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Tips for a Successfuly applying for a House Sit

Tips From sitters TOMARtwo - when applying for housesits.

�It is easy to make yourself available to be a sitter, but then in order to get
someone to accept you-- to care for their home and pets--the essence lies in creating
a feeling of trustworthiness
. Before you even apply for a sit, do your homework.
Know exactly what is being asked of you, and what is being offered in return.
Research the area you will be visiting and take into consideration how you will
adapt to the environment. If there are animals to be cared for, know exactly what
you are taking on. If there is a breed of dog that you are unfamiliar with,
read as much as you need to feel comfortable with the situation.�

 Be prepared to cater for homeowners needs
"We have found that people do not want to 'upset' their loved animals by
putting them in catteries, kennels, etc. And in fact, it would cost them a
fortune to do that sometimes.  Many of the animals are old and/or sick and
require a lot of attention and care. They are also 'well-loved' and do not
want their routines disrupted so a house-sitter must be prepared to accept
some behaviors that they would not normally accept in their own animals or
homes." Housesitter TheBestSitters

When applying include your direct email address and contact numbers in
your application

"I find the only replies I get are when I include my email address.
I am now looking for a sit next year, somewhere north for the winter months.
Very pleased with the service you provide. This is my 6th year house sitting"
House sitter Kelley

Identify with the needs of the homeowner
To increase your response it is important to identify with the needs of
the homeowner, and initially don't talk too much about your own requirements.
Show what you have to  offer the homeowner. We also recommend you don't just say
"see our profile"

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