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I recommend you try some different approaches to increase your response. It is important to identify with the needs of the homeowner and show them how to help.

Initially don't talk too much about your own requirements and overload them with questions - that can come later. And don't just say see my profile I'm interested.

We ask homeowners to respond to all applications and send weekly reminders asking themto do this. However sometimes they are pressed for time and only reply to the outstanding applications - so it is important to make your applications stand out.

To view your applications please click the sent link from messages after login. If the usernamein the sent message is red the message has been read by the homeowner.

It is also important to include all your favoured cities towns and city areas on your profile as manyhomeowners search directly.

Loading up pictures, police clearances, certificates references etc and updating your calendar and Preferences also helps- the more information accessible by the homeowner the better.

All the references, police clearances etc are placed in your private reference library that can only be accessed byhomeowners or homeowners you apply to.

We are a place for housesitters to advertise and match upwith homeowners.  Many housesitters will housesit for no charge - justrent free accommodation. They include travellers, retirees and peoplelooking to save a deposit for a home.  This is a great benefit especially for long term housesits.

However some house sitters charge for their services: especially if there are alot of extra duties. This is negotiated between the sitter and homeowner.

Some homeowners will only consider the rent free arrangement. Others will consider professional sitters who charge a fee.  Sitters who charge fortheir services is more of a custom or expectation in some areas than others.

To check going rates you may want to get an idea of what some pet sitting businesses charge at
Housesits available for all countries

It is a free market and we don't impose rules or regulations - on this. The homeowner has a free choice.

Travel expenses are normally covered by the sitter as the homeowner can alwayschoose a local.

For more information please click guide at the top of our home page.

Also here are some tips from successful housesitters

Tips from successful house sitters