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Making your decision-Steps to selecting your housesitter.

   When selecting a housesitter take your time and follow your intuition.  You are entrusting the care of your most valuable asset and the person you choose should be willing to agree to all your requests for the opportunity of enjoying the benefits of living in your home.

   These steps are intended to guide you through the process of choosing the right housesitter for your home. Carefully consider your expectations and organize them into a clear agenda you can use to screen each applicant.

Step 1

  • Access our Search pages to locate candidates who meet your criteria.
  • Send a clear and concise message to the candidate through the HouseCarers message system.
  • The candidate will receive an alert stating they have a message waiting.
  • Reminder- Parties are only identified by their user name at this step.

Step 2

  • You will be alerted by email when a candidate responds.
  • Compile a list of potential candidates who suit your needs.

Step 3

    Respond to your selected candidates. At this stage, communicate by telephone, email, or snail mail.  You will know your comfort level. Ask the candidate to provide several references.

Step 4

    Contact the candidate’s references.  Verify their qualifications.  Would this person select the candidate to care for their home?

Step 5

  • Schedule and prepare for the interview.
  • Create a detailed list of daily, weekly, and monthly tasks to be handled while you’re away. 

Step 6

    Conduct personal interviews of your selected candidates whose references and qualifications meet your standards.

    Possible components of the interview:

    • A clear explanation of your expectations and required tasks.
    • An interaction with your pets. Do they get along? Do they have experience in caring for pets?
    • A request for a security deposit or bond.  Credible sitters are in agreement to this.

    Be aware of any indications that the candidate is not willing to fulfill any of your requirements and do not choose that candidate. Follow your intuition.

     If possible, consider visiting their current residence. It will be a valuable indicator of how they will care for your home. does not screen or interview any registrant. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to verify candidate qualifications and identification.

Please now refer to our guide Finalizing the arrangement - preparing a written contract.