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Sep 27,23 NW Bradenton Bradenton Florida United States Dec 27,23 ShortMedium Dogs GreyhoundMom
Jan 8,15 n. portland portland Oregon United States Jan 11,15 Medium Dogs pdxtraveller
Sep 17,23 carrollwood tampa Florida United States Dec 15,23 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats shimpateki_23
Aug 20,23 Denver metro Boulder Colorado United States Oct 13,23 Short Cats annqueue
Jun 4,17 Wine Country Healdsburg California United States Aug 2,17 Medium hiker4ever
Aug 28,23 rogers park chicago Illinois United States Oct 10,23 Short Cats Sienasmom19
Sep 11,23 Cultural District Portland Oregon United States Oct 7,23 ShortMedium Cats LikesTraveling
Sep 3,23 San Diego Temecula California United States Nov 17,23 Short Dogs, Cats baileybear20
Jul 30,22 Candler Asheville North Carolina United States Aug 18,22 Short Cats redhedzrule
Sep 9,23 Raleigh/Durham Durham North Carolina United States Nov 17,23 Short Dogs Olivethedog
Sep 7,23 Midtown Tucson Arizona United States Oct 10,23 Short Desertdiver
Aug 24,23 Roanoke Virginia United States Oct 8,23 Short Cats zuqu55
May 2,23 near School of Mines Golden Colorado United States Oct 14,23 ShortMedium Dogs Porteb
Aug 21,23 South Coast Gold Beach Oregon United States Sep 15,23 ShortMedium Cats SouthernCoast
Aug 24,23 Blue Ridge Plateau Meadows of Dan Virginia United States Oct 23,23 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats BlueRidgePondHouse
Sep 28,13 Inner Northeast Portland Portland Oregon United States Dec 4,13 Micro Dogs, Cats ngokaldas
Aug 23,23 Gila National Forest Silver City, NM New Mexico United States Sep 29,23 Short Cats newhorizons
Mar 12,13 Flagstaff Munds Park Arizona United States May 30,13 Short Dogs Azgirl08
Aug 24,23 Hollywood/North College Park Maryland United States Aug 31,23 Micro Dogs scooternzuko
Jul 25,23 Baja Piedmont Oakland California United States Sep 3,23 ShortMedium Cats CKBM23
Aug 24,11 8 miles from town Roswell New Mexico United States Sep 20,11 Medium Dogs, Cats, Horses or Ponies, Other, 4 chickens also. Lindahat
Aug 17,23 Western NC Mountains Franklin North Carolina United States Oct 20,23 MediumLong Dogs, Cats, Ducks WNCMountainHome
Jul 7,23 Eldorado Santa Fe New Mexico United States Dec 1,23 ShortMedium chamisaman
Mar 9,23 San Antonio Texas United States Jun 21,23 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats SanAntonioHousesit
Aug 1,23 1/2 way between Richmond and Charlottesville Charlottesville/Richmond Virginia United States Oct 18,23 Short Dogs scoobybri
Aug 13,23 NC Mountains Murphy North Carolina United States Aug 15,23 Micro Dogs, Livestock, 7 chckens need daily feeding mountainsrivers
Nov 18,19 Manhattan New York United States Dec 23,19 Short Cats kitkat8
May 12,14 greater Sacramento Davis California United States Jun 27,14 ShortMedium Cats sunflowerchilde
Jul 30,23 Southeastern MA Norton Massachusetts United States Sep 11,23 Short Dogs DachsieLover23
Jul 31,23 Point Loma San Diego California United States Sep 5,23 Medium Cats CatSailor
Jul 26,23 Mainline Wayne Pennsylvania United States Aug 8,23 Short Cats ar1239
Sep 27,21 coastal island Seabrook Island South Carolina United States Nov 9,21 Short Dogs Lowcountryliving
Jul 28,23 near Ashland Phoenix Oregon United States Sep 12,23 Short Cats RetiredPhoenicians
Apr 27,23 11mi south of town, very rural Florence Colorado United States Aug 2,23 Short Dogs, Cats, Horses or Ponies Caprauna
Aug 29,21 Summerfield Crossing Chapel Hill North Carolina United States Oct 1,21 ShortMedium Cats KHawkins
Jul 20,23 South AF riral near Utah Lake American Fork Utah United States Jul 22,23 Micro Dogs, Rabbits, Farm Animals jimtheviking
Sep 10,16 Northern suburb of Atlanta Roswell Georgia United States Oct 15,16 Long amullerworth
Jul 18,23 north side Appleton Wisconsin United States Jul 31,23 ShortMedium Wisconsinfans
Jun 26,23 Northwest Tucson Arizona United States Sep 9,23 Short Dogs, Cats Dahlia711
Jul 4,23 southeast napa napa California United States Jul 22,23 Short Dogs WorldTravel2022
May 5,21 Ranchos de Taos Taos New Mexico United States Jul 17,21 Short Dogs, Cats, dogs(2) and cats(2) TravelingLady1950
Jul 9,23 Olympic Hills Seattle Washington United States Aug 27,23 Short bear21751
Jul 12,23 Western Massachusetts Great Barrington Massachusetts United States Jul 14,23 Short Dogs, None Romy2020
Jul 9,23 Makakilo Kapolei Hawaii United States Aug 13,23 MediumLong Cats HawaiianKitty
Feb 28,22 Downtown Gainesville Florida United States Jun 11,22 Cats duckpondgirl
Jul 11,23 Thousand Oaks Newbury Park California United States Sep 9,23 Short Dogs Simba4576
Jun 12,23 City Williamsburg Virginia United States Aug 22,23 ShortMedium Dogs Nurzmomz
Jul 3,23 mandalay shores oxnard California United States Sep 16,23 ShortMedium Dogs yclaronbeach
Jun 27,23 Wellington Welllington Florida United States Jul 6,23 Short Cats alanachia
Jul 3,23 City Suburbs Petersburg Virginia United States Aug 28,23 Long Dogs LocationIndep
Sep 6,18 Lewisburg Corvallis Oregon United States Sep 26,18 ShortMedium samandjanetevening
Apr 23,23 Rural south of Chapel Hill Pittsboro North Carolina United States Sep 25,23 ShortMedium Cats, Refill outside bird feeders for wild birds Riverforest
Jun 29,23 West Ocala Ocala Florida United States Aug 5,23 Micro Dogs, Cats, Fish Houseofpets23
Mar 14,18 Boyes Hot Springs Sonoma California United States Apr 1,18 Micro Dogs ninabobina
Jun 26,23 olympicpeninsula Sequim Washington United States Jul 26,23 Short Horses or Ponies Gardenlover2
Jun 16,23 greater Detroit metropolitan area Ann Arbor Michigan United States Jul 14,23 Short Cats BushwickHouse
Jun 12,23 Mt Tabor Portland Oregon United States Jul 1,23 Short Dogs TaborSitPDX
Jun 6,23 Right on Sail Bay San Diego California United States Jul 9,23 Micro Cats BeachBaybe
Jun 19,23 inner city Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States Jan 15,24 Long nika103
Jun 18,23 Rockville Maryland United States Jun 27,23 Short Dogs yorkieluver
Jul 9,19 Bainbridge Island Washington United States Aug 18,19 Short Cats Merrling
Jun 5,23 Mountains (rural) Meadows of Dan Virginia United States Oct 21,23 Short Dogs PippinsMom
May 22,23 Berkeley / Bay Area El Cerrito California United States Jul 12,23 ShortMedium Cats ThreeTabbies
May 21,23 rural Canaan New Hampshire United States Nov 21,23 Micro Cats, cat Ocean21
Nov 8,11 Scotts Valley California United States Nov 22,11 Micro Cats lslaffX
Jun 5,23 Rural Yacolt Washington United States Jul 2,23 ShortMedium Cats, Chickens ckandut
May 10,23 Countryside Athens Ohio United States Jul 11,23 Medium Cats gojette
May 23,23 Hillsdale Portland Oregon United States Jun 25,23 Short Dogs, Rabbits, Cats UrbanGardenHome
May 29,23 Southwest Portland (Hayhurst neighborhood) Portland Oregon United States Jul 26,23 Short Cats songerk
May 24,23 SUBURBAN ISLAND Bainbridge Island Washington United States Jul 26,23 MediumLong Cats, one dog for one weekend HouseonK
May 5,23 Cedar Crest Albuquerque New Mexico United States Jun 8,23 ShortMedium Dogs mtnprosp36
May 15,23 Sandpiper Bay Port St. Lucie Florida United States Jul 21,23 Medium Dogs, Cats PortStLucieSit
May 2,23 rural Bedford Virginia United States Aug 22,23 ShortMedium Dogs, We have a dog we will be taking with us the last 2-3 weeks. DewDropInn
Apr 12,23 Glendale Queens New York United States Jun 28,23 ShortMedium Cats, Fish QueensCritters
Apr 9,23 Clear Lake Keizer Oregon United States May 9,23 Short Cats OregonTravelers
Apr 24,23 Lake Merritt Oakland California United States Jun 22,23 Medium Dogs, Cats VelvetG
Nov 5,14 One hour north of Seattle Snohomish Washington United States Jan 4,15 MediumLong Cats snobird
Apr 19,23 Leffert Gardens Brooklyn New York United States May 22,23 ShortMedium Cats LeffertGardensSit
Apr 8,23 Riverfront Missoula Montana United States Nov 10,23 ShortMedium Dogs, None rpcvmontana
Nov 14,16 New Smyrna Beach Florida United States Nov 15,16 Micro Rabbits Compass73
Apr 6,23 Duckpond Gainesville Florida United States May 1,23 Long MINHouse
Apr 10,23 Santa Fe New Mexico United States May 10,23 Short Dogs DesertWaves
Jun 16,21 North Valley Albuquerque New Mexico United States Oct 2,21 ShortMedium Dogs Anetta
Apr 5,23 Arlington Boston Massachusetts United States Apr 15,23 Short Cats EastArlingtonLilMeow
Apr 9,23 Midtown Tucson Arizona United States Jul 3,23 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats HHH1234
Dec 4,22 Temecula California United States Dec 26,22 Long Dogs TemeculaSit
Mar 29,23 Carrollwood Village Tampa Florida United States Jun 26,23 ShortMedium Cats sosiason
Feb 20,23 Southwest Hills Portland Oregon United States May 2,23 ShortMedium Dogs, 2 small friendly dogs artTraveler
Mar 20,23 El Cerrito California United States Mar 30,23 Short Cats palgb1
Mar 27,23 Gulf Coast Pass Christian Mississippi United States Jun 6,23 Short Dogs Cardinal23
Mar 18,23 Albuquerque Bosque Farms New Mexico United States Aug 2,23 Short Dogs AlfaGold2004
Oct 12,14 Boulder Colorado United States Nov 19,14 Short , 5 chickens and a few tilapia solarsisters
Feb 28,23 Applegate Jacksonville Oregon United States Mar 24,23 Micro Dogs, Cats, Fish, Livestock, Chickens WoodlandSun
Mar 18,23 downtown Bethesda Maryland United States Jun 23,23 Short Dogs abcwritedesign
Mar 6,23 Franklin Park Austin Texas United States Jun 19,23 Short Cats LemonPie
Feb 28,23 Dayton Yellow Springs Ohio United States Jun 11,23 ShortMedium Cats chud46
Mar 10,23 North County Carlsbad California United States Jul 17,23 Short Dogs Ktsmom
Oct 11,19 Inner City Bend Bend Oregon United States Dec 17,19 Short Dogs, Cats, Vinnie and Jordan - cats kirbyland
Feb 28,23 Carriage Hills El Sobrante California United States Jun 9,23 MediumLong Dogs, Cats biamac
Feb 26,23 Decatur Atlanta Georgia United States Mar 25,23 MediumLong Longwalker66
Feb 7,23 Vancouver, WA Portland Oregon United States Mar 25,23 Short Dogs Shumba32517
Feb 5,23 very central and in the woods Flagstaff Arizona United States May 18,23 ShortMedium Dogs nrsime04
Feb 19,23 Jungle Prada St Petersburg Florida United States Apr 10,23 MediumLong kk1956
Jan 29,23 Point Dume Malibu California United States Jun 13,23 Short Dogs bentleysbeachhouse
Feb 6,23 Inner city close to green areas and downtown Eugene/Springfield Oregon United States Apr 9,23 ShortMedium Cats, 2 cats Felineshome
Sep 15,17 Western suburb of DC and Baltimore Point of Rocks Maryland United States Oct 3,17 Short Dogs hokiemidwife
Feb 7,23 mountains Skyforest California United States Apr 15,23 ShortMedium Dogs rockingchair
Feb 4,23 palm springs RANCHO MIRAGE California United States Aug 28,23 ShortMedium Dogs hillaryfisch
Feb 4,23 right outside of Santa Fe Lamy New Mexico United States May 16,23 ShortMedium Cats Flyaway15
Jan 21,23 Shaw Washington District of Columbia United States Mar 23,23 MediumLong Cats BodrumBound
Feb 7,23 Village of Oak Creek Sedona Arizona United States Sep 6,23 ShortMedium Cats, Composting Worms janutski
Jan 29,23 Northern Los Alamos New Mexico United States Apr 19,23 Short Dogs lovethedoggies
Feb 5,23 North Seattle seattle Washington United States Feb 28,23 Short Dogs MMVSea4
Jan 31,23 Beach, city Oxnard California United States Oct 11,23 Medium Cats NardMansion
Jan 30,23 Boulder County Erie Colorado United States Jul 3,23 ShortMedium Dogs ErieHousesit
Jan 27,23 Potomac Landing King George Virginia United States Jun 26,23 Short Dogs, Cats Furtheirluv
Jan 26,23 Close to Seal Beach, CA Long Beach California United States May 21,23 Short Dogs JPRTLR
Jan 16,23 Mountains Burnsville North Carolina United States Feb 18,23 Micro Dogs mandalynnk
Jan 3,23 Broomfield Denver Colorado United States Mar 19,23 Short Dogs katemoore
Jan 11,23 Eastport Annapolis Maryland United States Feb 5,23 Short Dogs, Cats chihuahua31
Dec 16,22 City New Orleans Louisiana United States Feb 15,23 ShortMedium Dogs PaulineD
Jan 25,23 Lewisville Texas United States May 30,23 ShortMedium Dogs, Pond fish Calabria2003
Jul 2,16 Taos New Mexico United States Aug 27,16 Medium Dogs TaosCountryHome
Jan 15,23 southwest baltimore Maryland United States Jan 23,23 MediumLong Dogs arthur9181
Dec 7,22 South Montrose Colorado United States Feb 16,23 ShortMedium Cats ColoTravelers
Dec 27,22 Larkspur Bend Oregon United States Mar 1,23 ShortMedium Dogs tmdogsinbend
Jan 1,23 Midwest Muncie Indiana United States Jun 1,23 MediumLong Dogs professordog
Jan 2,23 Fort Collins Colorado United States Jun 11,23 Short Dogs, Cats, 1 cat & 1 dog ScootsieBoots
Mar 29,17 Belle Isle Florida United States Apr 17,17 Short Dogs mikenrhonda
Feb 8,18 central Milwaukee Wisconsin United States Feb 22,18 ShortMedium NewRVer
Jul 3,14 Clairemont San Diego California United States Jul 17,14 Short Dogs, Cats MosaicgirlX
Jul 17,22 Inner city Minneapolis Minnesota United States Jan 10,23 Medium pofelia
Dec 30,22 Graham Creek Estates Foley Alabama United States Feb 14,23 Short Cats ALbirder58
Feb 27,13 near downtown Santa Cruz California United States Feb 27,13 Micro Cats Ezrasmom
Oct 5,12 Buckhead Ridge Okeechobee Florida United States Nov 25,12 ShortMedium Dogs dunright
Jul 3,22 rural Arcata California United States Nov 22,22 Short Cats, 2 adorable cats Ukelele
Dec 24,22 Shoreline Seattle Washington United States Jan 22,23 Short Cats SeattleTravelers
Dec 29,22 suburb of Seattle Bainbridge Island Washington United States Apr 24,23 Short Dogs alrack
Dec 19,22 Metrowest Lexington Massachusetts United States Jan 1,23 Short Dogs, Cats southsea
Mar 23,21 Sauvie Island/Logie/Skyline Portland Oregon United States May 1,21 Short Dogs, Cats oaksavannah971
Nov 3,22 Cape Cod Dennis Massachusetts United States Dec 31,22 Short Dogs CapeCodDogs
Dec 9,22 San Francisco California United States Dec 22,22 Short Cats attisaurus
Nov 27,22 Centrally located 10 minutes from downtown Santa Fe New Mexico United States Dec 17,22 Short Dogs, Cats, Feeding outdoor wild birds kelsolemon
Nov 7,22 Vaughn Gig Harbor Washington United States Dec 26,22 Long Homeowner_98329
Nov 22,22 Summerlin Las Vegas Nevada United States Dec 6,22 ShortMedium Cats LasVegasSit
Nov 15,22 northbay vallejo California United States Jan 23,23 Long gchiao999
Nov 17,22 City Austin Texas United States Nov 30,22 Long Cats HaleOhana
Nov 7,22 Donelson Nashville Tennessee United States Feb 18,23 ShortMedium Cats aschwartau
Sep 21,22 Northern Windsor Colorado United States Dec 9,22 Short Dogs flutopia
Oct 13,22 Sunriver Bend Oregon United States Oct 26,22 Medium Cats, this is a maybe chrisunity
Oct 10,22 South Worcester New York United States Nov 24,22 Micro Dogs, Birds, Farm Animals TerriMerz
Oct 9,22 Cleveland Heights Ohio United States Feb 1,23 ShortMedium Cats SeraRose
Sep 26,22 North Portland Portland Oregon United States Nov 1,22 ShortMedium Dogs op1966
Sep 26,22 Walking distance to Plaza and Railyard Santa Fe New Mexico United States Feb 8,23 Short Dogs Simbashouse
Sep 29,22 Silverado Ranch Las Vegas Nevada United States Nov 1,22 Short Cats PetLoVerLV1011
Sep 10,22 47 miles southwest of Chicago Joliet Illinois United States Oct 29,22 Medium Cats Isha10_buddha
Sep 17,22 UNC University Chapel Hill North Carolina United States Dec 18,22 Short Dogs, Cats ModernFurMama
Sep 1,22 Triangle Chapel Hill North Carolina United States Oct 14,22 Short Dogs, Rabbits Carol_Bren
Sep 25,22 Miami Coral Gables Florida United States Nov 3,22 Micro Cats, Birds, Fish villaviscaya
Sep 14,22 PRESCOTT Arizona United States Dec 6,22 Long Dogs, Horses or Ponies, Farm Animals, chickens a7654321
Feb 23,22 Decatur Atlanta Georgia United States Mar 10,22 Dogs, Cats katygirl
Aug 21,22 Western NC Hendersonville North Carolina United States Sep 21,22 Short Cats inthenavy
Jul 24,22 Boston Amesbury Massachusetts United States Sep 8,22 Short Dogs frenchiedog11
Sep 14,12 West Seattle Seattle Washington United States Sep 27,12 Short Cats SalishSeas
Jul 21,22 Near Seattle Lynnwood Washington United States Nov 23,22 Short Dogs NorthSeattleCavapoo
Jun 29,22 Eldorado Santa Fe New Mexico United States Dec 23,22 Short LouCyn8_8
Jun 30,22 30 mins from Charleston North Charleston South Carolina United States Aug 28,22 ShortMedium Dogs DashChase
Jul 20,22 Neighborhood Seattle Washington United States Sep 6,22 ShortMedium Cats SeaPNW
Jul 25,22 Table Mesa Boulder Colorado United States Sep 13,22 MediumLong Birds, Birds: outdoor Bird Feeders and Birdbath kdl1630
Aug 5,22 about 5 miles south Stevensville Montana United States Sep 1,22 Cats Sunset78
Jul 28,22 Shelter Bay La Conner Washington United States Sep 21,22 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats, Texas Terrier and affectionate cat Skittlesoph
Jul 4,22 30-45 minute drive to Philly Media Pennsylvania United States Aug 21,22 Short Dogs adelaide2
Jul 21,22 Washington/Baltimore Greenbelt Maryland United States Sep 26,22 Long Cats HappyCamper1919
Jul 29,22 St. Johns Portland Oregon United States Aug 1,22 ShortMedium Farm Animals, Chickens Emazon
Jul 26,22 Southern Cuyahoga County, SE North Royalton North Royalton Ohio United States Sep 8,23 Cats, Fish, Farm Animals, Flock of 60 day free-ranging chickens lgtravels
Jul 15,22 Lower Turtle Creek Kerrville Texas United States Jul 25,22 ShortMedium LlamaRescue
Jul 15,22 In city Seattle Washington United States Aug 3,22 ShortMedium Cats MidnightWhiskers
Jul 17,22 Neon District Norfolk Virginia United States Jul 31,22 Long AfricanArt
Jul 9,22 south Mississippi beaches gulfport Mississippi United States Jul 31,22 Short Cats joesbarandgrill
May 20,22 Bayside beaches Cape May New Jersey United States Dec 16,22 Short Dogs CapeMay
Jul 10,22 Eckington Washington, D.C. District of Columbia United States Jul 21,22 Short Cats rashaelass
Jun 29,22 5 miles south of town bellingham Washington United States Dec 26,22 MediumLong SadiePie
Jun 18,18 East of Sacramento Pollock Pines California United States Jul 26,18 ShortMedium Dogs, Cats littlepond1971
May 5,18 Small town Teasdale Utah United States Jul 30,18 ShortMedium Cats SummerShadeRetreat
Jun 27,22 University Reno Nevada United States Sep 14,22 Cats, Fish, Two cats, one aquarium aengusOg
Apr 17,07 Boulder Niwot Colorado United States Jun 18,07 don8440
Jun 27,22 near Jacksonport Egg Harbor Wisconsin United States Jul 25,22 ShortMedium Dogs, Birds, Farm Animals, Care provided by by neighbors 20lsdemaster13
May 16,22 Seminole Isle Seminole Florida United States Jul 7,22 ShortMedium Dogs larra48
Jun 24,22 Suburbs Redmond Oregon United States Jun 27,22 ShortMedium Cats mitchkay
Jun 7,18 West Seattle Seattle Washington United States Jun 30,18 Short Cats Bijou21
Mar 26,21 Swinomish Reservation La Conner Washington United States Jul 16,21 Short Cats lilnova
Jun 13,22 American Village Durham North Carolina United States Jul 3,22 Long truetrekker
Mar 19,19 Fernandina Beach Yulee Florida United States Jun 15,19 Medium Cats COLO1112
Oct 19,19 South Land Park Sacramento California United States Dec 8,19 ShortMedium Cats MyYonc2020
Jun 6,22 Howland Rock Beaufort North Carolina United States Jun 14,22 Micro Dogs, Cats islandposs
Jun 7,22 Upper Valley Quechee Vermont United States Jun 18,22 Short breezytree5
May 25,22 Sugarloaf Big Bear Lake California United States Jul 31,22 ShortMedium Cats BigBearLes
Jun 3,22 Dunnellon Ocala Florida United States Aug 31,22 Short Dogs yowinetree
Jun 2,22 Valley Palmer Alaska United States Jun 28,22 Short Dogs TheBestLastFrontier
Sep 14,17 SW Cape Coral Florida United States Oct 7,17 ShortMedium Dogs sanibel16