House Sitting Opens a Whole New World for Retirees

HouseCarers invites you to join one of the fastest growing popular trends in the world today.

HouseCarers membership is FREE for Homeowners and only US$50.00 per year for House Sitters – this includes unlimited applications for house sits. And you can include all your favoured cities, areas, states, and countries.

The Eatons stay young and active through house sitting...

"Over the past three years we have travelled up and down the Queensland coast, Tasmania and to Victoria. In Victoria we house sat a Bed and Breakfast. It was a truly wonderful experience with the owners not only trusting us with their home but their business as well. We also have sat at a property on the beautiful Atherton Tablelands. This home was a magnificent newly constructed pole home.

Every house sit has been unique with its own learning experiences and, of course, the responsibility of caring for the owner’s property and pets which is the reason we are there.

Our friends tell me they envy us for the lifestyle we lead - some might eventually follow us. We are and have been extremely happy with Ian White and HouseCarers. We have found them very professional."

Alan and Margaret Eaton
Gold Coast

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About Housecarers...

HouseCarers was launched in October 2000 in recognition of the need to provide a secure environment where homeowners can locate a reliable House Sitter, and sitters can achieve their travel and accommodation (housing) objectives. We have researched the standard practice of house sitting and created acceptable guidelines to help our members make informed decisions.

We use the power of the Internet to connect our members across Australia and around the world. We are committed to membership satisfaction and use our Members suggestions to continually improve the effectiveness of our site.

We are committed to providing exemplary service and are available to guide you through the process by answering any questions you may have.

Key Benefits


  • Peace of mind while away
  • Provide security of occupied home
  • Pets are cared for in a familiar environment
  • Eliminate costly pet boarding fees
  • House & garden maintained
  • Response if emergency arises
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  • Free accommodation while you travel & explore
  • Independence of having your own home base
  • Travellers take a break from the road
  • Opportunities Available in Your Town, Across your Country, and Around the World
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Both sides win. House sitting is arranging for someone to live in your home while you are away. In exchange for free accommodation, the House Sitter will perform specified duties to care for your home and pets.

These duties can include lawn maintenance, cleaning a pool, taking care of pets, forwarding mail, and more. House Sitters are the number one crime deterrent. Criminals will avoid a home if someone is in residence.

How it Works...

Confidential Secure Matching System Gets Results!

We guide you through the process of successfully matching Homeowner with Sitters. House Sitters list their preferences through a simple registration process. Homeowners communicate with Sitters through our confidential message system to preserve privacy and security. Whether you’re a House Sitter or a Homeowner, HouseCarers brings peace of mind closer to home. We provide all the resources to make the house sit a success – including selection tips, checklist, House Sitting contract (so all is clear), guidelines, FAQ, support and much more.

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I am Val Lehman, the actor who played Bea Smith in the internationally acclaimed Australian television series. 'Prisoner'.

I just wanted to let every one contemplating engaging a house sitter know this: I have twice used, to find someone to look after my home and my animals whilst I worked overseas, and interstate. On both occasions I've had wonderful, reliable, trustworthy, people who came into my home and cared for everything beautifully. I am so grateful to HouseCarers for this service, and wish to thank them for their level of responsibility, and commitment to providing a most valuable and worthwhile service.

Sitters having a ball seeing different parts of Australia

"Hi, we joined HouseCarers in October last year and it has been a
great success for us. We have already done four house sits, and
have two more lined up until February next year.
The people we have met through these house sits have all been
really lovely people, we are having a ball seeing different parts of the
country (so far Maryborough, Sydney, Sunshine Coast, Bundaberg,
and then Sunshine Coast repeat sit), we are more than happy with
this site, and think it is well worth the money to join."

Patricia & Ian Knowles, Gold Coast

"It is so nice not to have to put out
friends and families to look after
our domestic responsibilities and
to have someone with a reciprocal

Judy and Trevor, Terrigal,
Central Coast NSW