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jpg Reference 1 from Davo_HouseSitter Leigh &amp; Lisa ( + 2 dogs, 3 cats) Canberra ACT jpeg Reference 2 from Davo_HouseSitter Te Awamutu NZ August 2014 pdf Reference 3 from Davo_HouseSitter 20 acres at Ballarat, Victoria jpeg Reference 4 from Davo_HouseSitter Bendigo - June 2015 jpg Reference 5 from Davo_HouseSitter October 2015. 40 acres jpeg Reference 6 from Davo_HouseSitter London Xmas 2015 jpeg Reference 7 from Davo_HouseSitter Cairns,  June 2016
Leigh &amp; Lisa ( + 2 dogs, 3 cats) Canberra ACT Te Awamutu NZ August 2014 20 acres at Ballarat, Victoria Bendigo - June 2015 October 2015. 40 acres London Xmas 2015 Cairns, June 2016
jpeg Reference 8 from Davo_HouseSitter 111 acre cattle farm png Reference 9 from Davo_HouseSitter Hervey Bay - May 2017 pdf Reference 10 from Davo_HouseSitter Branxton, June 2017 pdf Reference 11 from Davo_HouseSitter North Carolina USA, July 2017 jpeg Reference 12 from Davo_HouseSitter Hedsor UK Oct 2017 jpeg Reference 13 from Davo_HouseSitter Forster NSW Sept 2017 jpg Reference 14 from Davo_HouseSitter Police clearance
111 acre cattle farm Hervey Bay - May 2017 Branxton, June 2017 North Carolina USA, July 2017 Hedsor UK Oct 2017 Forster NSW Sept 2017 Police clearance

We left Canberra on a 7 day holiday to Port Macquarie during February 2011. David was given just 2 hours of instruction on caring for our 2 medium size dogs and 3 cats, and shown around the house, and the veggie patch. During our time away, every few days he texted an update of how things were going. We arrived back to the house exactly the way it was left. We could see he got on well with the dogs and cats. We intend to ask David to housesit again, when we need him, and have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone else.

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