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House Sitters Obtain Police Clearances

These days more and more homeowners are asking for Police Clearances. It is well worth the small investment to obtain these from your relevant Police Department.  As some Police departments take time to process your request it is recommend you get onto this now.

  • For Australian Citizens:- Visit http://www.afp.gov.au/what-we-do/police-checks.aspx
  • For UK citizens visit your local police station, more info at the link below
  • For US citizens:- http://travel.state.gov/travel/tips/emergencies/emergencies_1201.html
  • For New Zealand citizens:-
  • For Canadian Citizens:-
  • For German Citizens:-

    Once you have obtained your police clearnace you can easily scan it and upload it to your secure House Sitters Reference Library.(We recommend you scan or save it as PDF as this is most acccesible for of document.) It can only be accessed by logged on homeowners. Or you can choose to limit access only to homeowners you have applied References upload is available only to Full (paid house sitter members) .
  • House Owners View Police Clearances

    House Sitters with Police Clearances will have a Reference Link at the top of their profile to allow you to view the police clearance certificate. We also recommend verifying other references by calling the referees and confirming the identity of the housesitter. Please see housesitting guide for more selection tips


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