"Leave Your Troubles Behind, Literally."

You need to escape the burdens of daily life for a while -- from things like mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, painting, gardening, remodeling, home repairs, pet care, checking the mail, and paying your bills.  Even a break from your nosy neighbors is reason enough to get away for a while. But weeds don't pull themselves. Bills don't pay themselves. Most pets won't feed themselves. And the grass keeps growing beneath your feet. Ironically, people become tied to their homes by the same responsibilities that they are trying to escape. And, since the families that play together, stay together; you're not likely to leave somebody at home to keep up on these tasks. It's a really discouraging circle.

But the solution is clear: find somebody to stay at your house and take care of everything while you're gone. The challenge, however, is finding somebody you can trust.  Friends?  Maybe. But you really hate asking them again. Relatives? Perhaps, but can you really trust your cousin, Eddie, to watch the place for you? You need an honest individual to occupy your home. Perhaps somebody who desires a change of scenery, or who is saving for home of their own. Somebody looking to be closer to his or her own family. You definitely need somebody who understands your specific requirements, and someone you can trust.  So, the next time you go on vacation or extended holiday -- try www.housecarers.com -- and leave your troubles behind. Literally.

Our unique search utility allows you to screen thousands of registered house sitters according to age, location, occupation, and just about any other requirements that you select personally. From short to long term, and from yard to garden, you'll definitely find the perfect match. In fact, you might even find somebody who is willing to talk with your nosy neighbors for you. And just look at the some of the other benefits of house sitting: Complete lawn and garden maintenance. Pet care (no boarding fees) Safety: An occupied home is a safe home No forwarding mail No suspicious renters No unexpected trips back home. Peace of mind.  

Additionally, when you register as a homeowner (a free service), you'll be notified by e mail any time a new house sitter matching your criterion signs up with our program.  Of course, when you register as a homeowner, you will be identified only by your username.  So register with confidence -- nobody will know who you are or where you live. We'll never compromise your personal information. To find a house sitter near you, or for more information about the benefits of house sitting, visit www.housecarers.com today. Registration is free for homeowners (and you'll never have to rely on cousin, Eddie, again). For peace of mind while you're away, visit www.housecarers.com.

Ian White