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Posted Location From Term Pets More / Apply
Nov 11,19 Sant Marti Barcelona Spain Dec 5,19 Micro Cats Barcelona_Brit
Nov 26,18 BARCELONA Spain Dec 22,18 Short Cats AnniBarcelona
Jul 16,19 Raval Barcelona catalunya Spain Jul 29,19 ShortMedium Cats lahonduras
Jun 19,19 Barcelona, Espana Spain Jul 1,19 ShortMedium Dogs saltatlas123
Apr 12,19 Castelldefels Barcelona Spain Jun 3,19 Short Dogs, Cats, Turtles Manfred666
Apr 8,19 city Barcelona Catalonia Spain Jun 5,19 Long Dogs Ukrhellga
Jan 28,18 Barcelona Spain Mar 24,18 Short Cats SpanishMeow
Sep 20,17 BARCELONA Cataluña Spain Oct 11,17 Micro Cats Insolence
Jan 22,17 Nou Barris barcelona Spain Aug 1,17 ShortMedium Cats izarbeltza
Jun 20,16 La Floresta Barcelona Catalunya Spain Jul 7,16 Micro Dogs, Cats jasmina
Aug 1,15 residential area Barcelona Catalunya Spain Jul 1,16 Medium Dogs, Cats, poultry and ducks Laconreria
Oct 4,15 Gracia Barcelona Catalunya Spain Jan 19,16 Short Dogs CVR_BCN
Jul 15,15 Premia de Mar Barcelona Spain Aug 7,15 Short Cats JimRoc
Jul 8,15 City Center Barcelona Catalonia Spain Nov 23,15 ShortMedium Dogs BarnaBanjo
Jan 13,15 Center city Barcelona Spain Mar 1,15 Medium Dogs, Cats, Hamsters, Fish, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Birds, Snakes, Lizards, Turtles, Rats, Mice, Farm Animals megmasd2014
Sep 13,14 Sant Martí Barcelona Catalunya Spain Oct 11,14 ShortMedium Cats annapv
May 25,14 Eixample Barcelona Spain Jun 23,14 Micro Cats Mirinda
Apr 15,14 Penedes Barcelona Northeast Spain Jul 11,14 ShortMedium Horses or Ponies nicecasa
Sep 20,13 Vallcarca I Penitents Barcelona Spain Nov 4,13 ShortMedium Cats cucakatz
Jan 17,13 castelldefels barcelona Spain Feb 9,13 Short Dogs, Cats cattalunya
May 20,12 palleja Barcelona Spain Jul 15,12 Short Dogs voodootattoo
Nov 6,11 Barcelona Spain Spain Dec 7,11 Medium Dogs emiliu
May 19,10 Southwest Barcelona Spain Jul 26,10 hhtoob
Jan 17,08 Barcelona Spain Dec 16,09 EllieB
Sagrada Familia Barcelona Spain Jul 22,22 Medium Mireia_89