Two loving Huskys needing attention, love, & care while we are away.

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Rettler Farms, Hartford
Washington,Wisconsin United States

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Jul 19,2019
For 2 days, 1night | Micro Term

We are looking for a trustworthy, patient, gentle & compassionate animal & dog lover to help watch, feed/keep water dishes full, play, & pottybreak our two dogs while we are  out of town. We would like you to stay overnight in our comfortable spare bedroom & home. We have one pure bred Siberian Husky and one Husky/Shepard mix. Candidates with husky experience are strongly recommended. We are planning one week away in December 2019 as well, if you like the one night in July & want to come back!

We live in a nice neighborhood & our community is safe.

Our older dog is Kira, she is your typical stubborn, smart & loving Husky. She is 11. She moves slower at times & doesn’t like the wood floors, we have rugs for her walking paths in the house. (She had two hind knee surgery’s, that’s why.) She can be sassy & only growls to tell you to leave her alone & she means it. Let her be if she tells you. If she has something that’s hers & is comfy, don’t go for it or bother her. If she is awake, well then she will take all the love she can get, especially belly rubs! She likes all ages & does well with kids & elderly. She likes her water dish full & the shade in the backyard. She snuggles in her dog bed & in front of our kitchen register by their dishes. She is very fluffy, but smaller under all that fur (56lbs). Kira thinks she fetches, but her fetching consists of tossing her a toy up and she will jump up to catch it. She is smart, you have to let her think the decisions are her own and be very patient with her stubbornness. She needs to potty every four hours and has a routine she sticks too & does best with. Kira does a small bark to let you know she is at the back patio door, letting you know she is ready to come back in from outside. Other than that she is quiet other than some occasional snorting happy sounds when you rub her down.

   Our second pup is Sofi, she is 10. Sofi is our Husky/Shepard mix. She is high energy, very sweet and will sit on your feet or lay on your lap. She will put her paw or head on you for more love. She loves her ball & playing fetch inside our fence. She plays a lot with their toys too. She will be your shadow. Sofi does a dog whining at the back patio door to let you know she is ready to come back in from outside. Sofi howls occasionally if you get her going, but it’s rare. Sofi has fancy paws and doesn’t like wet grass or the rain on her. You have to really convince her to potty when it’s raining out, but she’ll listen. Sofi loves squirrels, rabbits, & chipmunks, so please be careful!

Their routine:

Wakeup 7-8am: Kira gets her dasequin (she eats it from your palm). She wakes up after this and is more willing to go potty once you give her time to wake up. Sofi will wake up in the meantime, stretch, potty, drink water & go back to bed usually again. Kira once she wakes up more after her dasequin, will drink water, stretch & go out potty. She comes back in and goes back to bed. They’ll stay out if you let them &/or go out there with them. Put food in their dishes for breakfast! They eat when they want though. (We walk them in the am when we are not at work & weather permitting.) You won’t need to walk them this visit since it’s only one day!

Around Noon: Both wake up, stretch, drink water, potty, & play outside. They may stay outside if it’s not too hot or rainy.

Around 3-3:30: Both wake up, potty, drink water, play, lay around, watch out windows, hang outside in back yard. They’ll go for a walk now or after dinner depending on whether & our schedule.

5-6pm: We all eat dinner, they walk after this if not at the 3-4pm time. They’ll be up now and lay around or whatever until....

7pm: one last burst of energy and playtime & drink water. Then they wind down by 8:30pm. You will need to get them pottied and asleep by 10pm. In order for Kira to sleep the night and not wake you up earlier then 7am you need to take her potty after that 7-8pm last burst of energy/playtime, later the better, but she is hard to get out when she is tired. 

**Both must be leashed or fenced in at all times or they will run when outdoors**

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