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If you have come this far on the Housecarers web site, you already know what House Sitting is, and chances are good that you are either eager to try a house-sitting assignment in Mexico or already own a casa in Mexico that your dog or cat or ficus plant allows you to share on a part-time or full-time basis. Que rollo!  How to decide!

Why would you, a homeowner, want strangers in your house?

Living in Mexico even just part of the year means that you are aware of a level of criminal activity that shows little sign of declining soon. Maybe you have already checked with your insurance carrier and learned that discounted homeowners insurance is available to clients who hire house-sitters during their absences; maybe you've learned the hard way that asking a friend or neighbor to check on things every now and then does not afford the reassurance you desire, simply because a lot can happen between their visits: hard rain, broken pipes, fires and break-ins.

If you're a pet-owner who has ever kenneled Fluffy or Fido, you've experienced the guilt and worry that's part of the joy of having house-pets: Will they understand that she likes to nibble throughout the day instead of eating two squares a day, or that he gets jumpy and agitated if he doesn't get his daily exercise? Then, when you come home, the way she looks at you if she will indeed look at you, you big meanie is enough to make you wonder why you went away in the first place.

Imagine having a nice retired couple or a young animal-lover there all the time, not only safeguarding your home and possessions but showering attention on your cat or dog. Wouldn't it be nice to have him look at you when you return as if to say You again? What are you doing here?

You may have a well-stocked refrigerator and freezer and cupboards filled with foods that will spoil or dry out before you return. And you know it's a drag stopping your mail and newspapers (and still wondering if they will stop) and shutting off your utilities only to pay reconnect charges when you return.

Regular maintenance makes your swimming pool more user-friendly when you return: no slime, grime or toads.

Housecarers enables communication between homeowners and prospective house-sitters that keeps your identity confidential until you're ready to interview candidates.

And, perhaps most importantly, Housecarers will provide you with a general contractual agreement that can be customized to your unique situation and needs (mail a birthday card to Aunt Florence in Connecticut on the 10th, massage the dog's gums weekly, prune the papaya).

Why would you, a potential House Sitter, want to live in Mexico for a while?

You've read some of the reasons why House Sitting is such a great job. And what's not to like? It's a cross between traveling wherever you want, whenever you want, for as long as you want, and renting a furnished house (or condo, or vacation home, or apartment) for an agreed-upon period of time. The only difference? The rent you pay is not cash but your vigilance, attention, concern, commitment, problem-solving skills and, at times, elbow grease and, if you so choose, the ability to relate to someone else's precious and beloved pets. And you want to winter in a place where snow doesn't fall and the only ice is either in your beverage of choice or being used to cool it.

Who makes the best casa-sitters?

Probably people just like you who see themselves fitting one of these descriptions:

You majored in Spanish and want to immerse yourself in Mexican culture; the arts and literature, community festivals, the marketplace, the flora and fauna unique to Mexico.

Before you decide if you want to teach, obtain a job in Mexico, or pursue your studies.

You want to save money for your last years of college and live rent-free for a year near a beach where you can hone your surfing skills or in a place with a private pool where you can perfect your backstroke.

You're newlyweds who want to pursue adventures not so far from home before you settle down and start a family.

You're approaching middle age and even though it's not as far away as Europe, all you know about Mexico is what you've learned at the local taco emporium or your Cinco de Mayo party at the office.

You are retired and, single or married, finally have the freedom to be awakened by Senor Gallo Pinto (the neighbor's rooster) instead of an alarm clock.

You are eventually moving to Mexico and want to scout out good living locations: in the mountains? Oceanside? In a bustling city? So many choices.

You want to become the consummate Mexican chef and make the best Pibil Pollo or Shrimp in Escabeche in your bridge group.

You live in Melbourne and you want to compare Mexican and Australian vineyards.

You want to accept an overseas assignment but don't have time to find a responsible renter who is happy with a nine-month lease arrangement and willing to take care of routine maintenance chores.

Housecarers is the premier site for matching homeowners and house-sitters not just in Mexico but all over the world. Many homeowners are so thrilled with the experience that they establish long-term relationships with their house care-givers. Homeowners have the final say on who best fits their needs, and potential house-sitters can learn as much as they need to know to make a wise decision. It's an arrangement without any losers. Hasta la vista, mis amigos! Tienen un viaje bueno!

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