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Feb 7,24 Washington DC Bowie Maryland United States Mar 4,24 MediumLong RVtrippers24
Jun 4,24 30 mins from Charleston North Charleston South Carolina United States Sep 10,24 MediumLong Dogs DashChase
Mar 21,24 Jenkintown Rydal Pennsylvania United States May 25,24 MediumLong Dogs, Cats, Fish JenkintownSit
Mar 10,24 Tampa Florida United States Jun 1,24 MediumLong Cats rubana
Feb 3,24 NW Longmont Longmont Colorado United States May 25,24 MediumLong Dogs, Cats happycamper
Feb 17,24 Hyland Greens Westminster Colorado United States Feb 19,24 MediumLong Cats worriedmom
Nov 26,23 Upper East Side MILWAUKEE Wisconsin United States Jan 31,24 MediumLong Rabbits cassie722
Jul 26,23 Osgood Fargo North Dakota United States Dec 4,23 MediumLong Dogs kylmicols
May 24,23 SUBURBAN ISLAND Bainbridge Island Washington United States Jul 26,23 MediumLong Cats, one dog for one weekend HouseonK
Feb 28,23 Carriage Hills El Sobrante California United States Jun 9,23 MediumLong Dogs, Cats biamac
Feb 26,23 Decatur Atlanta Georgia United States Mar 25,23 MediumLong Longwalker66
Feb 19,23 Jungle Prada St Petersburg Florida United States Apr 10,23 MediumLong kk1956
Jan 21,23 Shaw Washington District of Columbia United States Mar 23,23 MediumLong Cats BodrumBound
Jan 15,23 southwest baltimore Maryland United States Jan 23,23 MediumLong Dogs arthur9181
Jul 25,22 Table Mesa Boulder Colorado United States Sep 13,22 MediumLong Birds, Birds: outdoor Bird Feeders and Birdbath kdl1630
Jun 29,22 5 miles south of town bellingham Washington United States Dec 26,22 MediumLong SadiePie
May 20,22 NE Portland Oregon United States Jun 25,22 MediumLong Cats Cats4life
Mar 15,22 North Provo Utah United States May 26,22 MediumLong Dogs Franklinmel
Oct 24,21 West Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States Dec 1,21 MediumLong Birds CyannPettrick
Oct 24,21 87059 Tijeras New Mexico United States Dec 11,21 MediumLong Dogs, Cats Cintya
Sep 2,21 Tahoe Park Sacramento California United States Sep 16,21 MediumLong Cats catmom3
Jun 14,21 North Bay County Fountain Florida United States Jul 6,21 MediumLong Cats jadenluther
Jun 5,21 Pamlico Sound Beaufort North Carolina United States Jul 28,21 MediumLong Dogs sandypoint
Jun 12,21 Eastside Albuquerque New Mexico United States Jun 25,21 MediumLong SeeABQ
Nov 13,19 James Island Charleston South Carolina United States Jan 3,20 MediumLong Dogs 1robinini1
Sep 15,19 Suburb Manhattan Kansas United States Nov 18,19 MediumLong Dogs, Cats KSUCrew
Jan 13,09 Monterey, Ca, Santa Fe, New Mexico Eastern Shore, MD, San Diego CA, Denver CO, Evergreen CO, Golden CO, Parker CO, Annapolis MD, Santa Fe NM California,Colorado,Maryland,New Mexico United States May 31,21 Short Dogs, Cats, Hamsters, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Gerbils MatureProfessionals
Feb 11,19 City Silver City New Mexico United States Feb 24,19 MediumLong Blooming_Flowers
Jan 2,19 Etowah Tennessee United States Feb 15,19 MediumLong justso2go
Oct 10,18 Southeast suburb Clayton North Carolina United States Jan 10,19 MediumLong Dogs westonwayne
Nov 29,17 New England Bethany Connecticut United States Jan 9,18 MediumLong Dogs ForestSea
Nov 20,17 Uptown Village/Carter Park Vancouver Washington United States Jan 7,18 MediumLong Cats, Other, 4 hens doyenne08
Oct 24,17 Manhattan Heights El Paso Texas United States Nov 1,17 MediumLong brownmal
Apr 30,17 Prescott Arizona United States Jun 9,17 MediumLong Dogs, Cats, Fish, There are a few ponds with fish/koi ksenator
Oct 2,16 Elmwood Village BUFFALO New York United States Jan 5,17 MediumLong Cats cornerbaridi
Feb 3,13 Northeast Atlanta Georgia United States May 1,13 MediumLong Cats astridme
Jul 27,15 Albuquerque Tijeras New Mexico United States Aug 27,15 MediumLong Cats Collioure
Nov 30,15 tualatin portland Oregon United States Jan 1,16 MediumLong Cats PetersRoadRanch
Oct 9,15 South West Las Vegas Nevada United States Nov 1,15 MediumLong KrisKat
Sep 23,15 Middle TN McMinnville Tennessee United States Dec 1,15 MediumLong Dogs, Cats, Fish Royaltea
Aug 20,15 North Seattle Seattle Washington United States Sep 21,15 MediumLong Cats, one cat has chronic renal failure and needs subcutaneous fluid injections every Seattletraveler
May 21,15 Lake Forest Park Seattle Washington United States Jul 24,15 MediumLong Cats cyber_cyclist
May 20,15 Sam Hughes Neighborhood Tucson Arizona United States Jun 28,15 MediumLong plant_lover
May 13,15 Orlando Florida United States Jul 7,15 MediumLong Cats, Fish horses2035
May 8,15 East Norman Norman Oklahoma United States Jun 1,15 MediumLong pleiades6267
Feb 7,15 Dallas suburbs Midlothian Texas United States Mar 22,15 MediumLong Dogs reese73
Jul 27,14 Myrtle Grove Pensacola Florida United States Aug 31,14 MediumLong Dogs snuffy10
Jul 8,14 Bethesda Bethesda, MD Maryland United States Jul 8,14 MediumLong BethesdaHouse
Feb 19,14 east side Santa Fe New Mexico United States Sep 1,14 MediumLong Dogs CasaSantaFe
Jan 24,14 San Carlos Lake Murray San Diego California United States Feb 1,14 MediumLong Kavehilani
Dec 26,13 coastal suburb newport Rhode Island United States Jan 4,14 MediumLong Cats cy_bor
Aug 6,13 Very Northern Saint Germain Wisconsin United States Dec 15,13 MediumLong Cats Suchef
Jun 25,13 shiloh thrall Texas United States Jul 2,13 MediumLong wieser
Jun 25,13 Foothills Berthoud Colorado United States Sep 9,13 MediumLong Cats floralynn
Jun 14,13 Naples Florida United States Aug 26,13 MediumLong Cats, Birds JessicaBlack
Jun 6,13 Mojave Desert Joshua Tree California United States Jul 15,13 MediumLong Cats elisepeace
May 25,13 St. Petersburg Florida United States Jun 8,13 MediumLong Cats propknocks
Apr 17,13 Country Sheridan Illinois United States May 1,13 MediumLong Dogs, Cats, Birds, Horses or Ponies velvetacres
Mar 20,13 Tennessee City Dickson Tennessee United States Apr 1,13 MediumLong Dogs, Cats, Birds, Horses or Ponies, Farm Animals GentlemanFarmer
Feb 22,13 Cedar Park Austin Texas United States Mar 17,13 MediumLong Dogs sydnahall
Oct 1,12 West Gorge Bridge Tres Piedras New Mexico United States Nov 15,12 MediumLong WanderingCosine
Jul 22,12 North Seattle Suburbs Lynnwood Washington United States Aug 31,12 MediumLong Dogs, Cats eclecticdigs
Jul 20,12 Brimfield Tallmadge Ohio United States Feb 27,13 MediumLong Dogs, Cats, Other, Bird, squirrel, and deer feeders maintained OurVacation
Jul 5,12 naples Florida United States Jul 12,12 MediumLong Dogs Naplesflorida
Jun 6,12 Indianapolis Lafayette Indiana United States Dec 15,12 MediumLong Cats ToledoBound
Jun 5,12 Lynden Bellingham Washington United States Sep 1,12 MediumLong Dogs travelbug6X
Jun 1,12 Annapolis Edgewater Maryland United States Aug 1,12 MediumLong Dogs lnelson7476
May 29,12 Southwest Austin Texas United States Jun 4,12 MediumLong Cats ExperienceAustin
May 13,12 Sacramento Fair Oaks California United States Jul 22,12 MediumLong Cats wordsmith24
Apr 11,12 Tempe/Mesa Mesa (Phoenix area) Arizona United States Jun 29,12 MediumLong Dogs BarbiJKM
Apr 2,12 Atlanta Georgia United States Apr 22,12 MediumLong Dogs, Cats mhs363
Mar 18,12 North Side Spokane Washington United States Apr 10,12 MediumLong Dogs, Cats Spokane
Mar 18,12 Fairhaven Bellingham Washington United States May 15,12 MediumLong Cats 2catsandagarden
Mar 17,12 Southwest New Hampshire New Ipswich New Hampshire United States Jun 14,12 MediumLong Dogs, Cats, Other, 5 Chickens Monadnock
Mar 8,12 Lake Goodwin, Area. Stanwood Washington United States May 15,12 MediumLong Dogs nwwashington
Mar 4,12 NORTH EAST COLORADO SPRINGS Colorado United States Mar 20,12 MediumLong Cats, CAT COCOBEANIE
Mar 2,12 La Honda California United States Oct 1,12 MediumLong Dogs, Cats coastalRedwoods
Feb 25,12 horse community Enumclaw Washington United States Apr 1,12 MediumLong wunderland
Feb 25,12 Corinthian Hill Dillon Colorado United States Mar 20,12 MediumLong finno1
Feb 14,12 St. Johns Portland Oregon United States Mar 1,12 MediumLong nwnystrom76
Feb 6,12 northern suburbs chattanooga Tennessee United States Feb 27,12 MediumLong Cats skyhigh63
Feb 6,12 Butte Palmer Alaska United States Jun 10,12 MediumLong Dogs loreleicosta
Feb 1,12 Town Bath Maine United States Mar 1,12 MediumLong Cats catbreath
Jan 20,12 colfax California United States Feb 1,12 MediumLong Dogs queenentwined
Jan 16,12 central city Phoenix Arizona United States May 19,12 MediumLong Dogs tigerk
Jan 15,12 West Hills rural Salem Oregon United States Apr 4,12 MediumLong Dogs, Cats miles57
Dec 30,11 Grant Park Atlanta Georgia United States Jan 9,12 MediumLong ulurullc
Dec 23,11 Smithfield Virginia United States Jan 28,12 MediumLong Cats obielin
Dec 20,11 merrimon township beaufort North Carolina United States Jan 10,12 MediumLong Dogs, Other, 3 chickens 11capecod
Dec 16,11 Seattle Federal Way Washington United States Jan 4,12 MediumLong Cats ThisIsMyName
Dec 15,11 North/ Northwest San Antonio Texas United States Jan 11,12 MediumLong wiseirish
Nov 28,11 Beachwood Ohio United States Dec 15,11 MediumLong Cats ohiohome
Nov 27,11 Northwest Minneapolis Minnesota United States May 1,12 MediumLong AliceSmith
Nov 25,11 Malibu California United States Dec 7,11 MediumLong Dogs MayaBasti
Nov 21,11 Midtown/Westport Kansas City Missouri United States Feb 1,12 MediumLong Cats KansasCityFoursquare
Nov 17,11 On the Central East Coast of Florida Ormond Beach Florida United States Jun 20,12 MediumLong Cats iterin
Oct 22,11 Baltimore Earleville Maryland United States Jan 7,12 MediumLong Dogs imtinc
Oct 21,11 east Lafayette Colorado United States Dec 26,11 MediumLong Dogs hagenjb
Oct 12,11 inner-ring suburb adjacent to Chicago&aposs west side Oak Park Illinois United States Jan 2,12 MediumLong PVBill52
Oct 4,11 grand blanc township Grand Blanc Michigan United States Dec 1,11 MediumLong Cats, Horses or Ponies nancy1350
Sep 29,11 north west area fort Collins Colorado United States Nov 18,11 MediumLong Cats hikers1
Sep 26,11 rural Coupeville Washington United States Oct 31,11 MediumLong Farm Animals, Other, ducks and chickens sugarplumfaerie
Sep 26,11 New Caney Texas United States Jan 1,12 MediumLong Dogs, Cats lcsd2233
Sep 24,11 everett Washington United States Oct 1,11 MediumLong Dogs booboo24
Sep 7,11 historic east side Longmont Colorado United States Sep 30,11 MediumLong Dogs justdesol
Sep 3,11 South Hills suburb Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States Dec 29,11 MediumLong Cats Ernie53
Aug 18,11 Santa Fe Abiquiu New Mexico United States Dec 1,11 MediumLong mesavista
Jul 30,11 Terrebonne Crooked River Ranch Oregon United States Jun 1,12 MediumLong gypsy44
Jul 6,11 of San Francisco El Cerrito California United States Oct 1,11 MediumLong Dogs tashab
Jul 5,11 Windward side Kaneohe Hawaii United States Jul 26,11 MediumLong Dogs hawaiiartist
Jul 4,11 east of IH35 round rock Texas United States Nov 1,11 MediumLong Dogs roundrocktx
Jun 7,11 Centre Jupiter Florida United States Sep 3,11 MediumLong Dogs Sunopo
Jun 3,11 Santa Clarita Canyon Country California United States Jun 15,11 MediumLong Dogs, Cats RuralRd
May 26,11 Ardmore Winston Salem North Carolina United States Jul 12,11 MediumLong phd80wake
May 10,11 Glenmont Metro area Silver Spring Maryland United States Jul 1,11 MediumLong Cats RDharhar
May 10,11 east suburb Longmont Colorado United States Jun 8,11 MediumLong Dogs, Birds Gopanama
May 1,11 chicago Illinois United States May 7,11 MediumLong chicago5509
Apr 29,11 Independence, KY Kentucky United States Jun 1,11 MediumLong krugfamily
Apr 27,11 Lake Buchanan Burnet Texas United States Jun 15,11 MediumLong Cats OntheShore
Apr 20,11 Northwest Houston Cypress Texas United States Aug 1,11 MediumLong Jestilette
Apr 15,11 Baltimore White Marsh Maryland United States Jun 1,11 MediumLong Cats PetsRFamily
Apr 9,11 Appleton Wisconsin United States Jun 12,11 MediumLong Rabbits, Snakes wehavebunnies
Mar 27,11 Burien Des Moines Washington United States Apr 1,11 MediumLong tedted
Mar 24,11 Greensboro North Carolina United States Apr 15,11 MediumLong Dogs 3dogstolove
Mar 21,11 Beaverton Portland Oregon United States Aug 14,11 MediumLong Cats klaffin
Mar 3,11 Sacramento Folsom California United States Jun 12,11 MediumLong Cats, Fish Homerbound
Feb 14,11 South, West Linn Portland Oregon United States Jan 1,12 MediumLong Dogs, Farm Animals Portlandcabin
Jan 30,11 North Port Florida United States Mar 1,11 MediumLong jtkanozsay
Jan 28,11 Hwy 50 on way to tahoe Cameron Park California United States Jun 4,11 MediumLong Dogs, Other, 7 chickens TVANDERWENDE
Jan 25,11 Dallas NW of Atlanta Georgia United States Feb 1,11 MediumLong Dogs, Cats tankergirl
Jan 25,11 Oakland Alameda California United States Apr 2,11 MediumLong Cats AlamedaCouple
Jan 9,11 Southern Vermont Wells Vermont United States Feb 1,11 MediumLong Dogs, Cats vtdomehome
Dec 23,10 Hanover, New Hampshire Bradford Vermont United States Jan 22,11 MediumLong susanbradford
Dec 8,10 Natomas Sacramento California United States Aug 1,11 MediumLong Valentina25
Dec 1,10 Rockbridge County Raphine Virginia United States Dec 15,10 MediumLong raphine1
Nov 6,10 Scottsdale Arizona United States Dec 1,10 MediumLong ScottsdaleAmy
Nov 4,10 central idaho challis Idaho United States Dec 1,10 MediumLong enjoycentralidaho