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Profile: cathrannc

Colorado in autumn...

Hello! Greetings from sunny Colorado! I am in need of a house/pet sitter from Sept 10 2024 to Oct 23 2024. The sitter who agreed to be here just backed out. He had agreed in March to be here, when lots  More...

Bonneyville Colorado Springs Colorado United States From Sep 10,2024 By cathrannc  Posted: Jul 18, 2024 To Oct 22,2024
Profile: Windsong

Seeking garden/nature-lover for rural cottage housesit on 10 acres of woodland, SE PA - approx 9 months, option to extend for right sitter/s...

Please take the time to read our entire listing. Then, when you contact us, please include details of your background, your experience with rural living in a snowy environment, why you are interested in hou More...

South Eastern Pennsylvania Boyertown Pennsylvania United States From Sep 1,2024 By Windsong  Posted: Jul 11, 2024 To Jun 15,2025