Here is some Feeback from travellers - who have found house sitting a great way to truly experience other countries and/or discover their own country. Both sides make new friends and home owners are freed-up to enjoy their trips.

"Have found this site to be well worthwhile. We are heading off to the UK and Europe for 6 months and have been lucky to procure 4 housesits - we are still hoping for another one or two! All the people we have been in contact with are lovely and friendly and I am sure we are going to enjoy taking care of their homes and various pets. Housecarers is a wonderful concept and much appreciated by us. Thank You" Thelma and Jim username newlyretirednzcouple

"This is a great website and service. I have decided to take the housesit in Rockingham, south of Perth for 9 months (Johaig). Originally I was looking for a 2/3 week housesit in northern suburbs to visit my son and grandchildren. However, since then I have sold my house and then this 9 month one came up and I thought, why not?  I have joined for 12 months, but obviously I don't need another one for 9 months, so how do you work the membership? I'd like to do this again when the 9 month expires, maybe in a different city - great way to see the country." Louise  username louies

"Just a brief note, we joined in January and have been successful in arranging two housesits for our time in the UK. We are pleased and hope to arrange more once we have some experience. Its a great way to see the world but what I really like is the new friends we are making."  Regards Joanna Blackmore

"We have recently returned from New Zealand where we were involved in 2 housesits and can only say what a wonderful experience we had. The information about future housesits is still being sent to us and therefore we are planning to return to NZ later this year. Thank you very much for the service being provided, it is worth every dollar of the membership fee." UserName impo27

"I am most impressed with your site and the response to my request for house sitters.The fact I live in Greece seems to appeal!!!I would like to invite almost all replies to come and sit they sound such interesting people. I have suspended my Ad at the moment as inundated with replies and will keep a long short list to select nearer the timeThis is something I should of done years ago when I had to leave the house for summer and lost dogs cats and garden during my absence Thanks for your great work".  Niki

"I recently secured a two-week housesitting position for Hawaii that will last until June 9th, 2005. I'm sure I'd like to secure other housesits after this one. I was intially concerned when I paid my membership fee because there are so many internet scams out there, however I'm extremely pleased to know you are legitimate because of my successful position. The people I'm housetting for are marvelous and I'm so excited to be going to Hawaii. This was my purpose when I signed up with you. I'm amazed I got results so soon. Your organization really offers a great service." Mahalo! Sandra My membership ID is springdawn.

"Hello, this is Kate and dan here(travellinghouseSitter) just wishing to let you know that we are more than happy with your service.  We have found a house in W.A (Ric and Mary) care of your service, and we believe there couldn't really be a better match.  So we just want to say thanks and that we will continue to use your organisation as a means of housesitting. " Cheers, Kate and Dan

Hi there,  I have now gone on 3 housesits with great satisfaction. I tend to do short-term housesits, so I usually don't  sign out, since I will only be on a sit for a few daysor 2 or 3 weeks. I have really enjoyed finding and using this website! It has given me a wonderful source of mental stimulation as well as social contact with other people's pets.Thanks! Judybelle aka SailingBelle

"Once again your services have proven invaluable. On a trip across Canada last year we obtained a very competant couple to look after our home and pet. Not only did they treat our home and pet as their own, but they have become friends that we communicate with on a weekly basis. Recent surgery will not allow them to partake this year. We signed on to your site and again obtained a couple we feel confident will do the job in the same manner. Thank you Housecarers! " Jalopyron

"We are delighted with this website and now have just appointed out third sitter thru this site.We have had wonderful people so far and I can wholeheartedly recommend this organisation" . Isabell from expandhorizon

"Yes we have found a House Carer. Thank you very much for the help through the membershipwith "House Careres". We are looking forward to our holiday and hope that everything will be alright while we are  away. (This is our first time using a house sitter). Yours truly, Peggy"  Catala

"Hello from Brian & Raakel (fishheadsoup).....just want to say how thrilled we are to use your service at housecarers!....we have a wonderful little air conditioned place to live in while we are home in Oz. from China. Thanks so much for your consistant Emails and help in securing this wonderful provision"   cheers Brian

"Thank you the service is fantastic very easy to use and your emails of new sitting positions are great. We are happy to say we are going to Shropshire for 35 days and really looking forward to it.As we have never done this before it has been fasinating, we have had several replies and hopefully more in the future.terry.alice " UserName               lucygirl

"Dear Ian,we have again experienced an exellent response to our ad for a housesitter.We are pleased to advised that we have selected another excellent candidate for our home in mandeville,LA.and trust that the results work out to be as rewarding as the 2003 and 2004 selections." theseays

"I am responding to your little note enquiring about my progress with housesitting opportunities. I've had three or four housesits since I registered which I enjoyed very much.  All the homeowners were very nice people and each assignment proved to be very pleasant. At this stage I intend to continue and enjoy searching the listings.  I am currently negotiating for a possible housesit in West Australia which looks hopeful. "Jennifer

"Yes, I found a three month house sit in southern NSW, Thank you.  I'm nowlooking to find another in the spring (identified and just about confirmed near Narooma) and then maybe one in Auckland NZ over Christmas/New Year. So keep 'em coming. Thanks "Cleahfrancis

"Hello there, firstly I would like to say thank you for your wonderful service.  I am currently housesitting for a lovely couple who contacted me via your website.  By the time I leave, I will have been here for 5 1/2 months. Once again, thank you for your great service, housesitting is the ultimate in WIN/WIN situations." UserName gogirl

"This is our first time to use your service . We placed our ad for a house / pet setter thinking it would take some time to find just the right the right house setter. But in no time at all we started getting reply's to our ad. We still have over a month before we leave to go on vacation and we have already chosen our house setter . And everything is all set up between the two of us . It has all happened so quickly it is unbelievable . All our worries of tending to our pets and home are taken care of . Now all we have to do is pack , leave and enjoy our  vacation without worries . I wanted to say thank you and let you know how much we deeply appreciate all the help your site has been to us. You have made this a worry free vacation for my husband and I. "  UserName tcbwtlc

"In response to your request for information re how we are doing with house-sits - we have agreed to do one in Cheshire in July, and as we have decided to return to Australia after that one in early August we are currently negotiating to do one in Tasmania for two months.Our leave finishes at the end of this year but we shall stay registered as we may be able to do another in the school holidays.Many thanks for your help. Regards" Barbara Jack

"I am currently four months into a six month housesit in Yorkshire, UK which I found through your website and have recently received a reply about a housesit which is of interest to me in New Zealand. Regards" John

"Thank you for this opportunity. I found a beautiful house and am loving rooting in and not traveling so much. Sometime this year, I will be going to Italy and may activate my membership then. I have told lots of people about your service! Have a great year," Milena

"Just to let you know that I am impressed with your service and will use it again. I advertised my place in Tasmania, had a response within 24 hours and several over the next fortnight. With other services I have used, I have had to make many phone calls just to elicit one positive response. I shall pass the word around. And in the meantime, keep up the good work." Anne Australia

" We have secured a perfect 7 week house sit in New Zealand, and one for 3 weeks in November 2005. We still need house sit/s in Australia from end June to end October." Regards Eddy and Janetta

"I just wanted to let you know that we were contacted by a home owner in the exact location that we were looking to housesit in.  It is only about 5 blocks from where we are currently living, and we will be housesitting for 7 months or longer.  Thank you so much for your site... we would not have found this opportunity without it.  We are now able to save for a down payment on our own home". Erin

We are on our way tomorrow, very early, to our next 'sit' in New Zealand, so will renew our Gold membership when we take up our duties on 6th (March). Thanks for the splendid work done so far.  Syd and Margaret

"Greetings Gang, I have been out of town for three weeks and just renewed my gold membership. I had two wonderful trips last year thanks to you and have been telling everyone about you. My efforts have resulted in two fabulous offers to house/pet sit that I did not solicit or even anticipate." Jean P

"Hi! I am in the process of finding someone to house sit for the summer, but I thought I would let you about the success housesit we arranged for this past Christmas - your wonderful website put us in touch with a lovely woman, who cared for our home and our kitties for three weeks. It gave us great peace of mind - and I feel that we have made a new friend. Consider me a great fan of! "maura853

 "I had great success finding house sits - both by contact from people who had found my listing on the site, and by being able to search for house sits myself. The benefits of being listed on this site are the ease of use, being notified of listings in my chosen area, and being able to update my availability and details. " UserName naidene

"A friendly Thank You to you for the enjoyment I have had out of finding housesitting assignments through your excellent user-friendly website.  So pleased I registered with you. Appreciate your professionalism in forwarding details to make communication easy.  The housesits have given me the opportunity to spend some time in Australia which I could not have afforded to do otherwise. Now searching again so hopefully something positive will come along soon. Thank you again." Kind regards Jennifer 

"What a great service. I thought I had left it too late to find someone to housesit but I had a great response and found someone perfect within a couple of days." UserName  ctandt

"Thanks so much for your site. After struggling to find a housesitter locally and failing I found your site. I found many qualified people--it was very hard to choose between the top 2. I gratefully suspend my membership." UserName  teachKorea

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