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May 10,23 Countryside Athens Ohio United States Jul 11,23 Medium Cats gojette
May 24,23 SUBURBAN ISLAND Bainbridge Island Washington United States Jul 26,23 MediumLong Cats, one dog for one weekend HouseonK
Nov 5,14 One hour north of Seattle Snohomish Washington United States Jan 4,15 MediumLong Cats snobird
Mar 9,23 Jenkintown Rydal Pennsylvania United States May 24,23 MediumLong Dogs, Cats, Fish JenkintownSit
Dec 4,22 Suburbs Sylvester Georgia United States Mar 11,23 MediumLong Cats debgen08
Feb 26,23 Decatur Atlanta Georgia United States Mar 25,23 MediumLong Longwalker66
Feb 19,23 Jungle Prada St Petersburg Florida United States Apr 10,23 MediumLong kk1956
Jan 21,23 Shaw Washington District of Columbia United States Mar 23,23 MediumLong Cats BodrumBound
Jan 31,23 Beach, city Oxnard California United States Oct 11,23 Medium Cats NardMansion
Jul 26,22 Nambe SANTA FE New Mexico United States Nov 7,22 MediumLong Dogs, Cats Dogchef
Jul 2,16 Taos New Mexico United States Aug 27,16 Medium Dogs TaosCountryHome
Jan 15,23 southwest baltimore Maryland United States Jan 23,23 MediumLong Dogs arthur9181
Jan 1,23 Midwest Muncie Indiana United States Jun 1,23 MediumLong Dogs professordog
Jul 17,22 Inner city Minneapolis Minnesota United States Jan 10,23 Medium pofelia
Oct 13,22 Sunriver Bend Oregon United States Oct 26,22 Medium Cats, this is a maybe chrisunity
Sep 10,22 47 miles southwest of Chicago Joliet Illinois United States Oct 29,22 Medium Cats Isha10_buddha
Aug 15,22 Western Slope Cedaredge Colorado United States Sep 12,22 Medium Cats, Fish Tomatolady
Jul 25,22 Table Mesa Boulder Colorado United States Sep 13,22 MediumLong Birds, Birds: outdoor Bird Feeders and Birdbath kdl1630
Jun 29,22 5 miles south of town bellingham Washington United States Dec 26,22 MediumLong SadiePie
Jul 6,22 Scotts Valley Santa Cruz California United States Aug 9,22 Medium Cats YourPerfectHomestay
Mar 19,19 Fernandina Beach Yulee Florida United States Jun 15,19 Medium Cats COLO1112
May 20,22 NE Portland Oregon United States Jun 25,22 MediumLong Cats Cats4life
Mar 15,22 North Provo Utah United States May 26,22 MediumLong Dogs Franklinmel
Dec 12,17 Charleston South Carolina United States May 5,18 Medium Cats CoastalCommuter
Nov 6,21 Carroll Gardens Brooklyn New York United States Jan 14,22 Medium BrooklynHousesit
Nov 5,21 Historic Downtown Menominee Michigan United States Dec 15,21 Medium Rabbits OLSOA3869
Nov 11,21 Glencarlyn Arlington Virginia United States Dec 20,21 Medium Cats ZoeCat1
Jan 3,16 Hawaii suburbs Hilo Hawaii United States May 23,16 Medium Dogs Pananu
Jul 22,19 City Oakland California United States Aug 15,19 Medium Cats jolieju
Oct 24,21 West Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States Dec 1,21 MediumLong Birds CyannPettrick
Oct 24,21 87059 Tijeras New Mexico United States Dec 11,21 MediumLong Dogs, Cats Cintya
Dec 27,12 St. Cloud Clear Lake Minnesota United States Jan 8,13 Medium Dogs by1get1
Sep 2,21 Tahoe Park Sacramento California United States Sep 16,21 MediumLong Cats catmom3
Jul 10,21 SMALL TOWN Atascadero California United States Aug 2,21 Medium fred05
Apr 12,21 Bryn Mawr Wayne Pennsylvania United States Jun 26,21 Medium WayneHousesit
Apr 24,11 Bend Oregon United States Jun 13,11 Medium Dogs poneill
Jun 14,21 North Bay County Fountain Florida United States Jul 6,21 MediumLong Cats jadenluther
Jun 5,21 Pamlico Sound Beaufort North Carolina United States Jul 28,21 MediumLong Dogs sandypoint
Jun 12,21 Eastside Albuquerque New Mexico United States Jun 25,21 MediumLong SeeABQ
Dec 4,12 Wadmalaw Island Charleston South Carolina United States Jul 8,13 Medium Dogs, Cats SeaIsland
May 15,21 Southwood Venice Florida United States Jun 10,21 Medium Dogs Allsusan
Apr 15,21 Houston Texas United States Jun 1,21 Medium Fish HoustonSit
May 11,21 northern virginia Leesburg Virginia United States May 16,21 Medium Toots99
Apr 9,21 New Orleans Louisiana United States May 15,21 Medium Nolatraveler
Apr 14,19 western ma Heath Massachusetts United States Jun 21,19 Medium Dogs, Cats underway
Mar 6,21 los angeles California United States Mar 8,21 Medium LAHousesit
Jul 21,17 JBLM DuPont Washington United States Sep 28,17 Medium Dogs SherylRod
Jun 4,17 Wine Country Healdsburg California United States Aug 2,17 Medium hiker4ever
Jan 8,21 1.5 Hours N of Seattle Anacortes Washington United States Feb 25,21 Medium Cats, None bevjohnson525
Jan 2,21 Urban Minneapolis Minnesota United States Feb 14,21 Medium Cats cjanzer100
Nov 25,20 Beverly Hills/Beverly Grove Los Angeles California United States Nov 27,20 Medium Cats LAOwner
Nov 16,20 rural buffer Chapel Hill North Carolina United States Nov 25,20 Medium Dogs, Cats MandL2020
Mar 10,20 near Blacksburg & Roanoke near the Town of Floyd Virginia United States Jun 13,20 Medium Dogs, Birds, Birds, A falcon. No handling required, just thawing food and feeding as directed. jack548
Apr 30,20 Denver Colorado United States Apr 1,21 Medium Dogs kmac2020
Feb 14,20 Sandy Beach Road Petersburg Alaska United States May 29,20 Medium Livestock, chickens bjwpsg
May 6,16 Fox Chase Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States Jun 26,16 Medium Dogs alenka
Jan 27,20 Near Seattle & Tacoma Gig Harbor Washington United States Feb 15,20 Medium Dogs, Cats chc4444
Jan 9,20 California Los Osos California United States Apr 15,20 Medium Cozy_Home_4_You
Jan 13,20 In town Salida Colorado United States Feb 1,20 Medium Cats laurnew
Dec 23,19 Rural Plainfield Vermont United States Feb 15,20 Medium Cats shirwil7
Dec 29,19 South Hill Bellingham Washington United States May 21,20 Medium Cats travelglobe
Dec 16,19 Hot Springs South Dakota United States Jan 6,20 Medium Dogs, Cats, Livestock, Livestock, 3 chickens Rajni1love
Dec 9,19 Small town Abingdon Virginia United States Dec 19,20 Medium Tyke1946
Nov 13,19 James Island Charleston South Carolina United States Jan 3,20 MediumLong Dogs 1robinini1
Sep 15,19 Suburb Manhattan Kansas United States Nov 18,19 MediumLong Dogs, Cats KSUCrew
Nov 3,19 south-eastern suburb of Washington DC Alexandria Virginia United States Dec 13,19 Medium Cats xiangxiaren
Oct 23,19 Near Downtown San Antonio Texas United States Dec 5,19 Medium Dogs Home1nSATX
Nov 2,19 North Hampton Fernandina Beach Florida United States Dec 27,19 Medium Cats fernandinamusic
Nov 2,19 Santa Fe New Mexico United States Nov 27,19 Medium ahsantafe
Oct 6,19 Saybrook Geneva Ohio United States Oct 28,19 Medium Cats cyclehomer
Sep 29,19 Reno Nevada United States Nov 14,19 Medium RenoSkyline
Jul 24,19 Within City Limits Cloverdale California United States Jan 15,20 Medium Dogs, Cats, Birds andreagra1
Sep 8,19 Glendale BMilwaukeeellingham Wisconsin United States Dec 20,19 Medium Dogs Outlier
May 28,19 Santa Barbara California United States Sep 1,19 Medium TheDukeofWednesday
Aug 13,19 NW Flagstaff Flagstaff Arizona United States Oct 10,19 Medium Dogs, chickens FlagGirl01
Mar 31,17 Lowell Bisbee Arizona United States Jul 22,17 Medium Dogs PeaceLoveJourney
Aug 10,19 SE CAPE CORAL Florida United States Aug 15,19 Medium Dogs barryshouse
Aug 7,19 Inner Loop Houston Texas United States Oct 1,19 Medium Cats tricoastal
Jul 24,19 Buckingham Doylestown Pennsylvania United States Dec 29,19 Medium Dogs CWallace5
Jul 23,19 Top of Scott Hill Orcas Island Washington United States Mar 10,20 Medium Dogs, Cats Dickens218
Jul 27,19 East Bay Oakland California United States Sep 29,19 Medium Dogs osbrazier
Jul 18,19 suburb keaau Hawaii United States Aug 3,19 Medium Cats, Birds, Horses or Ponies, Gerbils chinweko
May 14,19 Hopewell New Jersey United States Jun 15,19 Medium Lucylulu
May 18,19 Mountains Auberry California United States Jun 1,19 Medium littlesandy
May 22,19 West TUCSON Arizona United States Jun 7,19 Medium Cats, We have three cats, a tame mother and her tamed (but still shy) kittens. WestWonder
May 13,19 Napa City Napa California United States Apr 13,20 Medium Verdun
Apr 21,19 punta gorda Florida United States Jun 15,19 Medium Dogs, Birds, 1 ferret ladybug56
May 6,19 Big Island Kailua Kona Hawaii United States May 28,19 Medium Dogs, Fish KonaTeacher
Jan 13,09 Monterey, Ca, Santa Fe, New Mexico Eastern Shore, MD, San Diego CA, Denver CO, Evergreen CO, Golden CO, Parker CO, Annapolis MD, Santa Fe NM California,Colorado,Maryland,New Mexico United States May 31,21 Short Dogs, Cats, Hamsters, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Gerbils MatureProfessionals
Dec 20,18 Near Blue Ridge, Georgia McCaysville Georgia United States Mar 21,19 Medium Dogs georgiamountains
Feb 11,19 City Silver City New Mexico United States Feb 24,19 MediumLong Blooming_Flowers
Feb 12,19 SF/Bay Area Mill Valley California United States May 1,19 Medium Cats luv1totravel3
Jan 2,19 Etowah Tennessee United States Feb 15,19 MediumLong justso2go
Jan 12,19 Midtown/Airport Hts Anchorage Alaska United States Feb 10,19 Medium , Chickens Sandksworld
Dec 28,18 North Charlotte Charlotte North Carolina United States May 1,19 Medium Dogs, Cats pricklypurple
Dec 18,18 Country Louisiana Missouri United States Feb 25,19 Medium Dogs, Hamsters LesArcs
Feb 26,18 Midtown Macon Georgia United States Jun 3,18 Medium Dogs connieandminnie
Oct 10,18 Southeast suburb Clayton North Carolina United States Jan 10,19 MediumLong Dogs westonwayne
Sep 20,18 Evanston Illinois United States Feb 1,19 Medium Cats jleder
Jul 12,18 Maryland&aposs Eastern SHore Chester Maryland United States Jan 15,19 Medium Cats HappyTrails2U
Sep 6,18 SEATTLE Washington United States Dec 1,18 Medium Cats, Zou Zou is social, but does not abide other pets sharing her home. luluzouzou
Sep 13,18 Beach, Suburban Long Branch New Jersey United States Dec 28,18 Medium Dogs By_the_Beach
Aug 4,18 rural Greenville West Virginia United States Sep 15,18 Medium CedarCove
Sep 3,18 rural tres piedras New Mexico United States Dec 15,18 Medium Cats pheebul
Dec 23,14 Biwabik Minnesota United States Apr 1,15 Medium Other, Chickens giantsridge
Aug 17,18 Newport Albany Vermont United States Jan 7,19 Medium Easybyker
Aug 11,18 Colorado Springs Colorado United States Jun 1,19 Medium Dogs, 2 Tarantulas mc8257
Jun 8,18 Edmonds Washington United States Jan 8,19 Medium SadyeEllie
Jun 5,18 West Phx Phx Arizona United States Dec 30,18 Medium Dogs, Cats BangkokGirl8888
May 19,18 Asheville North Carolina United States Mar 17,19 Medium Dogs ckAsheville
Apr 23,15 New Orleans mandeville Louisiana United States Jun 11,15 Medium Cats lesbeckerm
Apr 22,18 Del Norte Bart Station Richmond California United States May 15,18 Medium Cats bu22lama
Feb 12,18 Woodstock/Crystal Lake Marengo Illinois United States Apr 1,18 Medium Cats, none TopNotch
Feb 16,18 ABQ Belen New Mexico United States Apr 11,18 Medium Dogs, Cats HappyHeart1111
Feb 3,18 Very secluded but close to Bangor, bit further to Ellsworth Clifton Maine United States Feb 7,18 Medium Cats cwizper
Nov 29,17 Washington, DC Reston Virginia United States Apr 1,18 Medium Cats TravelingGirl
Dec 6,17 semi-rural Bremerton Washington United States Apr 15,18 Medium Cats, Livestock, Livestock, Chickens KitsapForestHouse
Dec 17,17 Northern NM Chamisal New Mexico United States Jan 4,18 Medium chinatown1
Sep 25,11 Laurel/Pac Heights San Francisco California United States Dec 9,11 Medium Cats Laurac
Dec 10,17 Lone Pine, Mammoth Mtn Olancha California United States Jan 15,18 Medium Cats, Horses or Ponies, donkeys kjoy123
Nov 29,17 New England Bethany Connecticut United States Jan 9,18 MediumLong Dogs ForestSea
Nov 20,17 Uptown Village/Carter Park Vancouver Washington United States Jan 7,18 MediumLong Cats, Other, 4 hens doyenne08
Dec 3,17 Woodbridge Virginia United States Dec 4,17 Medium Dogs Aaron_Yin
Nov 6,17 Sierra Foothills Oakhurst California United States Dec 6,17 Medium Dogs, Cats lucat62
Aug 21,17 Rural Holly Michigan United States Jan 2,18 Medium theplatypus
Nov 1,17 Mountainaire Flagstaff Arizona United States Nov 8,17 Medium Dogs, Cats piscocat
May 24,14 Northeast Portland Oregon United States Jul 25,14 Medium VisitPortland
Oct 24,17 Manhattan Heights El Paso Texas United States Nov 1,17 MediumLong brownmal
Sep 24,17 Seattle Washington United States Dec 10,17 Medium Cats ergowoman
Aug 14,17 Western Mass Amherst Massachusetts United States Jan 25,18 Medium HouseoverLake
Jul 26,17 Dutch Hill Snohomish Washington United States Nov 13,17 Medium Cats cjai108
Aug 18,17 Woodinville Seattle Washington United States Dec 26,17 Medium jakes_people
Aug 19,17 Near Hilo Papaikou Hawaii United States Oct 1,17 Medium Cats gypsyjan
Mar 29,17 College town Norman Oklahoma United States Aug 25,17 Medium Dogs, Cats, Birds Coupletravel05
Jul 8,17 outskirts Clinton Tennessee United States Oct 10,17 Medium Dogs ODVliving
Jul 9,17 northern California Santa Rosa California United States Jul 22,17 Medium Dogs miloblackie2
Jun 29,17 rural, farm Parish New York United States Dec 22,17 Medium Cats ezelljadt
May 31,17 Charlottesville Virginia United States Jun 12,17 Medium Hamsters czalex99
Jun 8,17 City Saint Paul Minnesota United States Jun 30,17 Medium lblindhe
May 18,17 Grand Junction Colorado United States Dec 1,17 Medium Dogs JanGenx
Apr 30,17 Prescott Arizona United States Jun 9,17 MediumLong Dogs, Cats, Fish, There are a few ponds with fish/koi ksenator
May 8,17 Bainbridge Island Washington United States Jun 3,17 Medium Dogs Penny2016
Apr 10,13 Orlando Orlando/Florida Florida United States Jun 4,13 Medium Dogs Geolec
Apr 7,17 Eldorado Santa Fe New Mexico United States May 28,17 Medium Dogs, Cats oddyssey
Mar 15,17 Miami Shores miami Florida United States Jun 9,17 Medium Dogs, Cats Goddess1230
Feb 8,17 Lazy Acres Boulder Colorado United States Sep 1,17 Medium Dogs wdzach
Feb 20,17 Algiers New Orleans Louisiana United States Jun 5,17 Medium Dogs, Cats, Fish gmillsaps
Feb 25,17 River Park Port St Lucie Florida United States Mar 29,17 Medium Cats kamani74
Feb 15,17 Memorial Houston Texas United States Mar 13,17 Medium moonusa
Jan 17,17 Northside Virgin Islands United States Jul 3,17 Medium Dogs, Cats PerfectWeather
Jan 22,17 Small City Shenandoah Valley Region Virginia United States Jan 28,17 Medium Dogs SweetBriar
Jan 9,17 Bedstuy Brooklyn New York United States Feb 1,17 Medium Dogs glorialtate
Sep 3,16 near small town Hinesburg Vermont United States Feb 1,17 Medium YankeeGirl60
Dec 25,16 100 miles from San Francisco Hidden Valley Lake California United States Jan 18,17 Medium pacificpalisades
Dec 7,16 Woods West Grenwich Rhode Island United States Dec 15,16 Medium bpreston41
Dec 4,16 ozarks Mountain View Arkansas United States Feb 2,17 Medium Dogs hedgehog
Oct 29,16 Mill Creek, Silver Lake, SE Everett Everett Washington United States Dec 3,16 Medium Dogs Ourhappyhome
Nov 30,16 Fairfax County McLean Virginia United States Jan 11,17 Medium Dogs Lois2squared
Oct 2,16 Elmwood Village BUFFALO New York United States Jan 5,17 MediumLong Cats cornerbaridi
Sep 23,16 Sierra foothills Lotus California United States Oct 1,16 Medium HouseOwner
Aug 30,16 14 Miles south of Riggins on Little Salm Riggins Idaho United States Jul 1,17 Medium Cats earlbaum
Aug 31,16 ROSWELL Georgia United States Jan 7,17 Medium Dogs Zebulon13
Jul 22,16 Suburbs Suwanee Georgia United States Aug 15,16 Medium Dogs, Cats, Fish Animals_7
Jul 15,16 Oakland California United States Aug 27,16 Medium dordogne2
Jul 8,16 Falls Church, Arlington Falls Church Virginia United States Jul 15,16 Medium Cats Bakemann
Jul 5,16 South Beach Miami Beach Florida United States Jul 6,16 Medium MBadventures
May 18,15 Foothills Santa Fe New Mexico United States May 18,15 Medium Dogs Luna999_
May 19,16 Suburbs Morristown New Jersey United States Jul 1,16 Medium Dogs, Cats ninaterlinden1
May 1,16 Tempe Arizona United States Jun 29,16 Medium Dogs M_and_Bigz
Apr 26,16 South Pearland Texas United States Aug 9,16 Medium Dogs, Rabbits, Livestock, poultry sur4mare_
Feb 2,16 Pilot Virginia United States Feb 28,16 Medium Peacepinot
Apr 9,16 Knoxville Tennessee United States Jun 3,16 Medium Cats richmanja
Feb 3,13 Northeast Atlanta Georgia United States May 1,13 MediumLong Cats astridme
Mar 19,16 Burley Port Orchard/Gig Harbor Washington United States Apr 11,16 Medium Dogs lizalinn
Mar 3,16 Suburbs Santa Rosa California United States Jun 15,16 Medium Cats ens_miau
Jan 31,16 Troy Johnsonville New York United States Jun 5,16 Medium Dogs, Cats, Farm Animals, Dwarf goats, chickens Caremore03
Feb 9,16 Creede Colorado United States Mar 25,16 Medium Cats, Horses or Ponies, Farm Animals, I might leave my dogs with you for ten days at the outset highintherockies
Jul 27,15 Albuquerque Tijeras New Mexico United States Aug 27,15 MediumLong Cats Collioure
Jan 23,16 Menifee Sun City California United States Apr 20,16 Medium Cats priedy
Jan 21,16 View Ridge Seattle Washington United States May 17,16 Medium Cats viewhome
Dec 31,15 4.5 miles from Inner Harbor Baltimore Maryland United States Jan 24,16 Medium Cats HealthFEATHER
Nov 11,15 Old Irving Park Chicago Illinois United States Jan 1,16 Medium Dogs, Cats elbrauer
Nov 30,15 tualatin portland Oregon United States Jan 1,16 MediumLong Cats PetersRoadRanch
Oct 9,15 South West Las Vegas Nevada United States Nov 1,15 MediumLong KrisKat
Oct 3,15 Near downtown Bristol Virginia United States Jan 1,16 Medium AnnieExplorer
Sep 23,15 Middle TN McMinnville Tennessee United States Dec 1,15 MediumLong Dogs, Cats, Fish Royaltea
Sep 16,15 Lake Norman Denver North Carolina United States Jan 3,16 Medium Dogs lakenorman
Sep 11,15 near cincinnati Goshen Ohio United States Jan 1,16 Medium Cats a5_ozlady
Sep 4,15 Near Point Defiance Zoo Tacoma Washington United States Feb 19,16 Medium Cats valt61
Aug 31,15 North Royalton Cleveland Ohio United States Sep 1,15 Medium Cats, Plants tmstar
Aug 20,15 North Seattle Seattle Washington United States Sep 21,15 MediumLong Cats, one cat has chronic renal failure and needs subcutaneous fluid injections every Seattletraveler
Aug 16,15 North Valley Albuquerque New Mexico United States Sep 1,15 Medium EnchantingNM
Jul 24,15 Baldwinsville Syracuse New York United States Jan 1,16 Medium Cats mokey434
Jul 11,15 Gold river California United States Aug 16,15 Medium Cats readytogo2015
Jun 30,15 Pound Virginia United States Jul 6,15 Medium Dogs, Cats, Horses or Ponies ceylonriley
Jun 20,15 Taylor Ranch Albuquerque New Mexico United States Sep 16,15 Medium Dogs michellegiger
Jun 17,15 Ormewood Park neighborhood Atlanta Georgia United States Jul 13,15 Medium Cats revhouston4
Jun 4,15 Inner City Los Angeles California United States Jun 20,15 Medium Dogs citylifeLA
Jun 3,15 Inner City Portland Oregon United States Jun 10,15 Medium Dogs danga99
May 30,15 Greenlake Seattle Washington United States Sep 1,15 Medium Dogs houseseattle