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    “Dear Ian, Excellent site and easy to navigate. Since becoming a full member in Oct 2002 we have enjoyed three assignments between three to five weeks each, one in Cambridge, England, caring for a home and two lovable pet dogs, the second over Christmas in Florida US looking after a beach home and four pet dogs in the Melbourne area, and now again in England in the London area caring for the home and two wonderful cats for five weeks during March 2003 while the owners are visiting New Zealand.

    We are delighted with the interest our profile generates and the quantity of inquiries received both via our message box and by direct e mail. Unfortunately we've had to decline many invitations due to commitments already made.

    The assignments have exceeded all expectations we had of this site and the folk who use it to find homesitters. We have made great friends and have been earmarked for return visits.

    Thanks for providing such a proactive site, easy to use, well managed, and so rewarding.”
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    "We were facing the dilemma of what to do about our Golden Retriever and our cats while on a vacation to France. I looked on the Internet, found the HouseCarers web site, and registered our information. Within a couple of days, we had many responses --some as far away as New Zealand! We got in touch with a couple in their 50s, and they turned out to be some of the nicest people we've ever met. The whole thing worked out very well -- they stayed with us a few days before our trip, they did a great job of watching over our house and our pets, and they even emailed us every day to let us know everything was ok. The amazing thing is that we didn't have to spend a penny to have these great people take care of things!"
    Username: jimhale 

    Hi.  I've found a housesitter and it took 4 days!  (For 6 month housesit of  three bedroomed semi-detached house in a very quiet residential road in New Malden, Surrey England)

    Username: sandyc 

    “I am writing to say that all went very well with our house sitter. My cats, turtle, house, son were all taken care of splendidly while we were gone. Your service proved to be a lifesaver.”
    Username:  verogers 

    “Just to let you know that we initially thought that HouseCarers was a scam after we had paid our joining fee and nothing happened. However after a little while we started seeing real results and have not obtained two housesits,one in England and one in France. We are still looking for one more and have high hopes of this happening. I therefore send you my humble apologies and thank you for creating a very helpful system for both home owners and people like me looking for house sits. I have already spread the word about your organisation and will let you know if we obtain any more house sits. ”
    Username: Whatamango  

    “We were extremely happy with the service we received through HouseCarers - our house sitter was more than reliable, respectful and courteous, he took great care of our home and plants and absolutely wonderful care of our dog and cat. We had never used this kind of service before and were a bit apprehensive, but ended up instead with a service that we will use again in the future. We highly recommend this to anyone thinking it over - our house sitter was  excellent!”
    Username:  kenellia 

    “Thanks to your site, we are minding a home, watering a garden and looking after the cutest burmese cat for the next five weeks.Sunshine Coast! Then a home in Cairns from December till mid March.Your site made these initial contacts turn into reality, meeting the needs of both parties.
    Thanks again .. Farside”

    Username: Farside 

    “I found perfect housesitters within a few days of placing my notice. Your services are terrific! But you can suspend my profile for now if you would. I am sure I will be using your services again. Many thanks.”
    Username:  SushinChloe 

    “We found  joebeckman  to be extremely repectful, reliable and professional during our two week period that he maintained the care of not only our home and plants - but also our pets. We found him through your site. Though a bit apprehensive at first, approaching someone that we had never met before and entrusting them to care for our home and animals - we immediately felt comfortable upon meeting Joe and felt his honesty and professionalism were at once sincere and forthright.

    Upon returning home from our honeymoon, we were delighted to see the attention and care that he had given to our many (many!) plants, and the obvious love that was also given to our cat and very active dog.”
    Username: kenellia 

    “Thank you so much for your service I appreciate it very much. I met a great family who have become great friends via your service when I received a call to house sit in Santa Monica for one month last year.

    I have traveled the world and have stayed in hotel, flats, apartment complexes, etc., until I did a house sit and from then on I have gone for a house sit.”
    Username: Kazshari 

    “Your service is great, efficient, and easy to use. We have found, I am sure the perfect housesitters for our requirements.
    Thank you for the site.”

    Username: rorydj 

    “Yes, we are successful. We will be house-sitting for 3 weeks in Oct. in San Francisco. It fits perfectly in our travelplans. We found a very nice contact and looking forward to our first experience.

    We are going overseas for three month and still look for places in Germany and England. Greetings Karin and Manfred”
    Username: Karin_Manred 

    “I am thrilled to find that your site is easy to navigate through and look forward to be contacted by home owners in the near future.”
    Username: Cherilsabella 

    “What a great site! I particularly like the "search for houses to sit" feature. In fact, this is how we found our first position. Updates are painless. “

    Username mary_and_larry 

    “We found a couple to housesit for us! Mary and Larry from Brevard, NC are going to sit for us while we're vacationing in France. Thank you very much. It took less than a week from the time I posted the message and I had at least two other good prospects that I had to turn down.

    My wife and I are very excited about your service and we will definitely use it again.”
    Username:  jimhale 

    “Very nice and active web site, well organized and so far always get message notices
    THANK YOU :O)”

    username:  mustlovecats 

    “Hi, we've happily received 2 interests in our house sitting position.  In the future, we would definitely search for a housesitter through you if the need arises!

    Thank you! Erik and Kristine”
    Username:  kristineL 

    “Dear Ian, thank you for your email. The time I am looking for is in late November to end of January 2002.Thnk you for forwarding the email on to us and we are still very interested

    Keep up the great service”
    username:  TonyKaren 

    “Thank you very much. I think this is a great service and will recommend it to friends, and hopefully use it again sometime.”

    Username : skobine 

    “Hi! I love your website. I have gotten a couple of emails and possible jobs. The last email I received was from a lady who also said the site was great.”

    Username:  jholley34 

    “Hi Ian, I want to let you know that I really appreciate your website - it's simple yet effective and thorough.”

    Lee Ashley