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Spanish/English Teacher and Illustrator
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Hey there! My name is Ed Salgado, I'm 34 years old and I'm a Spanish teacher and Illustrator.
                                                                                                                                                                      My main passions are languages and art, but I consider myself a  jack-of-all-trades (or jack-of-many-trades) as my other interests range from cooking/baking, to animals, to traveling, to football to skateboarding. My friends would say I like to dip my toes in a little bit of everything with language and art being at the top.                                                                                                     I work online which allows me to move around and lately I can't shake the desire to go live in different cities all over the world while I can and nothing is tying me to one place. I love traveling, but I feel like I'm still missing so many places (don't we all feel that constantly? haha).

I am father to gorgeous and super sweet Loki, my american-shorthair cat, rescued from the streets of Miami in He's moved around with me and for the last several years New York City has been our home. I am planning on having either family or other home sitters take care of him while I take some much needed trips. I've considered bringing him whenever possible but I see how bringing a cat to other homes with pets can be difficult. Either way, Loki is forever gonna be in my life and every time I travel I make sure he's well-cared for; he's been with me through thick and thin (I'll put pictures of us in my profile).

Few things about me, I grew up in a Colombian traditional household and I like to say the best of those things rubbed off on me (especially from my mom). When becoming a young adult my values and ideologies took their own route into more open-minded and liberal realms, but kept core family values centered around love and respect to others; which just naturally expanded into humans as a whole, since we are all a big family and I don't see the world in terms of nationalities, races or "there's me, mine, and then there's others". This is probably why It's hard for me to choose a nationality in these kinds of "About me" sections haha, since I feel like I could choose more than one and it almost seems like it doesn't really matter, while in the views of some people it could make them group me with things I don't necessarily group myself with.
So, along these same lines, I already said I love languages, which is why I majored in Linguistics and if I already considered myself open-minded before that, Linguistics just doubled down on it since language, as a central part of what makes us human, necessarily touches almost every other social science, humanities and some non-social sciences as well. All this reinforced my deep interest and fascination for different cultures, languages, customs, ways of life and traveling in general. I absolutely love getting to know people all over the world and from all over the world, while leaving in my "wake" a trail or network of friends/friendly acquaintances behind. Getting to live how others live and possibly spending sometime with them as they explain their traditions, offer you their food and customs is everything to me and I live for it.

So, I'd be more than happy if I could take care of your pets exactly as I'd want someone to take care of my own and same goes for your home. Hopefully I can also meet you and spend some quality time.

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