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Please let this serve as a recommendation for Laurie Weaver in her role as The Pet Nanny. In our many opportunities to utilize her services, she has been reliable, prompt and pleasant. She takes care to verify any instructions and follows through thoroughly. I have always returned to a clean and orderly home, which is so nice after a long trip away. In our particular situation, she attends to three elderly dogs and a cat. One of our dogs has a complicated medical regimen which she follows to the letter. Further, she even fills the bird feeders! But now to the important things. It only took one visit for our pets to appear perfectly comfortable with Laurie. After that her visits were a seamless transition-it almost hurt my feelings! In truth, nothing lets us enjoy a vacation like knowing our pets are being cared for in a kind and loving manner, and we have found that in Laurie. I recommend her without reservation. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at Dr. John and Becky Reis

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