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I thought I would give you some comments on housesitting that we have learnt
over the last two years. You may use them as you will.

Majella and I have been housesitting for a full two years with no fixed abode
and literally going from house to house in Sydney. We have moved 40 times
during those two years and have covered many suburbs.  Our housesits ranged
from 5 days to 4 months but the average is 2 or 3 weeks, which is what most
people's holidays are.

We have found that many people are interested in being
a housesitter when they find out what we do, but they all say they only want
the long ones and do not want to move often. There is a real need out there
for house-sitters to do the normal holiday length sits.  We get phoned or
emailed constantly from people just wanting someone for a week or more.  We
also know that there is enough sits available for people to never rent again. 
We have also learnt to not book too far ahead (unless you want the sit) as
often owners wait for the last week or two before a holiday to think about
getting a sitter and you can get some very good sits if you do not mind not
knowing where you are going to be living from month to month.

We have found that people do not want to 'upset' their loved animals by
putting them in catteries, kennels, etc. And in fact, it would cost them a
fortune to do that sometimes.  Many of the animals are old and/or sick and
require alot of attention and care.  They are also 'well-loved' and do not
want their routines disrupted so a house-sitter must be prepared to accept
some behaviours that they would not normally accept in their own animals or
homes. It is also best if you are a couple because often your housesitting
overlaps by a day or two so one can go to each property.

We have only met a couple of other house-sitters in all this time, one being a
retired couple from New Zealand that fly to Sydney for their sits a few times
a year plus do some in New Zealand.  The other was a woman that just sat for
friends. Judging by housesitter ads, many more retired people are seeing this
as a way of moving around countries.

House Sitting is liberating, exciting, interesting and fun but can also be
tiring and stressful.  I would recommend it to anyone and suggest that there
will be a growing need as we baby boomers start leaving our jobs and wanting
to travel.

Majella and I have also found your website and methods to be the most
efficient and reasonably priced. When ever giving out websites to homeowners
looking for sitters or people wanting to do sitting we have always given yours
first and recommended it as the best.  Keep up the good work.  We will use you
again when we want to start sitting again.

> Cheers

Alys H

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