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Who am I?

I am nineteen years old and I am looking to do something different. When I graduated from Highschool, I didn't have a clue as to what I wanted to do. Generally, I am an artistic person. I enjoy writing/reading/acting/performing/singing/dancing but that doesn't mean I am not open to everything else. At a Christmas Dinner I was invited to recently, I was asked this question by a complete stranger: "So... who are you exactly?" For a moment I didn't respond. I have been asked this question alot lately. When you transition from the Teenage Angst world to the "Real" adult world, often times the question of "Who are You?" is the most frequently asked, while also being the hardest to answer. I have found myself always changing my response. With every answer I give, the more I realize I don't really know.

This Christmas Party I finally gave up trying to give a precise answer, so I answered honestly: "I don't know." For a moment I thought everyone would turn on me in disgust, but the sweet old-lady I was talking to paused and said, "That's okay. I didn't know who I was at your age either." Because of her I realized the fantastic position I am in. Im nineteen and full of vigor. I am eager to go and explore. I want to meet new people and discover new things. Through house sitting I can achieve my goal. I'll go anywhere and do anything. In my mind the more challenging something is the greater the reward.  

Because I am so young, I understand there will be a bit of a trust issue. I embrace that view. People will overlook me because I am young and, in their minds, I lack the experience and maturity to succeed. But I would add that because I am young, I have the most room to grow. I have no prejudices. I am not chained to one perspective. If there is any characteristic of mine I am most proud of, It is my ability to have perspective. A trait I learned from Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird. I always put myself in the other persons shoes even if I know their wrong. 

So, having read my little spiel, have I convinced you that I am a capable young man who can take care of your house/pets or anything you throw my way? Probably not. When I interviewed for a job, that generally I had no business getting, the interviewer said just as much. In the end everything you just read are just words. Words from someone you dont know but have to trust enough to let them care for your house. Unlike with the interviewer I cant say, "Have lunch with me and you can get to know me and slowly i'll prove who I am to you." Here, on the internet, you will need to take leap of faith. No, I'm not your average house sitter, but I believe that every opportunity that comes my way I will take by the horns and ride it out till the end. Through good and bad, I will always do my best. I hope you believe me. 

Thanks for reading,

Leo Weiser

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