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  • Guard your security through our confidential messaging system. We give you Complete Privacy - we never publish your email address on the Internet. You are only identified by your chosen Username.
  • Advanced Search, Matching and Privacy based on Housecarers 12 years of leading and pioneering House Sitting World Wide

Indulge in peace of mind! Safeguard your home! Enjoy the benefits of engaging a housesitter.

  • Housesitters provide security and deter crime. An occupied home is a safer home.
  • Housesitters minimize the disruption of your life and home. Forget the hassle of packing and preparing your home for rental.
  • Housesitters reduce pet trauma and eliminate costly boarding fees. Your pets will miss you, but their environment and routines stay intact.
  • Eliminate costly pet boarding fees
  • Housesitters care for your home. Consistent maintenance of lawns, gardens, and pools keep your most valuable asset in top condition.
  • Response if Emergency Arises
  • House & Garden Maintained takes extraordinary measures to provide homeowners with the tools and information necessary to ensure a successful housesit..

  • We offer free access to our advanced Search tool that allows you to browse easily through the profiles of our registered housesitters to find a qualified candidate. Browse and filter by Preferences, Pet Care, Location, Availability and more.
  • Many Housesitters will have already uploaded Refereneces and Police Clearances to their Reference Library. Once registered you can view or request access to them. This saves eamailing references - as email attachements are viewed with suspiscion now due to viruses.
  • When you register we provide you with your own personalized match list. This lists housesitter profiles in your area and helps you easily decide which ones to contact. It also helps keep track of your contacts.
  • We protect your confidentiality by enabling you to communicate with potential sitters through secure message boxes identified only by your personally chosen user name. It is for you to decide when you disclose your personal information. As housesitters do not send you emails, you are shielded from receiving computer viruses. Your messages from housesitters are retrieved through our online message system protecting you from virus infection.
  • Read our Guide to Housesitting for a list of precautions we suggest for your protection.
  • We offer automatic email notification of new housesitters in your area. This feature can be turned on or off at any time. This keeps you updated as new housesitters register in your area. We send their profile to you. You then can choose to contact the housesitters that interest you
  • We provide free informative guides, sample agreements, and forms that are ready to use or modify to meet your specifications. Following registration you will gain access to our online housesitting agreement/checklist. This agreement/checklist allows you to easily define the duties and responsibilities of your pet sitter/housesitter. This means nothing is left to chance. Your pet and house will be looked after according to your instructions.
  • You may load up to 14 photos to your photo gallery. We suggest photos of your pets, district scenery, and inside shots of our home. This gallery may be linked to and kept as a personal reference for friends and family - even if you are not looking for a house sitter. You can add up to 20 lines of desciption and caption headings per photo - so in effect it gives you a free website.

Secure your home with a Trusted housesitter - By Posting a free confidential Sitter Reuired Ad.

  • Housesitters provide security and deter crime. An occupied home is a safer home.
  • Place a free confidential ad and we will forward responses for your consideration, from qualifed candidates via our automated matching system. Let Housecarers help you find a House Sitter you can Trust
  • You select your pet care type (if applicable) and we only send to relevant pet lovers who have specified this on their profile. eg we dont send to sitters with cat allergies when you require a live-in cat sitter.
  • We only send to people interested in the housesit length you select.
  • We will then forward applications - you remain anonymous, until you choose to communicate directly. Until then communicate via our secure message system.
  • You can download our housesitting agreement and tips.
  • You can view the House Sitters profiles and background. You can view or ask for references and we recommend you verify them. Many sitters also have police clearances ready to show you. We don’t check references - this is your responsibility.
  • This is a free service for homeowners. The system works very quickly - we send out the opportunities to our members each day just after midnight, and you can be assured of receiving applications the next day. Most homeowners receive at least 20 applications - so they can choose the sitter they feel is the best fit
  • You can browse the applicants profile, photos and references online. If not supplied we recommend you ask for verifiable references. The standard housesit is rent free accommodation in exchange for house/pet sitting. If there are extra duties a fee may be negotiated between sitter and homeowner. is a free matching service for homeowners. We recommend both sides sign the House sitting agreement supplied in your members area (under support/help in the left menu). You can add requirements to this agreement to suit your situation. For more information see housesitting guide. We look forward to helping you find a suitable Housesitter.
  • This is the most most efficient way of Selecting a House Sitter, as only those interested in your Housesit location, Duration and timing will respond