AdventureForever
Mar 11,20 Windsor Ardoise Nova Scotia Canada Apr 15,20 Short Cats Rivendell
Mar 10,20 Riverdale Toronto Ontario Canada Mar 30,20 Long RegentsCanal
Feb 5,20 Port Cunnington Dwight Ontario Canada May 8,20 Micro Dogs, Cats Wavewatcher
Feb 12,20 town Ladysmith British Columbia Canada Jul 17,20 Short Dogs, Cats dogwoodretreat
Feb 29,20 Peachland British Columbia Canada May 13,20 Short Dogs WriterAndBC
Mar 1,20 Nanoose Parksville British Columbia Canada Apr 5,20 Short Dogs, Cats islandbuddy
Feb 26,20 Sunshine Bay Nelson British Columbia Canada Mar 9,20 Short Dogs, Cats, Farm Animals Chicory
Feb 19,20 Dunbar Vancouver British Columbia Canada Mar 8,20 Short Dogs, Cats, Birds pinkeye
Jan 23,15 Northhumberland Peterborough Ontario Canada Jan 25,15 Medium Dogs, Cats OntarioCountry
Feb 24,20 Nanoose Bay British Columbia Canada Jun 23,20 ShortMedium Dogs, Dog mojafor
Feb 14,20 Thompson Okanagan Kamloops British Columbia Canada Apr 17,20 Micro Dogs, Horses or Ponies SabirSprings
Feb 19,20 Dilworth Kelowna British Columbia Canada Mar 15,20 Short Dogs, Cats TravellingFamilyof6
Feb 18,20 Rural Kingston Ontario Canada May 24,20 Micro Dogs, Cats, Farm Animals oniehinton
Feb 18,20 Town Kenora Ontario Canada Mar 1,20 Short Dogs ChinookChase
Feb 2,20 Mileend Montreal Quebec Canada Mar 2,20 Micro Cats leftyleads
Apr 20,12 nanoose bay parksville British Columbia Canada May 3,12 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats Islandmays
Feb 7,20 Bayfield Ontario Canada Mar 27,20 Short Cats Harbourlights
Feb 1,20 Rural Port Perry Ontario Canada Apr 10,20 Short Dogs, Cats, Livestock, 12 chickens EpsomFarm
Jan 27,20 Lincoln Village Waterloo Ontario Canada Feb 29,20 Short Cats debithompson
Feb 2,20 Armstrong British Columbia Canada Feb 25,20 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats IDreamofJeannie
Nov 15,18 Near University lethbridge Alberta Canada May 12,19 Short Dogs, Cats T043B047
Jan 16,20 Cowichan Station Duncan British Columbia Canada Feb 17,20 Short Dogs freespiritfarm
Feb 5,20 Toronto Ontario Canada Feb 23,20 ShortMedium ExploreBeachToronto
May 19,18 Renfrew Ontario Canada Jan 12,19 Long Dogs, Cats REHHAH14
Feb 2,20 Halifax Nova Scotia Canada Mar 14,20 Short Dogs smittywell
Jan 28,20 Mount Pleasant Vancouver British Columbia Canada May 10,20 ShortMedium FigSitter
Jan 8,20 PROCTER NELSON British Columbia Canada Feb 17,20 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats moliagirl
Jan 15,20 Renfrew Collingwood Vancouver British Columbia Canada Apr 24,20 Short Cats mews_north
Jan 24,20 Barton Village Hamilton Ontario Canada Feb 4,20 Short Cats jmay2020
Jan 17,20 In Town Victoria British Columbia Canada Mar 22,20 Medium Cats corballycottage
Jan 8,20 Cabot trail BADDECK Nova Scotia Canada Jan 13,20 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats, Horses or Ponies FarmstaySue
Dec 29,19 Duncan British Columbia Canada Feb 8,20 Medium Cats cowichan4u2
Jan 17,20 Acreage Qu&aposAppelle Saskatchewan Canada Feb 23,20 Micro Dogs, Cats, Horses or Ponies, Farm Animals, Goats jessicamck
Jan 12,20 Toronto Oakville Ontario Canada Jan 26,20 ShortMedium Cats Sotalia
Jan 9,20 Sooke British Columbia Canada Feb 25,20 Micro Dogs, Cats Leeloomonster
Jan 10,20 Cranberry Powell river British Columbia Canada Jan 19,20 Micro Cats bogart77
Jan 9,20 Comox Valley Courtenay British Columbia Canada Feb 21,20 Short Cats alijoe
Jan 7,20 Hubbards Halifax Nova Scotia Canada May 19,20 Short Dogs HeatherMartin
Jan 2,20 Laurentians Piedmont Quebec Canada Jan 19,20 Short Dogs DogloverQuebec
Nov 22,19 East York Toronto Ontario Canada Jan 31,20 Short Cats Ellekavee
Jan 7,20 Riverbend Edmonton Alberta Canada Feb 11,20 Short Cats, Composting worms PractisingRetirement
Dec 29,19 Crown Isle Courtenay British Columbia Canada Jan 20,20 Short Dogs Roxie2012
Jan 5,20 Quadra Village Victoria British Columbia Canada Feb 5,20 Short Cats Filmmaker2
Dec 26,19 Lower Lonsdale North Vancouver British Columbia Canada Jan 20,20 Short Dogs pblcmNorthVan
Jan 5,20 Burton Nakusp British Columbia Canada Mar 15,20 Short Dogs, Cats teensy
Jan 1,20 kawartha lakes Lindsay Ontario Canada Feb 23,20 ShortMedium boundforspain
Feb 8,17 Rural Granum Alberta Canada Jun 1,17 Micro Dogs, Cats, barn cats are outside cats! They rule the Barn! Have feeder! _Kenzie
Dec 21,19 Westmount Edmonton Alberta Canada Jan 10,20 Short Dogs symbolsknight
Dec 13,19 On the Bedford Basin Bedford Nova Scotia Canada Dec 28,19 Short Dogs, Cats BedfordPets
Dec 9,19 Southslope Burnaby British Columbia Canada Feb 4,20 ShortMedium Cats Burmeseboys
Dec 11,19 Lake of the Woods Kenora Ontario Canada Mar 7,20 ShortMedium lala14
Dec 1,19 Edmonton Alberta Canada Dec 20,19 Short Cats FreddieM
Dec 4,19 in town Oliver British Columbia Canada Jan 6,20 ShortMedium Dogs Schnauzer_lovers
Dec 2,19 Crown Point Hamilton Ontario Canada Dec 14,19 Short Hammerliving
Jun 28,13 Parksville/Qualicum Qualicum Beach British Columbia Canada Nov 1,13 Long checco
Nov 14,19 West Island of Montreal Beaconsfield Quebec Canada Jan 1,20 Medium capetownforwinter
Oct 14,19 Vancouver British Columbia Canada Dec 13,19 Short Cats Pleasecare
Nov 22,19 Hillcrest Salmon Arm British Columbia Canada Jan 24,20 Medium Dogs Vivianpyka
Nov 29,19 Inner city Halifax Nova Scotia Canada Apr 14,20 ShortMedium explorehalifax
Sep 29,19 rural Buck Lake Alberta Canada Feb 1,20 Medium Dogs, Cats, 2 dogs, 2 cats Countrypeace
Nov 30,19 Outside Slocan City Slocan British Columbia Canada Dec 7,19 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats, Horses or Ponies SlocanHouse
Oct 25,19 West Vancouver British Columbia Canada Dec 19,19 ShortMedium Dogs FlipFlop