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Free Family Fun in Vancouver

There is plenty to do in Vancouver and the surrounding districts, from skiing on the majestic mountain peaks surrounding the city to playing in the waters of the various bays.  If you have a family to entertain and limited means to do it with, there are great places to explore and enjoy that don�t have to cost you a cent.

Stanley Park is a jewel in Vancouver‘s crown, over 1000 acres of parkland filled with wildlife and activities for all ages, set right in the heart of the city.  It boasts the Vancouver Aquarium, rides on anything from model trains to horse-drawn carriages and over summer a heated pool complex, all at a price.  But for no cost at all there is still a choice of three fabulous playgrounds for little ones, and in the hot weather the free water park provides a cooling alternative, with various sprays and water cannons to splash around in.  A slightly more relaxed option is to explore the tranquility of some of the nature trails by foot or by bike or to visit the beaches and lighthouse.  The display of First Nations Totem poles near the park entrance provides a fascinating insight into early life and customs in the region.

House Sitters Available in Vancouver

Slightly beyond the bustle of downtown Vancouver is Lynn Canyon Park, which sits nestled against the mountains to the north.  Aside from the quiet beauty of the ecological reserve, it has a breathtaking view of the Lynn Creek from a suspension bridge swaying 300 feet above the white water! The on-site Ecology Centre provides visitors with information about the park�s history and environment, and during the warmer months an on-site cafe and concession store provides refreshments. Across the creek, the various walkways range from short strolls beside the creek, visiting beautiful spots like the 30 Foot Pool to challenging hikes that wind up and down staircases and lead into other neighboring State Parks.

For the less adventurous, Richmond Nature Park is flat and easily accessible, but still provides an interesting introduction to the varied habitat of the region.  Built on the raised peat bog that once covered much of the Richmond area, it preserves this unique ecosystem and is home to all sorts of wildlife.  The well stocked bird feeders at the start of the walking tracks attract birds of all kinds, as well as cheeky squirrels and chipmunks.  Many more inhabitants wait hidden in the undergrowth to be glimpsed by careful observers as they wander the 7km of easy paths.  The Nature House is a wonderful resource for visitors, as it has interactive exhibits detailing the bog�s history and wildlife, with activities for all ages.  For the young naturalist, the Nature House staff will provide a clipboard and Nature Treasure Hunt sheet free of charge, to help them learn about what lives in and around the area as they explore the walks.

Little ones will appreciate Bear Creek Park, in Surrey.  It has one of the best equipped playgrounds in the area, with all manner of contraptions for kids of all sizes.  Alongside is a free water park to help everyone cool off in summer, with sprayers and water jets to enjoy.  The park also has a full athletic track and sports field for those inclined towards some focused exercise, while others may prefer to

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