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Posted Location From Term Pets More / Apply
Oct 2,19 Valby Copenhagen Sjælland Denmark Nov 23,19 Short Dogs mauritian95
Jul 27,19 Amager, close to main Copenhagen Copenhagen Zealand Denmark Aug 16,19 ShortMedium Cats papayasmama
May 17,19 Copenhagen NV Copenhagen Denmark Aug 6,19 ShortMedium Dogs Marquito
Nov 28,18 Small town a few km north of Copenhagen Copenhagen Denmark Dec 21,18 Short Dogs rpitman12345
Jun 26,17 Naerum Copenhagen Sjealland Denmark Jul 1,17 Short Cats, Fish, Gerbils Naerumcharm
Sep 20,16 Copenhagen NV Denmark Sep 30,16 Micro Dogs, Cats Albanypets
Mar 11,16 Lyngby Copenhagen Denmark Mar 18,16 Short Cats Yasmin_84
May 8,14 Inner city Copenhagen Zealand Denmark Jul 6,14 ShortMedium Cats Alette