Sitter: sujoval
Homeowner: Apple73

Easy pets, nice home

Location North Las Vegas Nevada United States

Sit Dates May-15-21 - May-24-21

Homeowner Ron was very accommodating and gave us a nice welcome. His home is very nice and close to lots to do. There's a wonderful pool area with hit tub and grills, nice ball, pickle ball,etc. The cats warm up easily and easy to care for. We would sit again.

Homeowner: zirtap
Sitter: Bellacat

Great house sitters and very caring to our animals

Location Laurienton NSW Australia

Sit Dates Mar-28-21 - May-16-21

Fran and her partner Paul  were all we could ask for to look after our fur babies.  They were always keeping us up to date with photos of the cats sitiing on their laps and Rosie our dog been taken for long walks every day.  We always know when they have been welled lovedby the way they greet us and say hello and straight back to Fran and Paul.  Ok Mum and Dad we are happy when are you going again.

Must say a big thank you for the communication we received as well photos and messages so we knew they were well carded for all the time we were away.  Very important when we have have a exteremly elderly cat of 18 years plus.  The home was left clean and tidy as well.  A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU

Best wishes from

Trish & Bernie

Sitter: edwink
Homeowner: YogaYurt

Lovely hosts, friendly animals, and an idyllic, off-grid location

Location Yegen Andalucia Spain

Sit Dates Oct-10-19 - Nov-10-19

Felix and Maya have a beautiful, off-grid  oasis close to the teeny pueblo of Yegen. Set in spectacular scenery, there’s an amazing fruit and veg patch, a nearby spring with drinking water and plenty of walks nearby.

Accessed via a long bumpy road, the house and secluded yurt are a 1km hike up to the village, where there are incredible views over the Alpujarras.

The village has several bars – we liked the friendly café-bar (El Rincon) for drinks and Meson Ceci for her epic tostadas and the stunning views. There’s also a posh jamon shop and small Coviran supermarket, but it’s a longer drive if you want a bigger supermarket.

We had a warm welcome and were even invited to Felix’s birthday party in the village. We’ve since been back to housesit and visit, and love meeting Felix, Maya and their expanding family – of children and animals!

Benny is a lovely soul - fun, energetic, but also loyal and affectionate. We loved exploring the nearby countryside with him. Khan the cat is a friendly warrior with a mischievous streak. And the two inside (now outside) cats – Mushi and Tilo are easy going and friendly.

This is the perfect housesit if you are happy to get away from it all, witness the Alpujarras in their sheer splendour, and experience the beauty of off-grid living. You also need to be comfortable dealing with potential water/electricity issues, regularly watering the garden and feeding the animals, oh, and using a compost toilet!

Sitter: sujoval
Homeowner: PacificNWislands

Magical home

Location Eugene Oregon Oregon United States

Sit Dates Apr-24-21 - May-8-21

We loved staying at Cathy's quaint and unique home! Good energy...location is close to everything  and 2 hrs to coast. Cathy is easy going and kind; only wish we had more time to get to know her. The cats are easy and sweet and use a cat door! A first for us! We would sit again fir her fur family!

Homeowner: PacificNWislands
Sitter: sujoval

Susan and Bill from NC are wonderful!

Location Eugene Oregon Oregon United States

Sit Dates Apr-24-21 - May-7-21

These two good folks did a fabulous job of caring for my three critters and my home-sweet-home, for two recent weeks!  I would indeed use them again...Cathy , Eugene, Oregon 

Homeowner: holabird
Sitter: jcmd2018

We struck gold in choosing Mario and Jacqueline

Location Cobourg Ontario Canada

Sit Dates Oct-31-20 - Apr-30-21

Inviting house sitters into your home for six months is a major decision. But it only took us a few days after arriving at our winter destination in Costa Rica to realize that we had struck gold in choosing Mario and Jacqueline.

They sent us almost daily pictures of Jacqueline snuggling up to Jazz, our 18-year-old standoffish cat, then a portrait she had painted of him, then a gentle question--do you mind if we do some re-arranging and minor repairs here. We said yes, not quite knowing what to expect. They showed their deep sense of caring when Jazz stopped eating and acted lethargic for a day and a half.

They took him to our vet and immediately phoned us with the news that we had been dreading: Jazz was suffering and the vet was recommending euthanasia. Jacqueline and Sandy had several tearful conversations and we realized there was no alternative. We asked Jacqueline if she would mind seeing Jazz through to the end, and she said of course. We could tell that she had bonded to our sole surviving pet in a way that would make this arrangement appropriate.

When we got home, we found she had arranged the ashes in a small shrine with those of our two other decesased pets, and made a large red heart from which she had hung their ID tags. So thoughtful. The other surprise when we got home was a four-page, single-spaced note explaining all the improvements and repairs they had done on our behalf.

They had wiped down all the dusty books in our library and dusted the shelves, rearranging the books according to size and subject area. They had washed all our windows inside and out. They had rearranged our spice drawer, putting everything in labelled, identical containers and arranging them in alphabetical order. They had scrubbed all faucets to get rid of accumulated calcium deposits, repainted some soiled garbage bins and the scuffed stair risers, cleaned all picture frames with window cleaner, and glued loose rungs on dining room chairs and kitchen stools.

They even recaulked small cracks around the kitchen counter and master bedroom shower. Our crossover was complicated by COVID lockdowns and our mandatory quarantine when we returned, so we did not have an opportunity for them to walk us through all the improvements.

But it was like coming back to a new house and we much appreciated everything they did. I joked that we will probably spend months discovering the extras they did not list for us, and so far we have -- including a lovely dish that Jacqueline left on my side of the bed imprinted with pine needles found just outside my window. Rating: 11 out of 10.

Sitter: Cycle1uk
Homeowner: Mutzel

Excellent Hosts

Location Tuttlingen Baden-Württemberg Germany

Sit Dates Sep-3-20 - Dec-15-20

Iris and Torsten were excellent and flexible hosts. The house-sitting was in the middle of Covid and their travel plans were disrupted.The house was excellent with very good facilities. Their pet cat Lena was very co-operative and no trouble to look after. Very little hard work involved, just some leaf and snow sweeping. Beautiful countryside around for walks and good shopping in the town. Very nice and friendly bakery in the village and supportive neighbours. The placement finished slightly early due to covid but it was a pleasure.

Homeowner: zirtap
Sitter: Seagull1954

Amazing People

Location Laurienton NSW Australia

Sit Dates Apr-24-21 - May-5-21

Shane and Gaye wer amazing people who looked after our animals and even washed the dog.  They walked her twice a day which Rosie loved been a blue cattle dog.   They also looked after our two cats  who both found a nice comfy lap to sleep on.  Gaye and Shane left the home in a spotless condition and Shane even mowed the lawn which was not requested by us but greatly appriciated.  They looked after the many plants in pots as well as the garden.  They even bought us a new kettle ours deceided to take a permanent holiday.  We would recommond Shane and Gaye to anyone wanting a very realiable housesitters.  We had asked Shane and Gaye to housesit in 2020 but seeing that was not possible have been in contact with them up untill now.  Communication is a very strong point with them as well and gave us updates on the pets which was invaulable as one cat was over 18 years of age.

Thank you very much Shane and Gaye you are welcome back anytime even for a sleepover in transit.

Sitter: SewpippyAk
Homeowner: hittheraod62

Lovely home, majestic views, and friendly cat

Location Tetonia Idaho United States

Sit Dates Apr-12-21 - Apr-25-21

Rita and Fred were welcoming to meet and Lily their beautiful cat was a joy.   I thoroughly enjoyed house sitting for them in their beautiful home and getting to see a new area of Idaho.  I would be happy to return and house sit for them again in the future. 

Homeowner: hittheraod62
Sitter: SewpippyAk

Super Sitter

Location Tetonia Idaho United States

Sit Dates Apr-12-21 - Apr-25-21

Kathleen did a superb job of caring for our home while we were away. She made friends with our cat and made her a very happy kitty. Our houseplants looked great when we returned and she had the additional task of carefully watering many young vegetable seedlings we had just started indoors, and they all looked great too. We appreciated that she took the time to email us with updates on how things were going. When we came home we found our home clearner than when we left.

We cannot recommend Kathleen highly enough. If you can fit into her schedule you will be very pleased to have her care for your home while you are away. 

Homeowner: tulipkidd
Sitter: nsinvestor

Awesome Housesitter

Location Wimauma Florida United States

Sit Dates Feb-3-21 - Mar-4-21

If you want the very best in a housesitter, get Nicole!. 
She  took such great care of our home and our 3 dogs! I highly recommend her, she is very loving with the dogs and our home was spotless when we arrived back.

Every  other day we would get photos or videos of the doggies. 
Nicole goes above your expectations, you never have to worry about your home or pets.If you want the very Best, get Nicole!

We hope to have her housesit for us in the future .

Sitter: jeffandcharli
Homeowner: GingerSantaFe

Wonderful home in Santa Fe

Location Santa Fe New Mexico United States

Sit Dates Nov-24-20 - Mar-23-21

Housesitting for Virginia and Maurice was absolutely wonderful. They are a truly delightful couple and their home is comfortable, filled with beautiful art and well furnished. Santa Fe in the winter is ideal, the temps are moderate but you can still experience snow in the mountains. It is one of our favorite places to be in the winter months. If you hike, the entertainment is endless in the Santa Fe area and after COVID, the town will once again be filled with bustling art galleries and wonderful restaurants. The duties of this housesit are minimal but the rewards are great. I would not pass up this opportunity if Virginia picks you! Feel free to reach out to me if you would like more information regarding great hikes and things to do in New Mexico. Virgina, thank you for picking Jeff and I, we loved every minute at your beautiful home. 

Homeowner: ColeDome

Fantastic- Leigh Ann and Jonathan are who you need!

Location Indianapolis Indiana United States

Sit Dates Apr-1-21 - Apr-10-21

Leigh Ann &  Jonathan are your dream housesitters. They are timely communicators who understand the logistics of planning time away from your home, and ensure that all areas of need are covered. 

We knew right away that our home and pets would be well taken care of, and we were not disappointed. We had regular communication whilst we were away, and when we came home, the cats were content and clearly loved, the garden was well cared for, and our house was in better shape than  when we left it. 

We recommend them without hesitation, and only wish that they actually lived nearby so we could get to know them better! We wish them happy travels and perhaps our paths will cross again one day. In the meantime, invite them to take care of your home and pets -  you will be glad you did! 

Homeowner: wilandhelen
Sitter: nmarsha

Neil was the best house sitter we could have hoped for.

Location Sydney NSW Australia

Sit Dates Apr-4-21 - Apr-14-21

We were really happy with how our house sit turned out.  
Neil took excellent care of our 12 month old puppy (beagle puppy so still hard work) and 8 year old tabby.  He diligently took him to the dog park everyday as he undertstood that this is important for our puppy to burn off energy and socilaise.
Neil's communication was great, sending up picutures/video clip whilst we were away in Tasmania, this was all very reasuring for us.

Neil took the best care of our  house and garden also and the house was immaculate on our return.  Neil has made some yummy spring rolls and left them in the fridge for us - they were really tasty!

I can't recommend Neil highly enough, he is thoughful, thorough, respectfull, trustworthy and very easy to deal with.

Thanks again Neil.


Sitter: nmarsha
Homeowner: wilandhelen

Enjoyable house sit

Location Sydney NSW Australia

Sit Dates Apr-4-21 - Apr-14-21

Helen was a wonderfully delightful pet owner who provided a beautiful house and 2 lovely pets, Lord and Tabby, for my 10 day house sit.

Helen took great care with providing me with all the information on looking after her pets as well as all matters with regards to the house.

I enjoyed the area as well, so close to Sydney cbd with excellent nearby train and bus options.

Highly recommend Helen and her beautiful house, family and pets.

It was my pleasure to have the opportunity of this house sit.

Sitter: 800Davone
Homeowner: Pengary

Lovely modern home, owners and dog in Tauranga NZ

Location Tauranga Bay of Plenty New Zealand

Sit Dates Mar-21-21 - Mar-27-21

Gavin & Rosi are a really nice couple and have a lovely dog Latte that loved his walks and was constantly close by, as obviously loves company.  A really nice comfortable modern home with spa & pool. It was great to have fresh eggs from the chickens on a daily basis. We really enjoyed our stay here and looking around the adjacent area's. Looking forward to returning again. Ione & David Lees

Homeowner: fitnut
Sitter: TwiceAsNice

Great Sitters

Location TALLAHASSEE Florida United States

Sit Dates Apr-1-21 - Apr-4-21

Bill and Michelle took as good (possibly better) care of our cats and home as we do.  We plan to contact them next time we travel and hope they are available.  

Karen and Marty

Homeowner: EverettHousesit
Sitter: BarbandJim

Highly Recommend

Location Everett Washington United States

Sit Dates Mar-24-21 - Apr-1-21

Jim took excellant care of our two pups and our home.

He sent pictures every 2 or 3 days which was much appreciated. 

Hope he and Barb will come again.


Sitter: BarbandJim
Homeowner: EverettHousesit

Friendly pets, gracious hosts, and a comfortable home

Location Everett Washington United States

Sit Dates Mar-24-21 - Apr-1-21

Housesitting for Renee and Brooke was an A+ experience. I wish my wife, Barbara, could have enjoyed being there but she was at another housesit.

Renee and Brooke are very gracious hosts and made me feel welcome in their beautiful home. I arrived the afternoon before they left and we enjoyed a nice dinner and an evening of conversation.

Starting with our first contact with Renee and Brooke, they provided all the information I needed about the housesit, dogs, and neighborhood. Throughout the housesit, we kept in touch with emails, texts, and photos. Communication was great and I never waited long for a reply.

The house is located in a quiet community with woodsy walking trails which are perfect for dog walks. A recent full remodel of the house makes it bright and clean. The guest bedroom is furnished with a very comfortable bed (always appreciated), a dresser, and closet space.  Outside there is a patio with a bar-b-que, gardens, and a well-manicured lawn surrounded by a privacy fence. For personal entertainment, the wi-fi is fast and there are over 100 channels on cable.

The two dogs, Buddy and Bella, were a delight to care for. They are very social and well behaved - each with their own personality. Buddy likes to play with his stuffed squirrel and will fetch it endlessly if you toss it for him. Bella likes her tug toy and likes to play “catch me if you can”. Both enjoy walking the neighborhood trails looking for rabbits and squirrels. When you return from an errand, they greet you at the door excitedly with tails wagging.  

This is a housesit that you want to be a recurring one. My only wish would be that it was for twice as long. Many thanks to Renee and Brooke for the opportunity.

Homeowner: globetrekette
Sitter: Animalsnuggler

The best experience

Location Seattle Washington United States

Sit Dates Jul-1-20 - Jul-31-20

I was incredibly lucky to have Lori be our housesitter last summer for a whole month!  Not only did she follow through on things right away, but she seriously left the house and yard in even better shape than when she arrived!  The yard was immaculate, and that's a huge deal given how fast the weeds grow!  Everything in the house was super clean and tidy when we returned.  Even though pet sitting wasn't needed this time, I wouldn't hesitate for a second to have Lori look after Simon in the future.  She knew what level of care older cats might need and gave me every confidence she would have taken excellent care of him.  I would highly recommend Lori to house/pet sit anytime and anywhere and consider yourself lucky if you get her!!

Sitter: Animalsnuggler
Homeowner: globetrekette

Beautiful relaxing housesit!

Location Seattle Washington United States

Sit Dates Jul-1-20 - Jul-31-20

I house sat for Megan for the whole month of July 2020.  Her communication from the beginning was great.  Her home is in Portland OR in the quaint quiet section of Woodstock.  She gave me suggestions of several good restaurants & a farmers market in her area.  I never had a car but everything I needed was only a walk away.  Her home is cute & cozy.   It had everything to make my stay very comfortable.  I really appreciated that she had it professionally cleaned right before I arrived.  At the last minute she decided to take Simon, her cat, as he was having some medical issues.  Her yard is large & beautiful.  I enjoyed taking care of her outside plants & raised vegetable garden.  Even got to enjoy the fresh vegetables from it!  I wouldn't hesitate to house/pet sit for Megan again.

Homeowner: ElderberryDog
Sitter: knarf_2010

Fantastic home- and pet-sitters!

Location Durham North Carolina United States

Sit Dates Oct-24-19 - Nov-6-19

There is only word needed to describe our experience with the Leckebusch family – FANTASTIC!  They fulfilled every possible duty we had listed, plus more that they decided would help us!  Mother (Eli), father (Frank) & son (Rafael) - fantastic!

Upon our return, our home was immaculate and functioning beautifully (even better than we had left it).   Eli and Frank had done extra cleaning and done some work on our thermostat, clock, etc.  My husband also has a collection of bonsai and potted trees, requiring careful watering, which they did perfectly.

Eli and Frank were very careful to learn what our procedures were so that they could treat our dog as we would.   Our dog clearly loved 9-year-old Rafael!  Our neighbors told us how much attention our dog received and how she behaved better than they had ever seen her do!   Frank asked us how often we wanted to hear from them, offering to give us frequent reports.  We felt so secure after getting to know them that we told them we didn’t need to hear anything unless something was wrong – and we were happily correct.

We live in a senior cohousing community – very close to our 18 neighbors.  Ordinarily, strangers and children are not part of our community.  However, the Leckebuschs quickly made friends with everyone by their happy demeanor and their attention to the community’s values and boundaries.  By the time we got home, we heard stories of how much fun our neighbors had introducing Rafael to American Halloween.  One neighbor immediately volunteered to lend the Leckebuschs their car and was very grateful that Frank had checked it out so meticulously that he caught a brake problem they hadn’t even noticed.  We had dinner with Eli, Frank & Rafael before we left and when we returned (a dinner Eli made for us since she knew we would be late).  We quickly understood why the people at their previous homestay had invited them to visit when they returned to this area.  All three of the Leckebuschs are delightful company.

Back to my one word – FANTASTIC!  We would totally recommend the Leckebuschs to anyone and would be happy to have them return to our home and dog any time!

Sitter: NottingHillNomads
Homeowner: tjkingfisher

Gorgeous property and great hosts in Northern France

Location Landivy Pays De La Loire France

Sit Dates Mar-14-20 - Oct-10-20

It was an absolute pleasure to house-sit for Tamsin and Jules and we thoroughly enjoyed our stint as caretakers of this gorgeous property.

Our arrival unexpectedly coincided with the first Covid lockdown so instead of staying for a week we ended up staying for 6 months. We were able to fully isolate and grow our own vegetables but were very glad of the supermarket a few miles away that offered a click and collect service (primarily for baguettes and copious amounts of French wine!).

The top floor of the château is very comfortable to live in and this is where we spent most of our time when we weren’t out in the garden. The views across the village and farmland from the top floor windows are worth mentioning, especially in the summer when we were able to watch the birds during the day, the bats at dusk and the horses in the field opposite.

We were never stuck for things to do and loved being able to maintain the gardens and complete DIY tasks as we worked through the list provided. When it came to doing work Tamsin and Jules were really easy going, very appreciative of the work we did, and helped us with prioritising tasks. Although we were initially disappointed not to be able to meet the locals or explore attractions in the area, lockdown did provide us with the opportunity to completely immerse ourselves in life at the château and gave us a fabulous taste of living in rural France.

All the tools we needed to complete jobs were provided and we were able to purchase additional items such as paint and wall filler once the shops reopened. We also arranged for local tradespeople to come in to complete a few jobs such as cleaning out the gutters, improving the internet connection and trimming some high tree branches. Tamsin and Jules were always responsive to any questions and paid the tradespeople directly or reimbursed us for any expenses as soon as we sent over the receipts.

We also enjoyed working on our own projects and loved making new habitats for local wildlife such as a hedgehog house and planting pollinating plants in the gardens. The rural location provided the perfect setting for our wildlife camera that captured baby rabbits, red squirrels, deer, a pine marten and a hedgehog.

We were delighted with our experience and highly recommend Tamsin and Jules as excellent hosts for anyone looking to spend time in a beautiful part of Northern France.

Homeowner: tjkingfisher
Sitter: NottingHillNomads

Caroline & Fiona did a fantastic job looking after our French holiday home during covid lockdown - thank goodness they w

Location Landivy Pays De La Loire France

Sit Dates Mar-22-20 - Sep-25-20

Caroline and Fiona house sat for us at our holiday home in Pays De La Loire, Northern France for a period of 6 months,between March and October 2020.

Our house is in a rural location, and is in a 'half renovated' state with a pretty unruly garden, so the point of them being there was to keep the garden in check and to work on a few jobs inside the house. 

We advertised for a ‘can-do’ couple and that’s exactly what they are.  We were in the process of arranging their visit when covid hit, and they ended up arriving in France just as the first covid lockdown was put in place. They took it all in their stride despite having to deal with the stress and worry of the pandemic in a new environment, different language and an old house with many challenges to keep them occupied. It gave us enormous peace of mind to know they were there looking after the house at such an unsettling time, when we were unable to visit ourselves. 

 Caroline and Fiona are a very friendly, easy going and fun couple, and they took to every task with enthusiasm and good spirit, and seemed to really enjoy the rural life. They kept on top of numerous gardening tasks including mowing, pruning, and keeping our ride on mower in check. They are clearly nature and animal lovers, and although we have no animals for them to care for, they kept us updated on all the wildlife that visited the garden, which was a great insight for us. They also completed painting and decorating jobs within the house, removing old wallpaper and immaculately repainted our old metal cellar hatch and flaky old back door. 

They kept in touch regularly with phone calls, photos and messages, and were  easy to get in touch with and always replied to any phone calls or emails quickly.

They treated our home with care and respect, and improved much of it as a result of their stay. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others as excellent house sitters. 

Tamsin & Julian Davies

Homeowner: YogaYurt
Sitter: edwink

Perfect pet sitters who have helped us with house sitting many times

Location Yegen Andalucia Spain

Sit Dates Apr-30-20 - May-20-20

Ed & Sal are our favourite house sitters because they always care for our pets and home with so much love.  They have looked after our home on 4 different occassions for 2 weeks at a time.  We always ask them first when we need someone to house sit.

 They helped our dog Benny to be calm in our absence and Ed has a magical communication with animals that is very special.  With taking Benny on long bike ride walks it really transformed him into a happy & contented dog. He was a rescue dog who was very attached to us & got very anxious until meeting Ed & Sal. They really helped us so much.  We also have 4 cats & 6 hens who they also cared for in our off grid mountain home.  With bikes & a campervan they are also very independent, they are the best house sitters & pet carers you could ever wish to meet! 

Sitter: girlguyed1
Homeowner: adc10splyr

Stellar Ajijic sit!

Location Ajijic Jalisco Mexico

Sit Dates Jan-7-21 - Feb-25-21

A wonderful house sit indeed! Our 7-week stay at Karen and David's had everything we could ask for and having completed 30+ sits vies for our top 2 favourite stays in Mexico. They were friendly, easy communicators, always available if needed.  Their super clean, one floor home had every comfort and was conveniently walkable to shopping and great restaurants! A 5-star sit!  our only complaint was that their little dog 'Taco' wasn't included.  Thank you again, Karen and David!!! 

Homeowner: MoochAround4
Sitter: Home_And_Pet_Care

Lovely friendly couple, amazing with cats!

Location Vejer de la Frontera Andalucia Spain

Sit Dates Oct-13-20 - Jan-7-21

We were lucky enough to meet Katie & Hussain before they housesat on our finca in Spain and were immediately reassured how kind and considerate they both were - so it was a real pleasure to welcome them both to our home a few weeks later. 

In practical terms for this review, they both diligently took on their responsibilities of ensuring everything was checked and reported, tackled gardening projects (even when we knew it wasn't quite their forte!) and most importantly loved and cared for our cats as if they were their own - including our old farm tom who ended up needed surgery and further treatment as previously attacked by a local dog which had not healed well, so he is now in better shape and friendlier than he has been for years!

We have had a number of housesitters over the years during the Winter months and each bring something different with them, while in turn we hope that up to three months in this rural corner of Spain gives them an understanding of local  life outside of the typical holiday tourist view.  Katie and Hussain are thoughtful, diligent and caring individuals, who are passionate about animals and learning new things - so we highly recommend them for future housesits and adventures, and indeed continue to remain in touch as we felt we have made wonderful new friends!   Buen viaje!

Sitter: HandyHomeSitters
Homeowner: VienneChateau

Fall at the Chateau

Location Thuré Poitou France

Sit Dates Oct-6-20 - Dec-28-20

This is a remarkable house sit. For the most part the hosts are at home and we interact. The house sit is to stay at the lovely gatehouse to help keep an eye on the property. We visited the de Belinay family at the castle several times a week where Marie-Laure takes great pride in French culture and cuisine. Arnaud is always working on very interesting projects around the Chateau and various buildings and barns. The gatehouse is comfortable and fully equiped. The hosts are kind and sharing. The neighbourhood offers much to explore and there are interesting projects to particapate in. An outstaning opportunity to immerse yourself in French country and culture. 

Homeowner: YorkshireSit
Sitter: Stareye

Star Couple

Location Richmond England

Sit Dates Sep-16-20 - Oct-14-20

Carey and Robin have cared for our two dogs Lola and Alfie  and our cat Rodney on numerous occasions and we have been more than pleased with the care and attention they have provided. They are responsible , reliable and trustworthy - we couldn't have asked for more perfect sitters. The house has always been spotless upon our return and have been delighted to see the lovely paintings that Carey had completed of our house, garden and surrounding area . We can't recommend them enough