A couple of cycling nomads on a journey of exploring and experiencing. Huge animal lovers.

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We are Rita & Marlow, travel enthusiasts and self-taught adventurers.

* Rita *

I was born and raised in a tiny village located in the heart of rural Lithuania. Since I can remember I spent every summer working on my parents' farm where I learned to love and take care of all kinds of different animals (pigs, cows, sheep, goats, horses, rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, dogs, and cats). After high school I moved to a city, Worked & Traveled in the USA, got my Bachelors degree, and became an event planner. This job taught me organizational, critical and lateral thinking skills. Some years later, I emigrated to the Netherlands, took part in Domino Day 2009, had a few warehouse jobs, met Marlow, learned Dutch, did CELTA and started my nomadic English teaching :)


* Marlow *

I was born in the 6th biggest city in the Netherlands and moved several times before

my parents settled down in a small town surrounded by nature and pets. From the age of 14, I spent my summers working on farms, harvesting fruits as well as in warehouses, flying gliders, scuba diving, skydiving, and cycling into the wilderness. After my first degree in Marketing management and communication, I decided to do something more creative and spent the following 4 years at an art academy studying documentary photography, followed by a study in online marketing and internship at the age of 35. In this short life I have learned many new skills like responsibility, problem solving and discovered how curiosity could lead one to better things in life.


* Rita & Marlow *

We met nine years ago and during that time:

- we have lived in 6 different countries around Europe and Asia,

- gave up old lifestyle and became certified English teachers,

- discovered the joy of touring by bicycle,

- sold everything that we couldn't take, and

- turned into a couple of cycling nomads on a journey of exploring and experiencing.

May 2018 we packed up our bikes and started pedalling across Europe. In 3 months we biked through 11 countries (the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy Our big dream is to reach China one day and complete a year of Kung Fu at the Sh in Temple but, more importantly, to visit as many countries as we can possibly find.

A few years earlier, when we still had our careers and travelled only during vacations we both had homes, daily routines, cars and pets. Although we love the freedom of our ascetic lifestyle but we also sometimes miss having comfort of a home and that feeling of belonging. And there is more. House sitting for us is not only a temporary home with neighbours and pets. It is also an invaluable opportunity to live a life of a local with every up and down that one normally has. For us it's a precious experience that no money can buy because our travels taught us that richness in life is learning and growing through things you do, sights you see and from people you meet along the way. We naturally prefer unknown hidden gems over must-visit places every single time we visited a new county. We do not enjoy very crowded and touristy places but we do appreciate being surrounded by different cultures, allowing us to see the natural beauty and have our unique experiences.

We are very enthusiastic to house sit for that simple reason - it allows us to live a life of a local with every up and down that one has and it's a precious experience for us that no money could buy.

In August 2018 we had our first house and pet sit in Rome, Italy. It was a truly amazing experience. So much so that house and pet-sitting became our favourable way of discovering new places and meeting fascinating people.

After living and working in Vietnam (a lively town called Bien Hoa, some 30 km North-East from Ho Chi Minh City) for a year last October we started our new adventure and are always looking for new places to visit. As it is often the case with us, we have no preferences for any part of the world… For us it’s all about keeping an open mind and saying “yes” more often than “no”. We consider travelling to be a process of constant exploring, experiencing, learning from ourselves, each other and others, seeing the world through different cultures and communicating in new languages.

Our lust for life and love for animals, respect for nature, others and their belongings - is what we have to offer. As an addition to this, we are both extremely enthusiastic about visiting new places, meeting interesting people and expanding our comfort zones. With our 4 hands and 2 responsible brains we can solve nearly every issue that occurs. We only hope we are the right fit for you.

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